The Civil Rights March Extras made a group cameo appearance in Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr. They were portrayed by Nikki Jenkins, Davina Friedlander, Ifechukwude Nwadiwe, Rique Castilloveitia, Nic Parris, Clarence L. Gaines IV, and Donnie McMillin. The Caucasian preacher who was seen marching with them was portrayed by EpicLLOYD

Information on the cameo

The Civil Rights March Extras represent those who marched during the African-American Civil Rights Movement in the mid-1900s for racial equality. 

Appearance in the rap battle

They marched along with and stood behind Martin Luther King, Jr. during his second verse.


  • Jose Mendoza is credited in the description of Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr. as one of the Civil Rights March Extras, but he does not make an appearance as one of them.
  • They were originally going to appear behind Martin Luther King, Jr. during his first verse in MLK's Dream Speech, but this idea was eventually scrapped.