Gordon Ramsay's TV pilots

Gordon Ramsay Street Noodler

Gordon Ramsay Quiche Rescue

Gordon Ramsay Cooking With Pebbles

Gordon Ramsay starring in his television pilots
Rap battle information
Appeared in Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child
Character(s) Gordon Ramsay
Release date May 18, 2016
Times appeared 1
Based on
Gordon Ramsay's TV Pilots Based On

Gordon Ramsay's TV pilots are where Gordon Ramsay partially rapped in Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child. One of the pilots is also where Pebbles made her cameo appearance.

Information on the locations

Gordon Ramsay's TV pilots are title sequences for a variety of fictional television shows starring and hosted by him.

Appearance in the rap battle

These three locations were where Gordon Ramsay partially rapped in his first verse, from "With all these shows to pitch!" to "And my pilots green-lit!" Each pilot was shown for half a line, with television static used as a transition between them to imitate someone changing the channels on their TV. Pebbles also made her brief cameo appearance here during the pilot Cooking With Pebbles.



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