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February 17, 2012
  • I live in A house with 3 Clones of me
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Film Maker, Youtuber (not a very popular one though), Trusted ERB Wiki User
  • I am gonna shoot you! ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
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— HyperJacob96 aka BasaltWolfED145RS

Hello. My name is BasaltWolfED145RS, also known as HyperJacob96 on Youtube, but please call me BasaltWolf here.

I enjoy like making videos on Youtube (I admit alot of them are crappy) on my Youtube Channel: hyperjacob96. I am currently working on my series, Clone Shorts, which features Me, Kurai, Lyteq, and Miran. I also happen to play Minecraft, as some of my videos have to do with Minecraft.

I bet you think that I like Beyblades because of my user name. Well, I used to, now I'm just more into Japan Tokusatsu (mainly Kamen Rider). Though I still like it a bit, though not very much.

I am the creator of a Youtube series, "Boredom on the ERB Wiki". Basically, it takes place in the chat of the ERB Wiki, and I just record myself talking to you guys on chat. I wasn't really going to continue the series, but a lot of you guys told me to, so yeah...

Who I think won each rap battle, and their winning quote

1)John Lennon: Didn't have one really, just that Bill didn't do so well...

2)Darth Vader: "So many dudes been with your mom who even knows if I'm your father"

3)Abe Lincoln: "I got a bucket full of my head, AND I'M ABOUT TO MAKE IT RAIN"

4)Sarah Palin: "I've seen those outfits you been wearin' that takes big balls!"

5)Hulk Hogan and Macho Man: "So spend less time rapping and start feeding your people"

6)Obviously Beethoven: "I would smack you but in Germany we don’t hit little girls"

7)Stephen Hawking: "I’m a super computer, you’re like a TI-82"

8)Genghis Khan: "Hah! Easter my ass You’re not in the Bible!"

9)Napoleon Bonaparte: His last part.

10)Billy Mays and Vince Offer: "It's bad enough I gotta see you everytime I tip a stripper!!"

11)Dumbledore: "The prophecy forgot to mention this day when I knock your ass back to Gandalf the Grey!"

12)Slightly Dr Suess: The cat in the hat's part.

13)Mr Rogers: Self explanetory

14)Last time I checked, Christopher Columbus was the only one who "rapped": "I am the fabric of History! You're a fictional stain! I'll stick a flag up your ass and claim you for spain!!

15)Meh, tie for now:

Lloyd: "Everyone knows your page is just a page where rap battles live!!"

Pete: "The battles were your idea, that's no lie, but I'm the one who had the brains to let the midget play the bad guys!"

16)Adolf Hitler: "You got 1 bitch pregnant, then gave into the hate. Now you're 6'6" in black, but can't get a date!"

17)Master Chief: Meh, don't have a favorite.


WB: don't have a favorite.

MB: Mario's lines were all good, just that Luigi ruined their chance of winning...

19)Michael Jackson: "Didn't lose any chocolate, I just added vanilla."

20)Cleopatra: "You lost so many babies, we should call you Miss Carriage!!"

21)Steve Jobs: "Why'd you name your company after your dick?!"

22)Freddie Mercury: no favorite...

23)Mitt Romney...until Lincoln came

Romney: "You're from the windy city, where you're looking pretty with your blowhards. But come January, you'll be left evicted and with no job!"

Lincoln: All of it, though it would've been cool for him to say that he kicked Chuck Norris' ass. Oh well, at least Bruce Lee did...

24)I think the erb announcer made it clear. If you have no idea who I'm talking about, too bad...

25)Can't decide Lee: "Kung F-U!!" Eastwoood: "No one in your family ever lives to see a sequel"

26) Sherlock Holmes: his last verse.

27) Moses: "You took the Christ out of Christmas, and just added mo' mass!" and "You need to stop breakin' into houses and creepin' and peepin' on naughty kids while they sleepin' and keep yo' hand off my stockin'"

28) I didn't really enjoy this battle, so I didn't even bother pick a winner...sorry...

29) Gandhi: I am passively resisting the fact that you suck. I am celibate because I don't give a fuck.

30) Tesla, but I can't think what his best line was...

31) Idk...

32) Mozart: Was that a verse, or did you just get the hiccups? (yes, he had some other good ones, but I liked this one the most.)

33) GAHH!!! 4 russians is too many to...oh hey, Putin decided to join. He wins...

34) Tie, though Boba's verse is now stuck in my head...

35) Believe it or not, tie. Blackbeard had good lines, but not as good as Al Capone. However, I feel that the "Capwned" line sorta blew Capone's chance of opinion.

36) Joan of Arc (barely): Keep your party in the USA, Vive la France! (Miley had better rap flow though)

37) Bob Ross: I know, you must be on your blue period.

38) Muhammad Ali: Cause your rapping sucks more than Space Jam did!

39) Scrawland Scribblescratch...just saying...

If you need anything, or just need to talk to someone, these people are here. Some of these users left, and are listed here to remember them. The users aren't in a particular order:

BasaltWolfED145RS- Me

Ynkrdlevin17- Wiki Leader

Thesteelernation2- Former leader

Mrpietcaptain- My Piraty comrade

Tesla Man- The one who joined 1 day after me.

Loygansono55- Epic guy

AnimaShaun- My former rival, no longer here. ;-;

J1coupe- The epic doctor

Meatholl- Lord Humpalot

Scrawland Scribblescratch- The true winner of Donald Trump vs Ebenezer Scrooge

BackToTheFuturama86- Awesome guy

NightHawk9001- Decent guy to talk to

SierraStalker- The person that hosted the tourney that put me on the path of writing fan rap battles

RespectthePixel35- He's gone. ;-;

RespectThePixel- O.O HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheEyeOfAllEyes- Went from a raging AWC to a trusted person

JPhil2.0- A pretty cool dude

V0DeusEstDominiMei- I totally didn't copy and paste his name! XD

Stofferex- Cool guy

Negative Four- ;-; She disabled this account...

Positive Four- ... ;-; And this account....

Negative IV...But she now has this account! ^-^

Ximena 13- Her coding is interesting

Espeon 18- A nice person to talk to. :)

Four4- My man, the Black man

Regice371- This guy is amazing and hilarious!

Justinbuckner98- ERB Parodies' owner

WoodenHornets- ERB Parodies' editor

JacobSZ- The other Jacob

Wachowman- He has bad spelling .XD

Patts9009- Just for the record, I'm sure I've done the "..." long before him...just saying...

Captain Warrior- He's a pretty cool guy

Nikki Lee 1998- A nice person

Dragonsblood23- He's not a dragon. He's the BLOOD of a dragon. :P

Gokaisilver19- Nice to know I'm not the only one on the wiki who likes Tokusatsu. :)

Cam VideoGameRapBattles- He apparently doesn't know how to use PM's or the Message Wall. TT~TT

TheEpicLLOYD- Not kidding, the real EpicLLOYD!! Better behave on this wiki when he's around!

Bluesocks- I didn't believe it before, but it's Nice Peter himself!

Some pics that I made:

Chibi Jacob
Chibi Me
Me vs RTP My Version
Cover for RTP vs Me



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