Grace Helbig
Grace Helbig
Actor information
Full name Grace Anne Helbig
Born September 27, 1985 (age 31)
Woodbury, New Jersey
YouTube Channel It'sGrace
dailygrace (formerly)
Physical description
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Appearance information
Appeared in Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde
As Juliet Capulet

Grace Anne Helbig is an American comedian, actress, author, and YouTube personality. She is the host and creator of the It's Grace YouTube channel. She is best known for creating the My Damn Channel web series DailyGrace, playing Idol on the Fine Brothers' web series MyMusic, and starring in the feature film Camp Takota which she co-produced. She has also written two books, Grace's Guide Book, which was released in October 2014, and Grace & Style, released in February 2016. She also hosts her own television talk show, The Grace Helbig Show, which airs on E! and premiered in April 2015. Alongside with Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart, Helbig was starred in their movie, Dirty 30, which premiered on 23 September 2016. She portrayed Juliet Capulet in Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde.


Season 4:




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