Epic Rap Battles of History
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First Released November 18, 2011
Latest Release December 26, 2016
Number of Episodes 134
Genre Comedy

The ERB2 channel is Epic Rap Battles of History's second channel on YouTube. All Behind the Scenes episodes, since Nice Peter vs EpicLLOYD, have been uploaded here, as well as the Epic Dance Battles of History. Other media uploaded includes a demo recording for Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates, the ERB Karaoke, outtakes from previous battles (namely Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers), and a Q&A with Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD.[1] Battles from the first four seasons (except Abe Lincoln vs Chuck NorrisSarah Palin vs Lady GagaHulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-ilGenghis Khan vs Easter Bunny, Gandalf vs Dumbledore, Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers, and Zeus vs Thor) and the bonus battle have separate videos that lack subtitles, titled [CC][Translated][2]; but, only battles from Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury until Donald Trump vs Ebenezer Scrooge are publicly shown on the channel.[3] YouTube's captions are available to be used with these types of videos, allowing captions of different languages to be played with the video in question. On September 5, 2016, the channel uploaded a video of the ERB crew in the writing room, with some hints for the second half of Season 5 included.[4]