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Sulai Lopez portrayed a High Elf in J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin, a member of the blue team in Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child, the go-go dancer of Ming Tea in James Bond vs Austin Powers, and herself as part of the frustrated crew in Nice Peter vs EpicLLOYD 2.

Information on the actress

Sulai Michelle Lopez was born on October 16th, 1980, in Santa Cruz County, California. She is an actress, costume designer, and member of the Epic Rap Battles of History crew. She has worked as the costume designer for the series since Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury, and has frequently been featured throughout the behind the scenes videos. Her work with ERB was awarded with two consecutive Streamy Awards in 2014 and 2015 and nominated in 2016 for Best Costume Design in a YouTube Series. Her website can be found here.


Season 5:

Appearance in the rap battle

Lopez, alongside Ashlyn McIntyre, Matthew Schlissel, Brittany White, Shaun Lewin, Atul Singh, and Morgan Christensen, made a cameo appearance as a part of the frustrated crew during EpicLLOYD's first verse when he said the line, "ERB2 is right! I'm covering your ass behind the scenes!"

Awards and nominations

Awards and nominations for Sulai Lopez
Year Award Show Category Result Recipient(s)
2014 4th Streamy Awards Best Use of Costume DesignWonSulai Lopez
2015 5th Streamy Awards Best Use of Costume DesignWonSulai Lopez
2016 6th Streamy Awards Best Use of Costume DesignNominatedSulai Lopez



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