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Forrest Whaley portrayed a street tough in Deadpool vs Boba Fett. He also directed and animated Zeus vs Thor along with Sean Willets and Zach Macias. Furthermore, he helped animate the ED-209 robots in Terminator vs Robocop and co-directed Deadpool vs Boba Fett.

Information on the actor

Forrest Shane Whaley, also known as ForrestFire101, was born on May 21st, 1994, in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a stop-motion film director, animator, and YouTuber. He is known for stop-motion Lego videos, as well as animated comedy videos. As of November 23rd, 2014, he has become a member of this Wiki. His account can be found here.


Bonus battle:


  • Forrest animated Nice Peter's previous Monday Show intro.
  • His YouTube channel logo, as well as the duck from one of his videos, "The Duck Song"[1] appeared in the background of Zeus vs Thor during Zeus' second verse.


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