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February 18, 2012
  • I live in Gotham City
  • I was born on February 20
  • My occupation is billionaire user by day, masked admin by night
  • I am a dog chasing cars
About Me
I am Tesla Man. I'm a huge fan of comic-books and films, so any trivia you have or questions about those two things, I'm probably your guy to answer those. Last year, i went to University of Florida, where I studied in the psychology course for a year, and I applied, was rejected, and started an internship in the Film Department there for a few months. Recently, I've moved back home to Orlando to finish my studies online and start a job at an Apple store, where I'm making an okay income, but it's safe to say i wont be working in the film industry anymore. I live in a house where the rest is split up between my 3 roommates, Bern, Mirj, and Alex.

In regards to my life here on the wiki, I joined 2 years ago, making me one of the most senior users here. I've been an Admin for about a year, a rollback for a few months, and a chat mod on and off. I've left my status of active user in late 2013 to focus on my demanding job. During my time as senior-admin, I've redesigned the mainpage twice, set-up chat hacks (which later were taken down), made the new page layout, and added username colors. During September I think it was, my started the wiki's first rap battle series, and then hosted the first annual Wiki Awards Ceremony, then the Second Annual Wiki Rap Tournament in 2014.
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