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Season 2
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Doc Brown vs Doctor Who. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 202:23

Doc Brown vs Doctor Who. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.

Doc Brown vs Doctor Who
Doc Brown vs Doctor Who
Battle information
Release date October 29, 2012
Number 24
Views 52,000,000+ (as of December 16)
Length 2:23
Previous Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney
Next Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood
Other information
Actors Zach Sherwin
Nice Peter
George Watsky
Dante Cimadamore (voice only)
Rappers Mc Mr Napkins as Doc BrownNice Peter as The 10th DoctorGeorge Watsky as the 4th Doctor
Cameos A Dalek
Marty McFly
Location(s) Hill Valley

Doc Brown vs Doctor Who is the twenty-fourth installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and the ninth episode of Season 2. It features Back to the Future scientist, Doc Brown, rapping against the eponymous protagonist of his TV series, Doctor Who. The Doctor starts as the Tenth Doctor, then regenerates halfway through the battle into the Fourth Doctor after being fatally shot by a Dalek. It was released on October 29th, 2012.


Nice Peter as the Tenth Doctor

George Watsky as the Fourth Doctor

Zach Sherwin as Doc Brown

EpicLLOYD as Marty McFly (cameo)

Dante Cimadamore as a Dalek (voice only, cameo)


[Note: The Tenth Doctor is in brown, Doc Brown is in gray, the Fourth Doctor is in maroon, the Dalek is in gold, and Marty McFly is in orange. Additional voices are in italics.]

The Tenth Doctor:

(Ooh!) Actually, if you don't mind, it's just "the Doctor".

Doesn't even really matter who.

Who am I even talking to? Oh yes, you!

The wannabe Einstein, minus the 'stache.

Travels through time, but with no class.

I'm saving the world while you dilly-dally.

You can't even invent a way out of Hill Valley!

And calm down, will you? Everything is going to be fine.

You're not going to tear any wonky holes in any fabric of space and time.

Actually, it's a lot more like a rug, really. (Oh well.) Never mind.

Let's just say there's an infinite number of me simultaneously kicking your ass with rhyme!

Doc Brown:

Great Scott! You're great…not! I spit it hot,

And generate way more power than 1.21 gigawatts!

I'm not sure what sort of scientific authority you purport to be,

But I'm a real doctor! Where'd you get your degree?

Despite all your companions, you couldn't be having less sex!

I don't know what's lamer: your fans or your special effects!

You don't get another turn to debate! Time to face your permanent fate!

Now Dalek my balls! EXTERMINATE!

The Tenth Doctor:

I'm going to die… (Doctor…)

At least, this version of me… (Doctor?)

Perhaps you'd like another… (Doctor…)

Prepare…to meet…your…

[The Tenth Doctor regenerates into the Fourth Doctor.]

The Fourth Doctor:

Density! Hahahaha!

I'm a mystical medical doc at the pinnacle, shifting my physical form!

You're a possibly pedophilic individual who should have never been born!

You got your knickers in a twist while you're sucking on my Piccadilly, but I'm a lot lot different,

'Cause you're a pitiful hillbilly hanging with an oedipal kid who's a bawk bawk chicken!

Doc Brown:

Nobody calls me chicken!

This is between us, Scarfy! Don't try to out-rhyme me!

You'll find I'm as grimy as any slimy time-limey!

I'll use your port-o-potty time machine as my latrine!

You're not a cat with nine lives. You're a pussy with thirteen!

[A time loop occurs.]

The Tenth Doctor:

(Ooh!) Actually, if you don't mind, it's just "the Doctor"…

[The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to switch off the battle and go to the end slate.]


Who Won?

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  • The battle loops back to the beginning at the end and stops after the Tenth Doctor's first line, when he turns off the camera with his sonic screwdriver to prevent his death.
    • According to an AMA with Lloyd, the time loop was originally going to be ten minutes long, but it would have made it impossible to finish and upload the video.
  • This is the second time a rapper speaks directly to the announcer.
  • This is the second battle where both of the title rappers are fictional.
  • This is the third battle to feature two versions of the same character, preceded by Gandalf vs Dumbledore and Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley, and followed by Zeus vs Thor and James Bond vs Austin Powers.
  • On August 22, 2016, "Doctor Doctor, I swallowed a bone. Are you choking? No, I really did!" was written in the description of the video. This is a reference to the "Doctor Doctor" joke.
  • Aside from Batman vs Sherlock Holmes, this battle features the most lyrics not to be shown on the screen.


  • This is the first time Peter has done the heroin joke in the Behind the Scenes video rather than Lloyd.
  • Unlike the previous battles starting with Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates, this did not have a dance battle.
    • It is possible that this almost had a dance battle as George Watsky is seen in front of the white screen with the Dalek in the Behind the Scenes.
  • This is the first time two guest stars from previous battles appear again.


  • This is the second battle to have two actors playing the same person.


  • If you look closely at 1:14-1:20, the screen in the TARDIS is playing Minecraft.
    • This is an episode of "Shadow of Israphel", a famous series from YouTubers The Yogscast as confirmed by member Martyn Littlewood on Twitter.[1]
  • Marty McFly's guitar solo is a reference to his performance of Johnny B. Goode at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance in the first two Back to the Future movies.


  • At 0:54, the hand that holds the TARDIS can be seen in the upper right.
    • However, it was possibly not an error, as it was seen while Doc Brown was mocking Doctor Who's special effects.
  • At 1:35, Doc Brown's hand gets cut off.

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