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Jabba's Palace
Rap battle information
Appeared in Season 2 trailer (Main Room)
Hitler vs Vader 2
Season 3 trailer (Rancor Pit)
Character(s) Darth Vader
Adolf Hitler
Boushh the Bounty Hunter
Stephen Hawking
Release date November 18, 2011 (Season 2 trailer)
December 8, 2011 (Hitler vs Vader 2)
September 9, 2013 (Season 3 trailer)
Times appeared 3
Based on

Jabba's Palace Based On

Rancor Pit Based On

Jabba's Palace appeared in the beginning and end of Hitler vs Vader 2. Darth Vader, disguised as Boushh the Bounty Hunter, and Adolf Hitler make an appearance here before the rap battle commences.

Information on the location

Jabba's Palace is a location in the Star Wars universe. It is Jabba the Hutt's headquarters on the planet Tatooine, from which he runs his crime organization. Below the main room is the Rancor Pit, which holds Jabba's pet rancor, to whom he often feeds those that upset him.

Appearance in the rap battle

This is the location that appeared in the beginning and the end of the battle where Boushh the Bounty Hunter entered to free Adolf Hitler from the carbonite. Before the battle began, the Palace appeared dark and gloomy, and music from Star Wars could be heard in the background. At the end of the battle, Hitler and Vader's respective locations cut directly back to the Palace. Stephen Hawking, who could be seen in the shadows at the start of the battle, emerges and answers Hitler's question about why Darth Vader was laughing by responding, "Because you are standing over the Rancor Pit." The floor then opened up, making Hitler fall into the Rancor Pit. The Rancor Pit appeared later in the Season 3 trailer, where the gate opened to release the Rancor and Hitler managed to find a gun and presumably shoot it, leading to Hitler vs Vader 3.


  • Before his appearance at the end of the battle, Stephen Hawking can be seen as a silhouette at the very beginning.

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