Dis Raps For Hire - Season 2 Episode 9: Cory
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Release Date TBA
Number 19
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Length TBA
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Other Information
Against Cory
Suggested By Talion Baldir (Drew)

Dis Raps For Hire - Season 2 Episode 9: Cory is the nineteenth installment of Dis Raps For Hire and the ninth episode of Season 2. In this episode, EpicLLOYD insults Cory for abusing Drew's best friend, Alexis. Some of its lyrics were teased by Lloyd on Instagram.[1] It is currently unknown when it will be released.


You thought the L was gone, but Talion, I'm feeling you

And you'll be happy after hearing that your name's been Drew

I seen your YouTube, you're a good father

But you don't wanna sing this song to your daughter

And I'm a killing spree homing in on this all week

Targeting a pig with control freak on fleek

Dis rapping the horrible story of Cory, and warning, this gets gory

Unpacking my fist at the back of his throat and it's gonna be staying rent free!

She do the cooking and the cleaning of this bum's clutter

Like Cinderella for a wicked step mother fucker

But this ain't fairy tales, this ain't bed time

You see these types of mother fuckers lately in the headlines

The weak kind behind the scenes abusing power

Corey - yuck

Cosby - yuck

Weinstein - yuck

Lauer - yuck

Toys ends

Famous or no name it's time this bullshit ends

Alexis walked to the store, but they were out of good boyfriends

Can't help it but destroy this bitch 'cause bud, you're an embarrassment

You got another guy sending money to your girl's kids

What's that say about you, Captain Video Games

You don't want her seeing pics on Facebook 'cause you know you look ashamed

No male friends even if they're mailmen

You fail when you fronting like you trying her in jail, man

You frail men, weak men

You thinking that she cheat when

She leave

But there's just doubt 'cause you be lacking self esteem, man

C'mon man, help Alexis, it's done so easily

If you wanna help her out, just hurry up and leave

She was only in New York for just a month or two

Man, there's like 20 million people there, and she got stuck with you

She could be doing cool, but now she wished she never moved

Each December now her Christmas list just says:

"A brand new dude"

Rotten to the Corey inside the big apple

You didn't act tactful now your mouth gets a smack-full

Never has anyone caused so much begging for vengeance

The request has been answered

The sentence rules for the plaintiff

He's asking destruction

It's granted

I got good manners you can smile about

I'll old fashion hold the door when cunt nugget Cory walks the fuck out!



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