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Who would you like to see in an upcoming ERB? Post suggestions below! Please refer to this guide to not make a bad suggestion, as we like to keep them realistic. Before adding a suggestion, please post it in the comments first, to see if other users agree with it too.


  • Charles Darwin vs Ash Ketchum (masters of evolution)
  • Walt Disney vs Seth MacFarlane (and/or Matt Groening) (famous cartoonists)
  • James Bond (or Lara Croft) vs Indiana Jones (or Jason Bourne) (Bond vs Jones - British hero vs American Hero; Croft vs Jones - archaeological tomb raiders; Bond vs Bourne - spies)
  • Superman vs Son Goku (super-powered heroes)
  • Confucius vs Socrates (or Yoda) (philosophers, or old wise men)
  • Harry Houdini vs Harry Potter (or Criss Angel) (illusionists, or magicians named "Harry")
  • Edgar Allan Poe vs Stephen King (horror story writers)
  • Leonardo da Vinci vs Leonardo the Turtle (or Leonardo DiCaprio) (Leonardos)
  • George Washington vs Captain America (patriotic American heroes, first president vs first Avenger)
  • Neil Armstrong vs Galileo Galilei (or Buzz Lightyear) (space explorers)
  • Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible (The Great vs The Terrible)
  • PSY vs Kim Jong-Un (North Korean vs South Korean)
  • The Blues Brothers vs LMFAO (or Daft Punk) (musical duos) 
  • Freddy Krueger vs Jack The Ripper (killers)
  • Mythbusters vs Ghostbusters (groups of "busters")
  • Charlie Chaplin vs Mr. Bean (famous silent goofballs)
  • Rick Astley vs Eduard Khil (trolling viral singers)
  • Willy Wonka vs Mad Hatter (or Milton Hershey) (top hatted Johnny Depp characters or candy creators)
  • Simon Cowell (or Paula Deen) vs Gordon Ramsay (critical British judges, or TV chefs)
  • Mark Zuckerberg vs Alexander Graham Bell (creators of forms of communication)
  • Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde vs Bruce Banner/The Hulk (doctors who can turn into a dangerous form)
  • Sigmund Freud vs Dr. Phil (or Archimedes) (psychologists; Peter once hinted they were going to do the Freud vs Phil battle, but replaced it with Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison, or philosophers)
  • Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde (pairs of lovers who disobeyed, either the law or their parents, and had tragic ends)
  • King Henry VIII vs Hillary Clinton (historical womanizing world leader who cheated on powerful women vs modern day powerful woman who was cheated on by a womanizing world leader)
  • Ronald McDonald vs Colonel Sanders (or The Joker) (famous fast food-branch icons, or creepy clowns)
  • Greg Heffley vs Anne Frank (diary-writing teenagers)
  • John F. Kennedy (or Fidel Castro) vs Julius Caesar (assassinated leaders, or dictators)
  • Dracula vs Edward Cullen (vampires)
  • Alfred Hitchcock (or George Lucas) vs Steven Spielberg (movie directors)
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt vs Professor X (leaders/geniuses in wheelchairs)
  • Usain Bolt vs Jesse Owens (or Terry Fox) (fast runners)
  • The Three Stooges vs The Marx Brothers (or The Three Musketeers) (comedy trios; or The Three _____)
  • Spider-Man vs Tarzan (or Hercules) (famous swinging heroes, or famous heroes who went 'from rags to riches')
  • Gene Simmons vs Elton John (or Slash) (extravagantly-dressed singers, or hard rockers)
  • Katniss Everdeen vs Xena (modern fictional influential female characters)
  • The Mask vs The Phantom of the Opera (masked men in pursuit of women)
  • Stan Lee vs Mark Twain (novel writers)
  • Bob Marley vs Tupac Shakur (or Robert E. Lee) (drug-using, legendary musicians who were figuratively revived, or peace vs war; it was on Peter's list)
  • Ray Charles vs Stevie Wonder (blind African-American musicians)
  • The Wicked Witch of the West vs Marie Antoinette (evil powerful women)
  • Jack Sparrow vs Popeye (sailors)
  • Oprah Winfrey vs Ellen DeGeneres (female talk show hosts)
  • Vincent Van Gogh vs Andy Warhol (influential artists)
  • Percy Jackson vs Aquaman (water-powered heroes)
  • Bill and Ted vs Lewis and Clark (traveling duos)
  • Charles Lindbergh vs Amelia Earhart (famous pilots)
  • King Tut vs Yugi Moto (young Pharaohs, it was on Peter's list)
  • Rocky Balboa vs Erwin Rommel (or Mike Tyson) (powerful fighters with animal nicknames, it was on Peter's list, or famous boxers)
  • Phoenix Wright vs Atticus Finch (practically undefeated lawyers with bird-related names)
  • Sweeney Todd (or Wolverine) vs Edward Scissorhands (pale Johnny Depp characters created by Tim Burton, or mutants with blades for hands)
  • Ozzy Osbourne (or Hannibal Lecter) vs Vlad the Impaler (Princes of Darkness, or cannibalistic murderers)
  • Steve Urkel vs Fonzie (Cool VS Uncool)
  • Robin Hood vs Zorro (men who stole from rich people to help the less fortunate)
  • Tony Stark vs Margaret Thatcher (or Henry Ford) (Iron Man vs Iron Lady, or rich engineering entrepreneurs)
  • Slender Man vs Frankenstein's Monster (scary monsters, new vs old)
  • Alex Trebek vs Nostradamus (people who answer questions before they're asked)
  • Jimi Hendrix vs Kurt Cobain (rock stars from Washington who led bands and died at age 27)
  • Billy the Kid vs Ezio Auditore (mysterious criminals)
  • Morgan Freeman vs Samuel L. Jackson (or Rod Serling) (famous African-American actors, or famous announcers)
  • Whitney Houston vs Celine Dion (famous female singers; it was on Peter's list)
  • Che Guevara vs Paul Revere (or William Wallace) (revolutionaries, Nice Peter has said he wanted William Wallace in one)
  • Ace Ventura vs Doctor Doolittle (pet detective vs pet doctor)
  • Carl Sagan vs Neil deGrasse Tyson (famous astrophysicists)
  • Dr. Seuss vs William Shakespeare 2 (rematch, it was on Peter's list)

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