Ruggles Outbound is a rapper who portrayed Stanley Kubrick in Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock.


Season 4:


  • When the video was first released, Ruggles was credited as "The Ghost of Stanley Kubrick" in the description of the battle.
    • The description has since been changed to credit him directly.
  • The Tweet confirming that he portrayed Stanley Kubrick was deleted shortly afterwards.
    • A few days later, Ruggles posted the video on his Twitter account confirming, once again, that he portrayed Stanley Kubrick, but that tweet was deleted as well.
    • However, on January 8th, 2015, Ruggles posted another link to the video on his account.
  • During a Periscope, EpicLLOYD confirmed that Ruggles was the first person that he ever started rapping with.
    • They rapped together in college.
  • Ruggles is featured in the song "Nerv 2 Swerv" on Lloyd's 2016 EP, Here.