Lilly Singh portrayed Wonder Woman, Stevie Wonder's children and partners in Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder.

Information on the actor

Lilly Saini Singh, better known as IISuperwomanII, was born on September 26, 1988 in Scarborough, Canada. She is an actress, vlogger, comedian, rapper, and YouTube personality. Her YouTube channel has over 12 million subscribers and is one of the most subscribed channel on the site. Her website can be found here.


Season 5:


  • After portraying all of Stevie Wonder's children and partners, Singh has portrayed the most individual characters in a single battle, at fifteen, beating Jon Na's record of eight.
    • This does not count Klarity portraying the Zulu warriors and Mary Doodles portraying the animators since they were duplicated to create the group cameos.
    • She has also portrayed more opposite gender characters than any other actor.