Hillary Clinton - Epic Rap Battles of History (unaired)00:16

Hillary Clinton - Epic Rap Battles of History (unaired)

King Henry VIII vs Hillary Clinton
Battle information
Release date Scrapped
October 3, 2014 (leaked footage)
Number N/A
Views N/A
Length N/A
Previous Michael J. Fox vs Chucky (unofficial)
Next Betty White vs Bettie Page (scrapped)
Other information
Actors Shay Carl
Susan Deming
Rappers VIIIHillary Clinton In Battle

King Henry VIII vs Hillary Clinton is an unofficial installment of Epic Rap Battles of History that was planned early on in Season 2, but was scrapped mid-production. It would have featured the 16th century King of England, King Henry VIII, rapping against the former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.


Shay Carl as King Henry VIII

Susan Deming as Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton:

Ha ha ha ha ha! Let's just get down to it.

You done messed with the wrong Rodham. I'm about to Tudor and boot it!

Your country's the size of Ohio. You couldn't even beat Spain!

I could defeat you with a grassroots email campaign!

I'd eat you alive…



  • This is the only scrapped ERB to have been partially leaked.
  • If this battle had been released when scheduled, it would have been the first man vs woman battle, which instead went to Adam vs Eve later on.


  • Hillary Clinton's microphone had a sticker with "Nice Peter" written on it.
    • Her speech podium also had a logo with "Epic Rap Battles of History" written around it, parodying the United States' speech podium logo.


  • During the line, "Your country's the size of Ohio. You couldn't even beat Spain!", Clinton's fingers are partially cut off for several frames when her hands move.
    • Since the battle was unfinished, it is likely that this was not fixed due to it being scrapped.
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