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The bane of my existence.

It doesn't matter that you get knocked down in life, it matters that you gotta get up.
— Ben Affleck

I'm Nick, and welcome to the homepage of the League of Extraordinary Gentlefish. I command a Mutant army. I can also perfectly imitate FDR and have an extremely deep voice. Also, I run the Brunswikian tourney every April. WOOHOO.

Don't expect this page to be all fancy and shit. That just isn't me. With that disclaimer, welcome to my page. :)

Favorite Line: The prophecy forgot to mention this day

When I knocked your ass back to Gandalf the Grey!

Brunswikian Tourney VictorsEdit

2013: Patts9009

Battle VictorsEdit

1: John Lennon

2: Vader

3: Lincoln

4: Sarah Palin

5: Kim Jong-Il

6: Beethoven

7: Einstein

8: Khan

9: Dynamite

10: Franklin

11: Dumbledore

12: Dr. Seuss

13: Mr. Rodgers

14: Colombus

15. Lloyd

16: Vader

17: Master Chief

18: Wright Brothers


20: Cleopatra

21: Steve Jobs

22: Frank Sinatra

23: Obama

24: Dr. Who

25: Eastwood

26: Sherlock Holmes

27: Moses

28: Eve (battle sucks though)

29: Gandhi

30: Tesla

31: Babe Ruth

32: Skrillex

33: Lenin

34: Vader

35: Al Capone

36: Miley Cyrus

37. Bob Ross

38. Michael Jordan

39. Kanye West

40. Rick Grimes

41. Goku

42. Stephen King

43. Bill Nye/Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

44. William Wallace

And that's my account! If you don't like it...well...


--The Lone Editor Gold trophy 21:44, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

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