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Dante Cimadamore
Dante 2
Actor Information
Birth name Dante Cimadamore
Nickname(s) Dante Motion
Tesla D
YouTube Channel Give Me Motion
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Appearance Information
Appeared In Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny
Master Chief vs Leonidas
Doc Brown vs Doctor Who
Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.
Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison
Blackbeard vs Al Capone
Dis Raps For Hire - Season 2 Episode 5: Diamond
As Jesus Quintana
Indian Independence March Extra
Nikola Tesla
A gangster
Corporate Douche

Dante Cimadamore is a YouTuber (known on the site as 'givememotion') who works for the ERB crew. He is the music supervisor, playback, and audio engineer for the battles. He has been in six rap battles: Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny, Master Chief vs Leonidas, Doc Brown vs Doctor Who, Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr., and Blackbeard vs Al Capone. Dante also played Nikola Tesla in Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison, and he held the claws of the eagle that lifted Abe Lincoln in Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. He often gives ERB fans hints about the upcoming rap battles, starting with Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. He made a cameo appearance in Dis Raps For Hire - Season 2 Episode 5: Diamond at the beginning as a corporate douche. He is currently in a relationship with fellow ERB crew member, Mary Gutfleisch. As of August 6, 2014, he has become a user on this Wiki. His account can be found here.


¹denotes non-speaking role

²denotes voice only


Main gallery: Dante Cimadamore/Gallery

Hints Given

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates:

  • "@Linden_Marc: @givememotion any hints for the next battle?"
  • "Employment Vs Entrances"

Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury:

  • "@cheesepuffs123 @ZackaryMcdaniel could we get a hint for the next rap battle matchup? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! :D"
  • "Blue Vs Red"

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney:

  • "Both rappers are known for running."
  • "Their fathers would better prefer a World Cup than a Super Bowl."'
  • "@OpArtStudio: @givememotion Hey-o, hint-o have-o? :))"
  • "They have publicly battled before."
  • "@givememotion @OpArtStudio first letter of one of the rappers please?"
  • "Their full names share the letters a, e, and r."

Doc Brown vs Doctor Who:

  • "@Toungelikecandy: @givememotion can we have a hint as to the new ERB pleassseee :)"
  • "1.21, 13, 88"
  • "@TrianglesShape: @givememotion Something tells me the next battle will be the best of all TIME."
  • "How did you know?"
  • "@ZackaryMcdaniel: @givememotion erb hint please?"
  • "color vs question"

Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood:

  • "East Vs West"

Batman vs Sherlock Holmes:

  • "@smosher_Dana: @givememotion can you give us a hint for the new ERB?"
  • "The main theme: Something Bruce Lee does well."
  • "Filming the new ERB today. It's going to be a cinematic one."
  • "@nick_zeltmann3: @givememotion how about another hint? :)"
  • "Schools, tools, and attention to detail."

Adam vs Eve:

  • "@cheesepuffs123: @givememotion we are 12 days away from the next erb. can we get a ERBHint? :D"
  • "The oldest continuos battle..."
  • "@BobKing26: @givememotion Does the upcoming ERB have anything to do with Love and War?"
  • "It sure does."
  • "@BlaiseSanti: @givememotion Can the forum get a hint for the next battle?"
  • "Skins. Some shed, some peeled, some original."

Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.:

  • "@VernonFerraris: @givememotion any hint for the next ERB?"
  • "Shots."
  • "@Meatholl: @givememotion how about a hint for the next ERBOH? Please? :)"
  • "Some laws were made to be broken."

Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison:

  • "@jimmyjamesbee: @givememotion can we please please please please PLEASE Get a clue about the new erb pleasssseeeeeeee?"
  • "Step up."
  • "@ZackaryMcdaniel: @givememotion bro. Can i get a hint?"
  • "Bro. Penn Station."

Babe Ruth vs Lance Armstrong:

  • "@VernonFerraris: @givememotion Can we have a hint for the next battle?"
  • "The reason we celebrate Pi Day has a lot to do with these rappers."
  • "@Drakester234: @givememotion Do you think we could get one more hint for the new ERB? :D Please?!"
  • "Sticks and stones. One used, one lost."
  • "@WhitaThanBleach: @givememotion one more hint please!?"
  • "Longhorn relatives."

Mozart vs Skrillex:

  • "@damedonaldson: @givememotion Have you come up with a good hint for us for the next ERB yet?"
  • "End of the alphabet."

Rasputin vs Stalin:

  • "@JessiQValentine: @givememotion Hey Dante could the ERB fans possibly get a hint for the upcoming finale? :D"
  • "-isms and -izations."
  • "@BelgaTd: @givememotion 5 days after the battle, is it time for a hint for the new one?"
  • "There's 5 ways I could do this..."
  • "@Pokemastersky: @givememotion Can we have ONE more hint? Just one more? Please!? :)"
  • "I could give you 12 if you're following along."
  • "@MasterSturge: @givememotion can you give me a clue for the next"
  • "who doesn't like a government vacation once in a while?"
  • "@bridgerpalmer: @givememotion Five days BEFORE the new battle, could we get another hint?"
  • "Candy canes would have to pick a side"

Blackbeard vs Al Capone:

  • "@willymoule: @givememotion hintity hint hint please?"
  • "One wears this proudly. The other could to cover up an old "war wound""
  • "@ZackaryMcdaniel @ERBofHistory Can we get one more hint for the next ERB please? :)"

Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc:

  • "@delmazochase: @givememotion is it too early to ask for a little erb hint. Thank you kind sir!"
  • "Don't get your panties in a twist!"

Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso:

  • "@damedonaldson: @givememotion May we get a hint for the next ERB my brotha?"
  • "A battle of styles."
  • "@HarryPotter2875: @givememotion Could we maybe have one more hint to help narrow down the possibilities?"
  • "1 advocates theft The other is 1."
  • "@theTolbert: He said narrow it down, not broaden. You're killing me."
  • "Silly Sally would invite them both to her picnic."
  • "@UberRapBattles: @givememotion Can we have one final hint to aid the forum, please? We are quite stumped."
  • "They 'battle' with hair and their hairstyle (or lack of) is a defining feature for both rappers."

Donald Trump vs Ebenezer Scrooge:

  • "@Manchacus: @givememotion Do you think it's about time for a hint?"
  • "Perhaps when the clock strikes 1"
  • "@DelChase: @givememotion is there any chance I can get a hint? Discretely of course, sir."
  • "These MCs are not known for discretion."
  • "@StokinStokan: question about the ERB. What form of media would I likely know these MCs from? TV, movies, books, etc."
  • "All of the above."
  • "@WhitaThanBleach: @givememotion A hint for shoot day?"
  • "It will be golden."
  • "@kryniu113: @givememotion Give us hint about ERB 39 please <3"
  • Gold vs coal put through a steam engine bound 2 death.

Rick Grimes vs Walter White:

  • "@thedarkscythe: who's wearing green today that you need a blue screen for?"
  • "Lloyd is getting his crotch rubber cemented shut."

Goku vs Superman:

  • "@EricForsman1: @givememotion Can you give us a hint for what's next after grimes vs white"
  • "Lt Ripley would hit these 2 with a flamethrower"

Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe:

  • "@CanadionVA could we have a hint at the next battle of @ERBofHistory please?"
  • "Though both are dark, one MC walks a colorful distance."
  • "@DriskillSeth: @givememotion : you think we could have a hint for the new battle? #suspense"
  • "#suspense is right"

Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye:

  • "@JessiQValentine: Can we get a hint to who the great Sir Isaac Newton is facing? It'd make my week :)"
  • "You'll be in a knot."
  • "@kryniu113: @givememotion Dante please, give us another hint about Newton's rival :)"
  • "Both soon and near."

Artists vs TMNT:

  • "@Insert_JokeHere: @givememotion Can we get a hint for the season 3 finale of ERB?"
  • "For this battle we'll need an octagon."


  • Not counting Lloyd and Peter, he is the only member of the crew that appears as a title character.

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