Battle between the suspense director and the creepy director (Featuring someone else....)


EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! Alfred Hitchcock vs Tim Burton! BEGIN!

Alfred Hitchcock:

Welcome Tim to the town of Leytonstone

My birth place that will chill you to bone

I'll slaughter you and Tell Your Children you ate it

Don't expect an easy win, cause i dictate it!

I got a crow on my arm ready to tear off your face.

You're a disgrace!

Worse then any man in the human race.

You have Vertigo? You're looking sick.

That must be how you always feel, cause your movies suck dick!

So next time you're down in the southern states.

Remind me to introduce you to my friend Norman Bates.

Tim Burton:

Let me remind you who the fuck i am.

I'm the king of original movies, so scram.

You think Norman scares me? Meet Edward, bitch.

He'll stab into your stomach and throw you out the window, Hitch.

You're films aren't suspenseful, they're nothing but shit.

I'm taking down the ego of this Brit.

You already know you're going down.

Let's take a nice trip to Halloween Town.

I'll take you down so fast with all your fucking lies.

Excuse me, gotta go direct Big Eyes.

Alfred Hitchcock:

You better Dial M For Murder, because you're about to die.

How do you get those ideas? Are you fucking high?!

North by Northwest, i'm conducting a Family Plot.

Here's hoping that you get caught.

To Catch A Thief, cause that's all you are.

Stealing other movies so you can be a star.

Tim Burton:

I know why Spellbound was made.

It's a representation of you, and the fact that you're afraid.

Just for you i got a guy that i can just set loose.

Here it goes. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Steven Spielberg:

Sorry to tell you but i'm not some green haired freak.

Gotta say, both of you have raps that are weak.

I mean Tim, seriously stop making those shitty remakes.

They're all so bad, did you even do retakes?

And Alfred, do you really think you're any better?

Most people don't know you, you're not forever.

When i release a movie, the box office will fly sky high.

While you two just went and let your careers die.




Feedback is appriciated. 

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