The murderous vigilante from DC versus the murderous vigilante from Marvel.


Red Hood: In this battle for the cowl, you'll got shot more then you'll see.

You're films were so shit that you've been reduced to TV.

You'll take a backseat to the Bat-Family and me.

Tell me, you think you can win when I even beat Batman?

So go ahead you fuck up, try to step to that, man.

You'll get killed quickly when you mess with Jason Todd.

I'm a master at my work, you're nothing but a fraud.  

Kill me? I already came back from the dead.

Now hold still while I fill you with lead.


Hmph. This badass thinks that he's good?

Bitch, you aren't even the original Red Hood.

I'll blow your brains out to end this stupid battle.

That's what happens when you mess with Frank Castle.

You've just entered into the one man War Zone.

You're a sidekick bird brain who thinks he can hold his own.

Facing off against me, you'd have to be a Daredevil.

I'll break you and knock you back to your level.

I will punish you, you'll see skulls, I show no restraint.

Or would you rather I put on some clown face paint?

Red Hood:

I know you're under me, so just hush.

I use lethal force and i'm not afraid to crush.

I may have been voted to die, but came back better then ever.

Just because you're a war veteran you think you're clever?

I can be a merciless mercenary or a fucking teen titan.

Cause this outlaw is striking down on you like Lightnin'!

I deal with more bullshit then you ever can.

You originated from a story with Spiderman! 


"Sigh" You're losing boy blunder, see?

Cause now bitch, you're under me!

I'm a master of all forms of martial arts.

And my skill in this rap battle is off the charts.

I'm the only killer vigilante hero, there is no other.

You've got nobody, even betrayed by your own mother.

What's it like having no fame or skill? I've always wondered.

One fight with The Punisher, and your days are numbered.


EPIC COMIC BATTLES "logo gets shot" Of...History...ow...

Who Won?

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