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Season 1
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Darth Vader vs Hitler01:41

Darth Vader vs Hitler. Epic Rap Battles of History 2

Darth Vader vs Hitler
Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler
Battle information
Release date November 10, 2010
Number 2
Views 89,000,000+ (As of May 8)
Length 1:41
Previous John Lennon vs Bill O'Reilly (Season 1 premiere)
Next Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris
Other information
Actors Nice Peter
Morgan Christensen
Rappers EL as HitlerPete as Vader
Cameos A Stormtrooper

Darth Vader vs Hitler is the second installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and the second episode of Season 1. It features Star Wars character and villain, Darth Vader, rapping against Nazi leader and German dictator, Adolf Hitler. It was released on November 10th, 2010.

It is the first of the Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler trilogy. It is followed by Hitler vs Vader 2 and Hitler vs Vader 3.


Nice Peter as Darth Vader

EpicLLOYD as Adolf Hitler

Morgan Christensen as Stormtrooper (cameo)


Adolf Hitler:

I am Adolf Hitler: Commander of the Third Reich!

Little known fact: also dope on the mic!

You are Vader, with your little boots and cape,

And helmet to cover up that burnt-ass face!

You have the force to move objects. I am a force truly evil!

Even went back in time and turned you whack in the prequel,

'Cause look at you! You're not even a real person!

I preferred you in Spaceballs: the Rick Moranis version!

Darth Vader:

You can't rhyme against the dark side of the Force. Why even bother?

So many dudes been with your mom, who even knows if I'm your father?

You’re a pissed off little prick with a Napoleon dick.

You call that a mustache? I call that Dirty Sanchez on your lip.

You bitch, let me remind you who you're messing with.

Everything that you did, I'm the mother fucker who invented it.

I'm the original Dark Lord. You're like the sorcerer's apprentice.

My Stormtroopers make yours look like someone took a piece of shit and cloned it.

Adolf Hitler:

You stink, Vader. Your style smells something sour.

You need to wash up, dawg. Here, step in my shower!

I'll turn all your friends against you; just my speeches breed haters!

What’s your lightsaber VS a clan of all your white neighbors?

Darth Vader:

*heavy breathing* Suck my robot balls!

Now take a step back and let me freeze yours off!

A little carbonite bath for your goose stepping ass.

We’ll call my homeboy in Israel. See who got the last laugh.

Scrapped lyrics

Darth Vader:

*heavy breathing*

I reserved a carbonite for you, Assdolf Shitler

You son of a Rodian

We'll call my homeboy in Israel, see who got the last laugh.


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  • This is the only rap battle so far to have a sequel, as well as the only one to have a second sequel.



  • On his title card, Adolf Hitler was spelled incorrectly as "Adolph" instead of "Adolf".
    • Adolph, however, is an alternate spelling of Adolf, although it is still incorrect in this case.

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