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George Watsky
Actor Information
Birth name George Virden Watsky
Nickname(s) Watsky
Born September 15, 1986
YouTube Channel
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Appearance Information
Appeared In Dr. Seuss vs William Shakespeare
Doc Brown vs Doctor Who
Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler 3
Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso
As William Shakespeare
4th Doctor
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George Watsky is an American spoken-word poet, rapper, and YouTuber, known for his speedy rapping ability. His talent for fast rapping started to receive acclaim after he was the Youth Speaks Grand Slam Poetry Champion. He is also known for his viral video "Pale kid raps fast" (now known as "Watsky raps fast"), in which he raps extremely fast (it is now currently unlisted) and his album Cardboard Castles, which he released in 2013. He has been in 4 ERBs so far, with 2 cameos and 2 rapping appearances: Dr. Seuss vs William Shakespeare, Doc Brown vs Doctor Who, Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler 3 and Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso, albeit the two last ones were minor cameos and footage taken directly from the Doc Brown vs Doctor Who battle. He has attended VidCon to rap as William Shakespeare.

Nice Peter has said in a YouTube comment in a Monday Show that George Watsky will be back for Season 3.



  • So far, all of Watsky's characters are British, or associated as so.
    Watsky Season 3
    Left 4 speedAdded by Left 4 speed
    • The character of the Fourth Doctor is an alien, but is from a British programme. Incarnations of the Doctor not portrayed in the rap battle have also self-identified as British during the fifty-plus years the Doctor Who franchise has existed.
  • Both his characters involve very fast rapping in their second verses, a trait taken from his own fast rapping.
  • He, Zach Sherwin, Key & Peele, DeStorm Power, and Rhett and Link are, so far, the only guest stars to have a rapping role in more than one season.
    • He and Zach Sherwin are also the only guests to have a rapping role in every season so far.
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