The Macworld Expo is where both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates rapped during their third, fourth, and sixth verses in Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates.

Information on the location

The Macworld Expo is a trade-show with conference tracks dedicated to the Apple Macintosh platform. It is held annually in the United States during January. Originally, Macworld Expo, and then Macworld Conference & Exposition, the gathering dates back to 1985. The exact location used was based on the 1997 event, where Bill Gates appeared and talked on a big screen in the back with Steve Jobs.

Appearance in the rap battle

This is the location where both Jobs and Gates rapped throughout their back-and-forth conversation. It was a stage that appeared when Jobs began his third verse, while Bill Gates rapped at his mansion. They were both back in the Get a Mac commercial after Gates said the line, "Well, you can still afford a doctor if you bought a PC!"


  • The logos from the actual location are parodied.
    • On the sides of the area, the logos are strawberries as opposed to apples.
      • The words above the screen read "Rapworld Expo" rather than the actual title.
  • This is the third location to have its title altered, after The O'Reilly Factor and the OxiClean commercial.