Yes, chef!
— Jean-Philippe Susilovic

Jean-Philippe Susilovic was, at one point in writing, set to make a cameo appearance in Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child before being scrapped, as confirmed by EpicLLOYD in one of the Behind the Scenes videos for the battle.[1] It is unknown by whom he would have been portrayed.

Information on the cameo

Jean-Philippe "J. P." Susilovic was born on November 26th, 1975, in Brussels, Belgium. He is a television personality known for his appearances as the maître d' on the American version of Gordon Ramsay's cooking reality show, Hell's Kitchen; he was also the maître d' for the first series of the original British version of the show.


[Note: Jean-Philippe Susilovic is in gray, while Gordon Ramsay is in regular text.]

Gordon Ramsay:

Oh wait, J. P., drop the bouillabaisse! (Yes, chef!)