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Picasso's Studio

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Picasso's Studio
Pablo Picasso's studio
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso
Character Pablo Picasso
Billy Mays
Mr. Rogers
4th Doctor
Bob Ross
Release Date November 18, 2013
Times Appeared 1
Based On
Picasso's real room

Picasso's Studio was the location where Pablo Picasso rapped and also where Lump made a cameo appearance in Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso.

Information on the Location

Picasso's Studio is where Picasso used to create his paintings and is located somewhere in Paris, as confirmed by the Eiffel Tower located in the distance outside his window. His studio is filled with some of his paintings, including The Old Guitarist, Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto, and The Actor. There is an old style television located somewhere in the room.

Appearance in the Rap Battle

This is the location where Pablo Picasso rapped, and also where Lump made a cameo appearance. After the second verse, Picasso turned on his television, which showed Billy Mays, Mr. Rogers, and the 4th Doctor before showing Bob Ross performing his second verse.

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