Two things. One, Comical ERBIdeas is based on characters who are from Comics, so raps can be about movies and TV too, not only comics. Two, this battle was slightly rushed so i apologize if you think this one is a bit low quality. 


The Flash:

Barry Allen, speeding into this rap battle.

Smarter then you since you still used a rattle.

The scarlet speedster says Arrow's days are numbered and old.

Cause dude, you spend more time planning then Captain Cold.

I'm heating this battle up, call me Heatwave.

You winning is less likely then the friends you tried to save.

All you do you do is get betrayed, your arrows don't mean shit.

Think of me as Slade, cause like your friends and family, i'm killing it!

The Arrow:

I'm told you heal fast, so i'll make sure this hurts.

Your chances of winning is just the Reverse.

I've heard killer. colder rhymes from Caitlin Snow.

Give your characters stupid nicknames, thanks to Cisco.

I've been doing this since I was stranded on Lian Yu.

I've got big bads, people see your villains and say Who?

You run head first into danger, makes me wonder why?

For god sakes, your mentor ended up being the bad guy!

The Flash:

Shut up Oliver, you show was ruined by a ship.

Makes it something that your so called fans are willing to skip.

You're a C list Batman, to beat you I need no reason.

You best friend was impaled, the end of the Hood's era.

In this battle, you'll bite the dust harder then Sara!

With a worse story then your show's 3rd season!

You wanted to try and be dark and gritty.

Well you've lost and you've failed this Feli-City.

The Arrow:

Fuck it, i'm done, no more playing nice.

Cause in both our shows, you lost to me twice.

Every episode you once again are rejected by Iris West.

Her boyfriend even put out a warrent for your arrest.

We're legends of tomorrow, but my fame is something you'll never see.

Cause remember, your show only exists because of me!

You've lost this rap battle, no need for another.

Because you failed Central City more then your mother.


"Logo flies on screen" EPIC COMIC BATTLES "gets hit by arrow" OF HISTORY!

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