Nice Peter as GLaDOS
Character information
Full name Caroline (human name)
Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System
Nickname(s) GLaDOS
First appearance October 9, 2007
Born Activated in 1998
Physical description
Hair Brown (human)
Eyes Brown (human)
Yellow optic
Based on
GLaDOS Based On
Rap battle information
Appeared in An unofficial battle
Vs Sherlock Holmes
Release date N/A
Votes on website N/A
Location(s) N/A
I don't have an ass. I'm a computer genie!

GLaDOS battled Sherlock Holmes in an unofficial rap battle.[1] She was portrayed by Nice Peter.

Information on the rapper

GLaDOS is the main antagonist from the Portal series, a video game series made by Valve. Her name is short for "Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System". Despite her programming being based on the mind of a woman named Caroline, GLaDOS becomes corrupt and turns sadistic over time, killing every scientist in the Aperture Science research facilities with the exception of Doug Rattman. Her main enemy is Chell, the protagonist of the game. She is non-organic and entirely composed of mechanical parts. She supposedly died at the end of Portal, but after she was heard singing "Still Alive", she came back in Portal 2, more vicious than ever. Later on in Portal 2, Chell must team up with her to replace the new head of the facility, a core named Wheatley, whom she accidentally replaces her with in the first place. During this, she is hooked up to a potato, being nicknamed "PotatOS", and in the end is hooked back up as the head of the facility before she sang "Want You Gone".


I don't have an ass. I'm a computer genie!

You're a flawful coke-head with a double billed beanie!


  • GLaDOS is one of the only rappers that never appeared in an official ERB, the others being Michael J. Fox and Chucky.
  • She unofficially has the shortest proper verse of any rapper, tied only with Sherlock Holmes from the same battle.


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