Would you like to see your suggestion in an upcoming ERB? Then post your suggestions below! Please post it in the comments first to see if other users agree with it too. Happy suggesting!

The list of suggestions available below were voted on previously on the polls shown here.

Note: Please post all suggestions in one comment to avoid spam.

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  • ERB Suggestions for Season 6

    233 messages
    • wrote:Sammantha Smith vs Pavlik Morozov Nobody knows Pavlik in countries other than CIS,so I think it`s a bad idea.
    • THEZOMBIECROW99 wrote:how about FREDDY KRUEGER (THE DREAM MASTER) vs THE SCARECROW (THE MASTER OF FEAR) Or maybe Freddy vs Pinhead? Scarecrow i...

    • Episode 1: Vincent Van Gogh vs. Salvador Dali (painters) Episode 2: Billy the Kid vs. Annie Oakley (gunslingers) Episode 3: Rocky Balboa ...

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