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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    welcome back to my second Q-n-A, now feel free to ask questions in the comments below. i will answer them when i get a chance  Q-n-A

    1. clockwork- i would love to see atticus finch vs Phoenix Wright, Elton John vs David bowie, Elsa vs subzero featuring glacius, link vs king Arthur, Milton Hershey vs Wonka 

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  • Dark Cyan

    Hello, everyone. And welcome back to Cyan's Rap Battles of Literature!

    Yes, this is not the finale. I've decided extend this series to twenty battles instead of sixteen. Expect them about once a month, though. That's probably not changing any time soon.

    This battle pits the three Brontë sisters, authoresses of such classics as Jane Eyre, Vilette, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall collectively between them, against the Brothers Grimm, the two German brothers who published Grimm's Fairy Tales, in a battle of the two biggest sibling groups in literature!


    Beat: Get Ready

    Charlotte: "What's your favourite fairy tale, Emily?"

    Emily: "I am unsure. Is there one where the Prince is a foul brute but is still conventionally attractiv…

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  • JeffTheKillerRocks01

    I will list some of my favorite ERB videos and you tell me the connection (aka why the certain names were changed)

    • Ed Sullivan vs. Elvis Presley
    • B.A. Biceps vs. Mr. Rogers
    • MC Dali vs. Jackson Pollock
    • Arthur Miller vs. Billy Mays
    • Blackbeard vs. Al...dente
    • Miley Cyrus vs. Katniss Everdeen
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  • TKandMit

    *A camera turns on, filming as Rocket Raccoon adjusts its position. Rocket then takes a step back as Baby Groot appears, climbing onto his friend's shoulder.*

    I am Groot.

    And I am Rocket.

    I am Groot!

    That’s right, this is the Epic Rap Battles of Heroes and Villains. Some weird-ass rap show written by that Earth guy, TKandMit.

    I am Groot?

    Uh, no, Groot. He’s just one guy.

    I am Groot.

    Oh, no. It’s a nickname type thing. “TK” and “Mit” are just two different names that he uses.

    I am Groot.

    I didn’t say it wasn’t stupid, I’m just explaining- hey, we gotta get on with this announcement.

    I am Groot! I am Groot. I am Groot.

    Yep, that’s what everyone’s been asking. “When’s the new season, Miiiiit?”, “Where’s HaaaaV, TK?”, “Draculaaa vs Diooooo…”

    I am Groot.

    Yeah, t…

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  • WonderPikachu12

    Didn’t I say I was going to work on Video Games vs History after finishing Superwholock? Well, ye, I am. This battle was actually fully finished before I’d even finished writing Superwholock. I ended up binging Rick & Morty and absolutely wanted to write a battle with them, and Rick & Morty vs Gravity Falls just kinda clicked for me.

    Admittedly, this was largely done as a result of the theory that the universes of Rick & Morty and Gravity Falls are interconnected in the same multiverse, due to the various cameos of things appearing in either show (moreso stuff in Rick & Morty than Gravity Falls, in fact I think there’s only a few things in Gravity Falls that could be considered a reference to Rick & Morty, and that’s from something after th…

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  • Segamad66

    Here we go!

    New amazing battle!







    It's Conan the Barbarian and I have arrived on the scene.

    The sword wielding hero, who will slice you in the spleen.

    I saved the Cimmerians from Thulsa Doom, just call me the mister.

    Oh please! You're sleeping with the roman emperor's ugly sister.

    After you died, your three sons become your employers.

    But Attila, you can't stop this Cimmerian the Destroyer.

    When you're taking over a country, make sure you have a plan.

    Just get off your high horse bitch, and face me man to man!


    Ha! You think you can take on Attila the Hun?

    After this battle, I'll be coming out number one.

    I assassinated my own brother, so I could be in charge,

    Of the Huns. Got tons of silver and gol…

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  • Mystical Trixter

    Why not, ya know?

    I've never written a blog on mobile so format will be hot ass probably. No fancy schmancy coding because that's a nightmare on mobile I imagine

    Couch was written by a SPECIAL GUEST :0000

    You know, I really don't feel like writing an intro.

    It's a battle about furniture who fucking cares about the intro

    Go I guess

    Step aside peasant, I'm deploying king or queen sized disses, whichever sounds cooler

    But either way I'm royalty bitch, so make way for furniture's ruler!

    You wanna throw hands but only have arms, what a tragedy,

    Stuck inside the living room, while I have whole parts of houses named after me!

    I have no love for this seat, he can't whip up a comfy rhyme,

    All your jokes bounce off of me, and kids already do that all the time. …

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    Today we have Crono, Toriyama-designed protagonist of Chrono Trigger, up against Tapion, Toriyama-designed antagonist of Dragon Ball Z Movie 13: The Wrath of the Dragon. Which one is the better sword-wielder thrown out of time? Play Chrono Trigger if you haven't it's legitimately one of the best games ever, certainly the best non-Pokemon TBRPG and possibly the best including Pokemon (casting some real shade at FF but yo its just a theory a game theory).

    There is a third party only because of Neo. Skeep made the title characters' TCs. I made the third-party's. I can actually make art again somehow.


    A traveller against a hero, and heroes always win

    This is the Wrath of the Dragon! I beat Corrin for dracokin!

    And you're like a wyrm, who ba…

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  • Joeaikman

    Wiki Chapter 9

    May 18, 2017 by Joeaikman

    “There’s an old man here to see you, Jamahl. Says that he is some priest or something. Do you want me to show him out?”

    Jamahl picked his head up from his desk. He had been trying to get to sleep, but all he could see when he closed his eyes were monsters waiting for him to join them in the dark. He was happy that Timothy had given him some sort of reason to keep running from them.

    “Did he give a name?”

    Timothy looked down at the clipboard in front of him.

    “Erm… Yeah, he said he was called Jude Anson. I sent details down to Moe to check out who he is. Do you want to see him?”

    Jamahl stared at a blank wall for a few seconds. He was so tired. He almost closed his eyes and drifted to sleep whilst he was stood up.


    It was Timothy that caused…

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  • Go2Rutledge

    This is supposed to be rap meanings for my first epic rap battles of Roblox battle.

    Mega Fun Obby: My obbys mega and fun, your tycoons aren't mega and fun! (Many users on Roblox think tycoons are terrible and boring, and Mega Fun Obby is making a pun on his name, also saying he is also a user who hates tycoon games)

    Super Noob Obby: Another group of super noobs, I'm shutting down my obby. I'm so done. (Just like Mega Fun Obby, Super Noob Obby is making a pun on his name, also saying tycoons are boring and terrible, and he also complains they are so bad they make obbies shut down.)

    Classic Obby: Look, new tycoons! Mine is highly classic! (The tycoons rapping against the obbies are new, here is a list of their dates released: Retail Tycoon: 8/14/…

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  • WonderPikachu12

    Welcome to the fifth battle of my Series series, and it only took over a year to get here! Sorry about that. I do definitely plan on updating this series more frequently.

    This is a battle I’ve been hyped as hell to do. First battle of Series to use live action characters, rather than cartoons/video games as I’ve been doing up until this point (including Fobbies Are Borange vs Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series, since both parodies were based on a video game and anime respectively). I’d initially planned to do Star Wars vs Star Trek at about my third battle in, but that ended up pushed back to who knows when, so this is currently the first! As well, getting to touch on 1v1v1 (well, 3v2v1 technically) again is something I’ve wanted to do for a wh…

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  • Go2Rutledge


    Announcer: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF ROBLOX......

    Announcer: OBBIES!




    Mega Fun Obby:

    My obbys mega and fun, your tycoons aren't mega and fun!

    Super Noob Obby: Another group of super noobs, I'm shutting down my obby. I'm so done.

    Classic Obby: Look, new tycoons! Mine is highly classic!

    Super Noob Obby: Look at your quality, we're gonna need glasses!

    Mega Fun Obby: Tycoons same thing, getting money and all!

    Classic Obby: You tycoons are infamous, we obbies are standing tall!

    McDonald's Tycoon:

    Come inside McDonald's, you seem a little fat.

    Retail Tycoon: Your obbies are for little 12-year-old brats.

    Apple Store Tycoon: Our rhymes are hot, your rhymes are crap.

    McDonald's Tycoon: We selling new food! Called Obby Toasted!

    Retail Tycoon and App…

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    ignored the description    fml 

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  • Go2Rutledge

    We need no desc. just read the title

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    They're both half monkeys

    Story battle :D


    I won't deny you. Takes guile to fly, prince to a kaiju

    Or just arrogance. We'll see which lies true when we fight, dude

    I won't lie. You should have stayed with Freeza chilling

    Beat me? You were at the mercy… of KRILLIN!

    I spit radioactive lasers while you're spouting drivel

    Terrorising Tokyo while you keep Toki Toki civil

    This'll be as short-lived as your fight with One Punch Man

    Stick to jobbing androids after I left Mecha splattered over Japan!


    Is that a threat to royalty? I'll send you back to Rampage!

    You face no ordinary Saiyan! A high class warrior sets the stage!

    But this isn’t like Freeza; let me make this clear

    You’re about to be mere legend, and I am what you fear!

    Those radiation tum…

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    today we have prunechin god thanos against cat hakkaishin beerus

    purple destructive gods

    skeep made thanos card


    You don't recognize the might of he you're defying

    Every line a Gem - what's a God to a Titan?

    This deviant decries a deviant of this number

    I butchered the Eternals - you're only eternal in slumber

    Your character arc is DBZ’s rinse and repeat verbatim

    My brother’s an Adonis, yours looks like he ate him

    Killing for kilojoules? You've left your role perverted

    Beat down Eternity, now the second worst of universes


    You're boring. Whis, get the Cosmic Cube ready.

    Prune chin is pathetic, I'll Tesse-wreck his head in

    Destruction against death? No? I'm in for a treat!

    Time Runs Out? Turn the tables back like Whis!

    I dreamed one day of a c…

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  • Jella141

    Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud is the eighth installment of Historical Epic Rap Battles and the eighth episode of Season 1. It features Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, rapping against Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary, Mother Teresa, to see whether the "mother fucker" or the "sexless mother" will prevail.

    (Beat starts at 0:22)

    Take a seat, and let us treat this distasteful tension through dialogue.

    Don't try to resist, Sis. This diss will make you suffer like a gift from God.

    My patience for this patient's wearing thin. I don't mean to be abrupt,

    But practicing chastity won't prevent a prudish nun from getting fucked

    By the physician who analyzes foes, prescribing you to acquire some real flows!


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  • LeandroDaVinci

    Welcome to my first rap battle ever! 

    Yep, this is the first time ever that I try to write a rap battle. You know, it is very difficult for me since English isn't my native language but I tried my best so sorry if you see any mistakes or anything, to make sure of that, Grav was my chiseler so yeah. 

    In other words, this is very shitty and thanks Grav.

    Pictures made by me.

    Beat (rapping starts at 00:13)

    Governor is in this color

    Gustavo is in this color

    Hector Salamanca is in this color (cameo)

    Governor vs Gustavo


    Welcome to Woodbury, pollo man, be ready to feel the sharp attack

    From the baddest AMC radical whose dragging a head on the track

    You’re kind of black; that means you can’t survive in a real apocalypse

    I’ll take your face like Nic and…

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  • LawnDefender072003

    Time for my third fanmade battle.

    Supreme Leader of Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un, rap against the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations from January 2007 to December 2016.

    Step up, and let me show you what a real leader is

    One day, I’ll make your South Korea not to exist

    Making my whole nation fear and treat me as a god

    I even killed my goddamn uncle and fed him to dogs

    Don’t you see how bloody powerful I am?

    I can wipe out the US with a push of my hand

    You did terrible as secretary of the UN

    Watch out cause I’m about to put you into the end

    I just gotta say, your fucking rhymes are turds

    Because you are the most immature leader on Earth

    Your whole fucking family are so evil

    What you have done are unacceptable

    You even loc…

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    Ah, snooping as usual! Face my ultimate trap, a rap battle between two men with mustaches of such purity and divine nature that you can't tell which is the hero and which is the villain! Toppo, the leader of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11 and the bane to the evil of Son Goku, and Dr Eggman, the establisher of Eggmanland and menace of Sonic. Who pulls off the look better?

    Skeep made both title cards!

    Dr Eggman:

    Enter maximum panic! Robotnik will beat this badnik!

    You're always so rehearsed, that confirms you're bad at ad lib!

    Rap laps around the ass who ripped my suit and 'stache,

    I won't need a single robot to end the justice trash!

    Mobilized Mobians beyond mere mechanics as my generals

    Pay attention, hero, my lines are as faceted as Chaos Emer…

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  • Icey778

    Legion helped me with some small things and Grav helped me to see if some things made any sense. So here we have Sasha Nein psychonaut who saves the world, vs Eleven psychic child who kills a damn monster and saves the world. Sasha was a pretty brainy character, I'm not sure I got him down quite right, but I tried. As well couldn't really talk about Eleven getting bloody noses constantly. BUT fear not RBoER will have more effort put into its Stranger Things and Psychonauts battle. Cause remember this is just a fun series. Also yes it is short I know, I wanted a quick battle this time. 


    This experimenter is clueless of his actions

    He's of the inferior psychic faction

    Face it your brain is pencil shavings

    I display my feats with mental savings …

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    LLLAAADDDIIIIEESSSS AAAANNNDD GEEENNNTLLLEEEMMMAANNNN, scheduled for one fall, today we have a Tornado handicap match!

    Weighing in at 208 pounds from Satan City, Earth, it's the saviour, Hercule Satan!

    And in the other corner, the WWF sensations with their innovative manager Cyan set, styled by Skeep himself, weighing in at a total of 535 pounds, Hulk Hogan and Macho Man!

    Mr Satan:

    Ooh yeah! It's the champ causing the celebration

    Not Hulkamania - you're hearing hail Mr Satan!

    Hear ‘em screaming for the victor! I got it made

    Saved the world twice! You couldn't save TNA!

    Hulk ain't got the heart, and Randy had too much

    Guess you swapped more than nuts in your butt stuff

    You're double timing me but I'm bringing Jap and dub though

    So I've the might of Her…

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  • ElvisGoopBuysDogsForever

    Welcome to the Season 2 PREMIERE of Epic Rap Battles of Fictional Characters. It's been over 3 months since Season 1 ended, but now we're back!

    Today, we have the protagonist of the Harry Potter series, well...Harry Potter, rapping against your friendly neighborhood superhero, Spider-Man, in a rematch between teenage heroes. I decided to redo this battle because the last one was a bit short, as some of you commenters pointed out. (Still no Jon Snow tho)

    I think that my writing has improved a lot since Season 1 ended. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this battle. Without further ado, it's time to stop stalling and present the rap battle! Enjoy!

                                           EPIC RAP BATTLES OF FICTIONAL CHARACTERS


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  • Dark Cyan

    Hello, everyone. And welcome to CyGIR Rap Battles! It's time for your monthly dose!

    This battle pits the One, savior of the Matrix, Neo, against the visitor to the mad, mad world of Wonderland, Alice.

    It's a bad intro. I'm sorry. But I'm tired.


    Beat: No Sleep

    (starts at 0:38)

    I’m not here to tell you how this is going to end, but how it’s going to begin

    Operator, I won’t need lots of guns to open fire this time. I’m in

    You’re a prissy, vanilla damsel in desperate need of being unplugged,

    Or that’s what I’d think if you didn’t take so many psychoactive drugs!

    So free your mind! And this time, try and do so without the aid of mushrooms

    I’m wasting my time on you, but I persist because I choose to

    So back off dude, I know Kung-Fu! For you, there …

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    feel free to post pics 4 his special day and I'm giving a shout out     to teddyfail   

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    I'm currently making a rap battle series and i need suggestions

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  • LawnDefender072003

    Hello guys. My first fanmade battle turned out to be pretty bad because it didn't rhyme so I made another one. I tried to make the line rhyme so here it is


    How are you gonna battle, you can’t even speak properly

    A serial killer who hasn’t even hit puberty

    I’m so smart that no police has ever caught me

    You couldn’t even defend yourself from the local bullies

    You’re just a kid! Seriously, how are you gonna beat me?

    I am the greatest serial killer in all of history!

    You weren’t got caught ‘cause the police was useless back then

    And those fucking bullies? Well, yeah, yeah, I had my revenge

    Your story’s a bore

    You only killed 5 whores

    And then you disappeared, afraid to kill more

    You’re no match for me, try to beat me, you can’t

    Why don’t they give me a …

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  • Alanomaly


    May 11, 2017 by Alanomaly


    Guess who's a legal adult now


    Meaning I can both finally look at porn legally and also be called to action at a moment's notice if war shit gets fucked up enough.

    Sounds like a lovely time.


    This probably doesn't deserve a blog but fuck it doin it anyways

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  • SoothSaiyaman!



    This is a sequel to a terrible battle I did long ago, featuring one of the protagonists of the Street Fighter franchise, the Air Force Colonel William F. Guile, up against the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z Movies 8, 10 and 11, the Legendary Super Saiyajin Broly, to see which guy... had more ridiculous blonde hair, I think? IDK. It's a sequel which explains the hint!

    This also celebrates my 17th battle and thus myself being halfway through this series. Hence the sequel it being a midpremiere and all.

    Skeep made Guile's TC and the cover! Bendavid made Broly's! Skeep also made a Broly one but I thought he hadn't until after I'd uploaded Bendavid's one so lol!


    Better turn back, because you're facin…

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  • TonyMacaroni

    my name jeff

    May 11, 2017 by TonyMacaroni

     How many Bosses could Bob Ross Rob if Bob Ross could Rob Bosses while Bossing Bobs Bobbing to Bob Ross?

    Nice Peter as Bob Ross

    EpicLLOYD as Pablo Picasso

    Not Pebbles as Lump

    Colin J. Sweeney as Billy Mays (reused footage)

    Nice Peter as Mister Rogers (reused footage)

    George Watsky as the Fourth Doctor (reused footage)

    I am a fluffy mountain of crap!

    I melt faces; call me Nickelback 

    Your whole body of work is on Netflix

    You're the MC Dali version of bushes and sticks!

    But I do not know how the fuck that works,

    I do pictures, not fidget with words

    Why don't you go back home and beat ?

    I could make better art with my,!

    Good Evening Twitter, this is your boy EatDatPussy445, and about like 30-45 minutes ago, I beat the fuck out of my dick so god damn hard th…

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  • Joeaikman

    Wiki Chapter 8

    May 11, 2017 by Joeaikman

    Alexa was laid down on her sofa, relaxing from the stresses of the day that she had just had. Jamahl and Timothy had arrested Teddy, and she had been forced to point out that he couldn’t be responsible for the boy who died dying before they would let him go. She had considered asking him around here, but they hadn’t formalised their relationship yet, and she was certain that asking him to hers would seem too forward.

    She closed her eyes and tried to imagine what Orion would think of Teddy. She wasn’t sure if he would like him. She was confident that he would want what was best for her. Would he think that Teddy was the best that she could do, or would he be jealous of him? She wasn’t sure how Orion felt for her, and if he did like her then …

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    I'm sad to hear that erboh is dead and they're finished with them   unless somebody can tell me what year will they be back   

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  • Newraptor







    Call hell and tell it that it’s about to freeze over,

    Hate you dude, you suck more dick than that DC crossover. 

    I’m Sub-Zero, you’re sub-par, 

    My raps are ice cold bars,

    I’ve men from afar, 

    But I still walk out alive with no scars! 

    You should’ve ran, Hanzo, too late for a Friendship!

    Quan-Chi played you like a fiddle with all of his bullshit! 

    Like seriously, who would fall for that bald liar?

    If I wanted a skeletal hellspawn, I’ll call Ghost Rider! 

    You let one lie turn you into a skeleton and ruin your life, 

    And proceeded to falsely avenge your daughter and your wife. 

    I’m the blue ninja representing the Lin Kuei,

    Took your spot in Injustice and I’m here to stay! 

    I g…

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    Aight, so today we have something perhaps a little before Goku's time. We have Jaco, the Super Elite Galactic Patrolman from his eponymous series (a Dragon Ball prequel), up against Spike Spiegel, the Space Cowboy of Cowboy Bebop. Will the bounty hunter elude the galactic patrol? Or will the Super Elite wrangle up a space Cowboy?

    Skeep made Spike's TC.


    I've come for your bounty, hunter! You'll be beat!

    Taking space Cowboys on the mic - the life of a Super Elite!

    Thrill ya! Put the lock on your whole contra-band!

    You can try seeing red, still not as well as my eyes can

    Undid Frost, guess that I'm pretty chill

    Keep chewing cigarettes and you're bound to be Grylled!

    I'm perfectly trained, on a Galactic Patrol

    It's been clear you're for the dogs s…

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  • Segamad66

    Here we go!

    Great battle ahead!






    Angus MacGyver

    It's Angus MacGyver, the greatest secret agent on the planet.

    This be easy as a field trip, as I will crush you like some granite.

    You can't stop Dr. Claw, that's all down to your niece and her dog.

    They made a carbon copy of you, so you could suck your own log.

    I can create anything in seconds using paper clips and a penny.

    I'll slash you with my knife, that would be a pleasure to many.

    This will be your last case Gadget, get ready for your defeat.

    I'll run you over in my Jeep, while I'm driving from the backseat.

    Inspector Gadget

    Wowsers! What was that? Inspector Gadget is on the case.

    Oh it's MacGyver, who is unloved, despised and a disgra…

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    Today we have a cybernetic rap battle! It's Genos, the apprentice of Saitama and evolving sidekick from the series One Punch Man, against Jinzo Ningen Juhachigou, the wife of Krillin and past major antagonist of Dragon Ball Z. Which is the better blonde cyborg fighter closely allied with a superpowered bald guy?

    I got STOC for Genos so that's awesome and its gonna be fun trying to cast 18.

    I made both title cards


    Sensei, step back, I have been upgraded for rap

    Kuseno installed an eight-track and I've got Incinerate on comebacks

    I've heard them say you're pretty fast - didn't do much with Cell

    But you'll be bogged down in my rhymes and my adhesive gel

    High specs and I'm training with Saitama each and every day

    You're about to go to a tourname…

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  • LawnDefender072003

    Hello guys. Today I'll be showing you the lyrics of a fanmade battle that I came up. Please comment and tell me which part is historically inaccurate :)

    [Note: Stalin is in red, Churchill is in brown, Roosevelt is in orange, Hitler is in yellow, Mussolini is in vanilla, and Hirohito is in gray, and God is in normal text.]

    Let me start this rap battle

    Like how Hitler start the war batlles!

    You three are so goddamn evil

    But if y'all try to mess with us, you'll fucking shiver!

    And then you douchebags will say a prayer

    Don't forget how you lost to us, you fucking Ass-dolf Shitler!

    You tried to invade my country, but you didn’t prepare for the winter!

    You all need to learn how to control your insanity

    Why don't you sit down and write some fucking poetry?

    You fuc…

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    ay yo today we have a native american rap battle between pocahontas from disney and history vs upa from dragon ball and that one scene in z

    jasper wrote for pocahontas

    by now the quality should make evident who made which title card


    Trynna' bust on the brah who left Drac in the dust?

    I'm about to paint the wind with all the colours of your blood!

    Starting off legit then ending whipped to a sleeker man?

    You're Indian Giving a worse impression of our people than Peter Pan!

    Add to that that this brat who I'm about to flatten

    Practically paved the Trail of Tears by countermanding Powhatan

    I was driven by my loyalty to my father chief, kid

    You were driven by your hormones onto John's Smith!

    But he should've cracked the Wesson to teach you a lesson!

    I h…

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  • PotatoWafflesnBeans

    I said in a post that i was making new battles hit an obstacle trashed the bloody thing

    but oh no 

    here he comes

    back again 

    got some new battles


    here they are but i starred out some letters lol xD

    G*****az vs *e***les

    P**rc* Haw***r** vs Fr*** *e*nol**

    S***man vs ***sky

    • oo**-****ee vs **n*o-k**o***

    M*.*aG** VS D*****il

    There ya go 

    take a guess 

    hopefully i dont fuck them up dab xD

    (all uses of XD in this post were not met to be taken seriously) an

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    i finished this battle ten minutes after i posted the other one lmao

    i made both the title cards too yay

    Today we have Krillin returning from being stiffed by ERB up against Aang the Avatar to see who is the better bald Tibetan monk fighter with superpowers and stuff who grew hair at one point but really shouldn't have, they both maintain order and stuff too



    Who has the power to accidentally backhand a planet to oblivion?

    Bet you assume a Saiyan, but it's just me, Krillin!

    Got my potential unlocked and all my ki paths flowing

    Your aura is as disjointed as the dub by Ocean!

    I saw two generations overcome Oozaru, but you

    Give into a state of rage for less than ten times boost!

    I left my monastery life for sage training approved

    Didn't need …

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  • Awesomesix

    Since I'm trying to finish up my other series on here, I decided I might as well bring Awesome Rap Battles to a closure. So, to kick it off, here comes a remake of one of my original battles, Blackbeard vs Monkey D. Luffy.








    As stupid as this matchup is, I’ll take Mr. Stretch on his offer,

    Cause I’ve yet to meet a ball-slinging cannon fodder!

    No pirate Sabotage necessary, all attempts are fire-fisted,

    Don’t get it twisted, I mean business! Go ahead and ask me if I shit, kid!

    This fruit’s gonna sink, turn the Monster Trio to Goof Troop!

    Get lost like Zoro, or I’ll diss you harder than Sanji’s daddy issues!

    Immune to elect…

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  • ElvisGoopBuysDogsForever

    Hello, everybody! It's me, Elvis! The lazy shit who wrote some battles months ago and then disappeared. Well, now I'm back. And so is Epic Rap Battles of Fictional Characters! Yeah, that's right. Season 2 is coming soon! I'm really glad that the first season was liked for the most part, and I'm hoping to do better for Season 2. Here's some info:

    • There are going to be 20 battles for Season 2.
    • I'm going to switch from Notepad to Google Docs, since it's easier.
    • There's going to be a sequel battle.
    • Season 2 returns on 5/11/2017

    That's all the info I can provide right now! Now, I need suggestions! I'm currently lacking suggestions that I'm interested in doing. More hints will be added once I've added some of the battles to the Season 2 List, and I'l…

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  • Newraptor







    Stand back, men, I’ll take this Nazi villain,

    Who thinks he’s hot shit but Imma blow em up like Krillin! 

    It takes an entire army of trained warriors to take down me,

    Meanwhile, it takes a gun in a mouth to finish off the leader of Germany! 

    You killed Jews, I destroyed entire planets and races,

    So don’t think you’re hot shit for being a racist! 

    You don’t have enough balls to stand up to my Death Beam,

    So prepare, Adolf, I’ll crush you like I crush Vegeta's dreams! 

    I’ll kill you with the tip of my horns; call it a fatality,

    And after I break you, you’ll be wishing for your own immortality! 

    Adolf Hitler:

    It’s the most infamous leader across all of history,

    Up agains…

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  • Joeaikman

    Wiki Chapter 7

    May 5, 2017 by Joeaikman

    Hoagy stood there, besides the hole in the ground that would soon be home to his best friend, feeling as alone as he had ever felt. He was surrounded by people who were close to him. He had Carson to his left, he had Dan, Task’s brother, on his right. Professors Lee and Raatz had come as representatives from the school. They were stood opposite them, dressed in suits. Task’s mother and father were next to the reverend, who was droning on about the blurred line of life and death.

    Whatever he said- Whatever he said about death and how it wasn’t evil was a lie. Task would never have wanted to die like this. He had been so happy. He had been so full of love and joy before that night with Drakan. He had loved Task as a brother. Something had hap…

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    o shit waddup its dat boi

    today's battle doesn't have a guest but User:Dark Cyan proofread it and that is a cool thing

    today we have the titular Dr Slump of Dr Slump, Norimaki Senbei, against the man behind the menaces of the Cell saga, Dr Gero who is Jinzo Ningen Nigou, or Android 20. Who was better/worse at creating robots who disobey them and are strong enough to destroy the planet?

    Arale cameos because of course she does, Android 19 is doing active stuff in the background so that this battle looks active despite the fact that Gero is super old and just kind of walking back and forth rapping.

    Skeep made Slump's title card.

    Norimaki Senbei:

    N'cha! Straight outta Penguin Village, it's the genius

    The man who revolutionized women by building them …

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  • Insert Name Here TF

    But first, an announcement.

    I am Insert Name Here TF, also known as Insert, INHTF, INHT, or by my first name: Aaron. Some of the newer users will have no idea who I am. Some of the older users who met me briefly or with an ever sooo slightly faulty memory will have no idea who I am. I decided the best time to come back to the wiki was 2 weeks before my GCSEs for whatever reason.

    Anyway, new blog. Potentially a new series if this, apparently, doesn't rip off anything made by the comedy geniuses of the ERB Wiki. Enough rambling, let's get on with it.

    chun-tae love competition

    now where would I amount the stuffed hand of always star

    I'm into fitness digging ditches through an isthmus

    rough run down a few burlap what's up pitcher

    I keep my rhymes pure…

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    You're traveling through another rap battle post, a blog only of sight but not sound and debatable mind. A journey into a supposedly spammy land whose boundaries are that of my limited imagination. That's the connection up ahead - your next stop, DBZ Rap Battles!

    Today we got Anthony Fremont, from It's a Good Life and It's Still A Good Life from Twilight Zone, the boy who controls the universe, against Zenoh the Omniking, the little midget who created and erases the universes of the Dragon Ball multiverse and is a friend of Goku. Which child has greater control of the universe? Will you be sent to the cornfield, or merely erased? Has Peaksville peaked or will the Void Plane entangle the universes?

    Thanks to Eric for writing for the guy from …

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    Not Ninja Turtles fans, hey? Guess I'm going to have to learn you guys' interests better but TBF my first edit was only five days ago :(

    >go read </span></span></span></span></span></span></span>a battle</small></small></small></small></small></small

    Nappa is a mercenary for the Freeza army with weird head gear, hence Boba Fett, and Vader hired Boba.... yeah I'm being p lazy with hints in all honesty

    Today we have the toadies, the bald elite Saiyan warrior Nappa, up against the actually chrome dome Sith apprentice Darth Vader, to see which right-hand man of a dark power is the better rapper.

    This is my second one with a guest, featuring Brendan Fredericks as a Star Wars character.... I hope this doesn't become a trend but knowing my lazy ass it…

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    Yo! Today we have some professors to teach us a lesson, so when they start the messing then take a listen to what they're confessing because their profession is leaving impressions that lead us to ascendance. Today we have the pervy Turtle School master of Dragon Ball, Muten Roshi, against the rat sage of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Master Splinter. Both of them are teachers with turtles, Splinter having the TMNT, and Roshi having Turtle. This battle was suggested to me by User:Zombielicker and its p cool.

    Hint was dirty turtles. Should be p self-explanatory.


    Be seated, my son. I'm known for teaching turtles.

    I will right this lech so he can live on the surface.

    Dress yourself up and give that ratty beard a trim,

    And then this rat wi…

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  • NeoBranwen711

    Hello, and welcome to another episode of Neo's Rap Battles, the first one in like, 10 months, not counting Marvin vs Marvin.

    Today's battle is between the main protagonist of Watchmen, Rorschach, AKA Walter Kovacs, facing off against the secluded detective from Death Note, L, in a battle of detectives that hide their identity that search for a villain that thinks he's fighting for the better good. 

    L was written by the wonderful Night. Idk how long ago he wrote his verse, but this battle has been in development since August so lol. Only one verse each since, because of last statement, I figured I wouldn't finish this anytime soon, and I like how it is now. Think of it as a Battle Byte.


    Read more >

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