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Season 1
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Gandalf vs Dumbledore02:10

Gandalf vs Dumbledore. Epic Rap Battles of History 11

Gandalf vs Dumbledore
Gandalf vs. Dumbledore
Battle information
Release date July 14, 2011
Number 11
Views 45,000,000+ (As of March 25)
Length 2:11
Previous Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin
Next Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare
Other information
Actors EpicLLOYD
Nice Peter
Pat McIntyre
Rappers EL as Gandalf GreyEL as Gandalf WhitePete as Dumbledore
Cameos Gilderoy Lockhart

Gandalf vs Dumbledore is the eleventh installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and eleventh episode of Season 1. It features The Lord of The Rings character, Gandalf, rapping against Harry Potter character Dumbledore. It was released on July 14th, 2011.


EpicLLOYD as Gandalf

Nice Peter as Dumbledore

Pat McIntyre as Gilderoy Lockhart (cameo)



You shall not pass! I rap fast like Shadowfax!

Tom Riddle me this, you bitch: How's your little wand gonna beat my staff?

I leave mics in flames, torched by Gandalf!

Touch mine, Dumbledore, and scorch your other hand off!

You fool! You got Snaped! You're not a real fighter!

Death makes you die! It just makes my brights brighter!

Your ass is like Gringotts: everyone makes a deposit!

We all know you've more than a boggart in your closet!


The prophecy forgot to mention this day,

When I knocked your ass back to Gandalf the Grey!

Check your status: they call me headmaster. You're nothing!

Nice staff, you compensating for something?

I prefer the company of wizards and I'm proud of it!

You try to win your battles with two fat hobbits!

You think your hairy-toed friends are gonna harm me?

Wait'll they get a taste of Dumbledore's army!


Do not take me for some conjuror of cheap tricks.

I don't give a Fawkes about your Order of Pheonix!

I'll tie a new knot in your beard with your wrinkly balls!

For I am the one rapper to rule them all!


Your spells are a joke, not funny ones either.

Mines of Moria? Ha! More like Mind of Mencia!

I'll expecto my patronum on your face, you little snitch,

And when I'm finished, Imma fly like it's Quidditch!


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  • This is the first battle to feature characters that originated from a work of literature.
  • This is the first rap battle where both title characters are fictional.
    • This is also the only fictional versus fictional battle of Season 1, while the next two seasons would feature two fictional battles each.
  • This is the second battle with some of the characters in the outro scene. In this case, Dumbledore and Lockhart riding on a broom.
  • The audio was uploaded on iTunes 10 days before the battle aired.


  • The last line of the song when Dumbledore says "And when I'm finished, Imma fly like it's Quidditch!" is a reference to a song starring Nice Peter made before this rap battle called "Like it's Quidditch", which is a parody of G6.


  • During the line, "When I knocked your ass back to Gandalf the Grey!", Gandalf is misspelled as "Gandolf".

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