Cam Greely
Actor information
Full name Cameron Greely
Nickname(s) Cam
Born September 3, 1997 (age 20)
YouTube Channel VideoGameRapBattles
Physical description
Hair Dark blond
Eyes Hazel
Appearance information
Appeared in Behind the Scenes
As Writer

Cam Greely acted as a guest writer for Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin, along with his personal friend and fellow fanmade battle maker, Mat4yo, and Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky.

Information on the crew member

Cameron "Cam" Greely, better known by his stage name, VideoGameRapBattles or VGRB, was born on September 3rd, 1997. He is a YouTube rapper. Inspired by Epic Rap Battles of History, he runs the series known as VideoGameRapBattles, which mainly features video game characters. His series is one of the most popular fanmade rap battle series on YouTube. His Wikia account can be found here.


  • Greely is the third member of the Epic Rap Battles of History fan community to associate with the ERB team on an official battle, after Walter Downing and Mat4yo.
    • He is the first to run his own specific series of rap battles.
  • He requested to help with writing for Wayne Gretzky after being told by EpicLLOYD that he was being used in a battle since he is a big fan of Gretzky.
  • He previously made a rap battle between Charles Darwin and Professor Oak, a Pokémon Professor and supporting character in the Pokémon franchise, for his own series.[1]
  • He rapped as Albert Einstein during a live performance at VidCon 2015.[2]



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