Scot free!
— The Scotsmen

The Scotsmen made a group cameo appearance in George Washington vs William Wallace. They were portrayed by Joey Greer, Seth Brown, and Reynaldo Garnica.

Information on the cameo

These Scotsmen were warriors that assisted William Wallace in revolting against British oppression. While not the exact same people, their face paints come from actual warriors from the film, such as Hamish, and his father, Campbell. Scotsmen still exist, but the term refers to people from Scotland rather than warriors.

Appearance in the rap battle

The Scotsmen appeared alongside William Wallace throughout the battle. They occasionally provided background vocals, including "Scot free!", "Gu bràth!", "Hoo-rah!", and "No joke!" They also danced behind Wallace during the end slate.


  • The Scotsmen are the third/fourth cameos to be shown dancing at the end with the rappers during the "Who won? Who's next?" screen, after Queen GorgoMarty McFly, and alongside the Americans.
  • They are the first group of cameos of whom represent a specific grouping of individuals.