Battle of the vampire hunters. Who will win? 



One half slayer and one half vampire.

They tell of my adventures around the campfire.

I'll drive a stake into this beast of a man.

Can't kill me because of my prolonged lifespan.

Call me a nightstalker.

You're just a loudmouth big talker.

You lost this battle before it began.

I hope your raps are better then your movie starring Hugh Jackman!

Run away Abraham, like from Lily, that witch.

And lastly, your great-granddaughter's a bitch!

Van Helsing:

Hmph. Time to rewrite all comic and history books. 

Had to change your name cause nobody was afraid of Eric Brooks.

Bitch, i'm a philosopher and a metaphysican. 

I'll beat this weak ass hunter into submission.

I'm killing monsters and not taking names.

Darkness rises faster then the sales of my games.

After your films, your fame got lost.

My rhymes are colder then Deacon Frost.

And yes, i may have had a bad movie in 2004.

But at least I'm not the son of a whore.


Don't talk about my family life, you fuck.

You must be a vampire, cause you suck!

Sorry what? Couldn't understand you with your accent.

Talk about my fame? Your whole existence is spent.

This is a new slayer Civil War.

Battling this freak is a chore.

You used to work for an asylum, how fitting.

Your aim is off, your shots aren't even hitting.

Bring back Dracula to win? You'd have to be insane.

You don't dig up Hitler to get rid of Saddam Hussein!

Van Helsing

I've come to understand that you do things for Glory.

Face it, nobody even knows your story.

I'm a Catholic! Your a spastic! 

Your attacks are as strong as cheap plastic.

I'm from Transylvania while you're from Detroit. 

I'm better hero then the ones you exploit.

I'm a master hunter, i know i'm always right.

Your story is plain, damn boring. It's black and white.

I've got more knowledge then you could ever know.

And you're a bigger failure then your TV show.


EPIC "bats fly past logo" RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!

Who Won?

The poll was created at 23:20 on February 15, 2015, and so far 3 people voted.

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