Many urban ninjas made a group cameo appearance in Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood. They were all portrayed by Xin Wuku.

Information on the cameos

Urban ninjas are warriors who are dressed in stereotypical "ninja" outfits: completely black clothing, covering the majority of the body, with only hands and the area around the eyes visible.

Appearance in the rap battle

The urban ninjas tried attacking Bruce Lee throughout his verses, but they ultimately failed, resulting in them all being defeated. Occasionally, some would change into mustached cowboys by entering Clint Eastwood's side, and vice versa.


  • They are the first group cameo to die in-battle.
  • Other ninjas appeared in Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris as well, where they were defeated by Chuck Norris; however, these ninjas were just images that were edited into the video.