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  • JMitch25

    Behold a thing I was suggested to create. We now have the big one. The stupidest thing ever to be conceived. Norm, that polar bear guy, facing off against none other than Cool Cat in a battle of silly animal friends.

    Food Boy as Norm of the North

    Chris Carbery as Cool Cat

    LilDeuceDeuce as everyone else who appears in this whole thing

    Occasional Rodent Duels that Result in Some Sort of Conclusion (god, that’s a long title)



    Norm of the North

    I thought I was going to fight Bubsy. Oh well, I’ll just Shake it Off

    I have better ratings than Sausage Party and Mall Cop

    You’re just a sensitive depressing furry

    Who doesn’t know how to embrace a flurry

    I’m a special kind of bear, you’re a dead meme at this point

    Put all your dreamland in the bag ‘cause …

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  • Skrumbop

    feed me

    March 27, 2017 by Skrumbop

    My name is Skrumbop. These blog things are weird. What do I write about? I'm just going to post funny pictures

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    Hello everyone, i'm going for a fresh attempt at rap battle series; One about generals, and warfare. Rap Battles of Warfare. Here's to hoping it will be unique, and I will be interested enough in the writing process to finish. 

    This series will be rather infrequent, all I can say is that there are five battles that I am looking to do, and they will start in either June or July. I'd like to have 2-3 done by the time I start writing, but that might not pan out. Why the long wait, you might ask? Well, I have some reading to do. I am currently almost finished with the autobiography of the Generals to be used in the first battle; And have yet to read on the other figures, although that will most definitely happen soon. Anyhow, I'm making this bl…

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  • Mcdamon23

     Welcome back to the fourth installment of Epic Rap Battles of Ace Attorney vs History, this time with one of the main trio of lawyers. In this installment Lawyer at the wright anything agency and psychologist Athena Cykes is battling against the main character of Inside Out Riley Andersen to see which girl shows of the emotions inside your mind better.

    This battle was a joy to write for and it also gave me a change to watch the greatness that is Inside. At one point I was planning to do Cykes vs Freud, but I find this idea more unique and also, because there can be more interesting ideas to be done with this suggestion.

    Credit to Leandro for the cover and Title cards and Quagga for the amazing piece of art. With that out of the way, let's g…

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  • Rob Tick

    Fuck I went on a gaming binge for too long

    Fuck I missed St. Patrick's Day


    Anyway, this battle was an idea I always had in the back of my head for a really long time, and since it's almost April Fools ( >April Fools >One Week Away), I said "Why the fuck not."


    Oh Lord, I swore I saw a cow!

    Oh, it's this sadistic ripoff Mr. Plow.

    I'll do a Quagmire on you, stitch your eyes shut,

    Then I'll call you in dead! No one'll give a fuck.

    You're making me mad, you better Hit the Road Pete,

    Any ass beating I'd serve you wouldn't be as messy as when you eat.


    I needed that, your verse was worse than that time I watched Friday,

    Stewie has more muscle than you, and he's even gay!

    I mean, look at that Messaround face, it's just crazy

    Like your last era…

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  • Shovel Night

    Well it's been like... a year since I've posted.

    I would say sorry but you probs don't care. Lets just post this.

    Wiz and Boomstick were written by me and Element K. Big thanks to him since he supplied most of the lines lol.

    ERB was written by Dragon. He also helped change around some lines for Wiz and Boomstick.

    As always, pic made by Leandro because he's 12/10 at it.

    Boomstick: Red

    Wiz: Blue

    Peter: Green

    Lloyd: Orange

    Let's get down to it.





    When it comes to the best team MCs, It’s no mystery

    We just ask the announcer: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!

    Here to Dis Rap your crap as we are the true stars

    The only thing you’ll go far with is the dislike bar

    This truly is a Death battle cause in the end you’ll choke

    As we bu…

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  • Captain Warrior

    Welcome to my third official battle for my series, Rivalry Rap Battles. Today we have John D. Rockefeller battling Andrew Carnegie to see who is the better businessman.



    John D. Rockefeller:

    (starts at 0:10)

    Let me tell you a story of why you'll be from riches to rags.

    You'll end up worse than your Scottish family with empty money bags.

    I'm a real hard worker, taking difficult risks without being frightened.

    But when it comes to being an MC, I become a real Titan.

    I'm the first billionaire, had an epic rise due to my company.

    Don't try to exchange with me, Carnegie, this isn't even Monopoly.

    Your factory became a success, mainly by having your workers suffer.

    Didn't show concern about your men dying; being an insensitive production lover.


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  • JMitch25

    Go read the thing done by MattFlats before soaking in this thingy.

    Santa Clause is here to end this shit, let's do it boiz.

    Anyway, welcome to more of my stupid series. Remember that hint I used for Steven Universe vs. Li'l D? Well, now I use one of those characters in this shizz. That won't mean I'll be using Li'l Wayne, though, so don't hold your breath. Anyway, time for something somewhat original. Steve, the 16-bit blockhead survivor in Minecraft (not 8-bit), draws his diamond sword against Reimu Hakurei, the ball-whacking shrine maiden from the Touhou franchise, in a battle between PC gaming legends that are pretty well-known across the internet. Like, absurdly well-known. Seriously, I hear Touhou content is as escapable as Fort Knox as…

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  • Avatar XIII
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  • The Flatwoods Monster

    never ask me for anything again.

    hi everyone, welcome back to another episode of Epic Rap Battles of I Need a Better Stress Reliever. okay so maybe using the "I actually recognize these people" title for martian vs gravity was a stretch, but dang it, it shouldnt have been. either way its we bare bears. yall know who we bare bears are.

    that being said, with giving you the knowledge that this battle features a guest, you can probably not only guess who it is but you can do so without me even saying who the characters being guested for are. yea it's wonder. he wrote for animaniacs. that was a joke. he wrote for the bear bros and did as excellent a job as ever so a big thank you to him for the help, especially since i was my usual naggy self about i…

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  • Flashley


    March 21, 2017 by Flashley

    It's me Flashley back for the lastley and final time. Just as a little quick update I'm going to say a few things about my life. It's gotten a lot better since I left the wiki (yes I did leave). I finally live in a better place and I've been generally happier. I've been more motivated to do stuff than ever before as well.

    I know I left off on a bad note with all the blogs and comments I made and while I still think it was a hoot, I'm apoligizing to anyone who I offended, because I did take things way too far. We used to be buds man. 

    But anyway you must be wondering why I titled the blog "Autismo". Well, I might as well just come out and say it...

    I'm not Autismo! haha see I pranked you!

    But really, I'm not. But I did sock yes I did. In fact, I…

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  • Joeaikman

    Wiki Chapter 5

    March 20, 2017 by Joeaikman

    “My father and mother used to take me out to a lake just out of town. We would go out just after dark, and paddle in the water underneath the stars. My mother used to sing for me. My father used to play the guitar and we would start a little campfire and roast marshmallows and s’mores.”

    Dion was laid next to Shop on the ground. He was laid on his side, looking at her, as she lay on her back, looking up at the clouds as they passed overhead. She let out a little sigh, but it was a happy one, not an exasperated one. She was enjoying herself with him more than she had thought she would. He wasn’t just the creepy guy that she had first thought.

    “That sounds nice. How old were you?”

    “That was before my mother- went away, so I was only very young. …

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  • RespectThePixel

    okay welp

    March 19, 2017 by RespectThePixel

    hey i'm here to say a couple things

    first of all just like ignore everything i said before say, late 2016 because last time i said anything i was legitimately 13 years old and i would appreciate it if it actually didn't happen? thanks

    second of all, some of you may have noticed me sneaking into the chat a couple times to say hi or something, and you may be wondering if i will ever be active again

    and i'm here to be straight up honest and say probably not but i love you all and it's fun to be here when i'm not getting memed on

    but hey that's why they call me mr. inconsistent

    so, pixel's back? maybe

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  • The Jonie

    It's finally over. Sorry for the long delay. I've been busy.

    It's kind of a joke battle

    epic rap battles of everything or something 

    justin bieber 


    jacob sartorius 


    (Oh wooooah)

    (Oh wooooah)

    (Oh wooooah)

    (Oh wooooooooooah)

    You know I hate you, I don't care

    About and your fuckboy hair

    You think girls love this piece of shit?

    You only lipsync 

    • awkward silence*


    I drown in 12 year old pussy, you just move your phone around

    You made the world's ears bleed when you sang with sound

    Look behind me, faggot, that's Drake and his friends

    It's time to put this shit to an end

    "All My Friends"? What the fuck, you got none

    No wonder your parents disowned you, son

    My songs have rappers and actors, what do you got?


    Fuck your first verse,…

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  • Triple-Stabber :P

    FUCK FUCK FUCKIN HELL, IT'S DONE. JESUS! Enjoy this you pillock cuz this took me a good long while. Also, I created shit Titlecards because I though "Why the hell not eh?" So about the battle itself

    We have the Three Unifiers of Japan's Sengoku Jidai era, Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu and Toyotomi Hideyoshi against the Three Leaders of The Three Kingdoms, Cao Pi, Liu Bei and Sun Quan. Lets G-huh? Why didn't I use Cao Cao instead of Cao Pi? Well it's because Cao Pi established the Wei Kingdom, yes Cao Cao did do more stuff but Cao Pi established it ok? Good. LET'S GO!

    Also, fuck sake this was hard to fuckin code. Like 3-4 hours maybe? idk, went through like 3 H3h3 podcasts and like maybe 10 Vsauce videos. I don't want to see anything about Thr…

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  • Mystical Trixter

    Oh, yes.

    Unless you count my crossover with Avvy, it has been over half a year since our last meeting with Semi Surfaced, it's high time we fix this. What better way to fix this than a silly little battle like this? I really dunno much else to say.

    Ye, doing beats now. Thx to Cyan for finding. Start at like :15.




    (Oooh Yeah!)

    The madness is running wild as Macho Man steps into the ring!

    I'll pin Dragon and win championship faster than I did against Sting!

    On a site of horsefuckers and trolls you're still taking all the sass,

    So don't get mad when I Connect a leg drop to your scaly ass!

    I got that manly rasp while you're reading lady raps right off the script

    I'll drop a punk Blood six feet under like it'…

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  • UnstableIsotope42

    IRBoIC News 1

    March 18, 2017 by UnstableIsotope42

    Hello all! I'm back after what, 2 months? Sorry. I never intended to leave you guys. IRBoIC is not cancelled. I'm just lazy, so bear with me.

    This break isn't a "hiatus" per se, but it is an unsettling lack of battles. I'm still alive, no I'm not dead or in a coma. Mostly why I haven't posted a battle is because of school. (Cliche, right?) But also lack of suggestions, motivation, and want. I'm also worried that suggestions are becoming sparse. If so, I have a plan B, end the show continue as usual and use the ideas that are a bit lower in quality. But this may never happen, the internet is neverending. If this will happen, it will most likely happen in around Season 3-4.

    And to end this post, here are the hints for the next two battles.

    1. Secr…

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  • ClockworkFirefly


    I can’t believe that Avatar XIII has given me the role to continue the DCRB franchise. It’s kinda like how Steven Moffat took over for Russell T. Davies on Doctor Who...

    But y’know with quality.

    I am incredibly honored by this responsibility and I hope to make impactful rap battles about the DC universe. It also won't be a reboot of DCRB and will be a continuation of the beloved series. But to be honest, there are a couple things I want to put down if I’m taking the helm.

    1.) I don't wanna do any sequels and as much as I loved the "Flash vs Sonic" Trilogy, I want the new battles to be original ideas.

    2.) No Marvel vs DC rap battles (Booster Gold vs Cable was my idea, so that was an exception bitch). I want to have the new battles to have c…

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  • Mortal5075

     Hi. Did you know that a user Mortal just dropped an epic battle between two infamous video game villains; Handsome Jack and Eddie Gluskin? And its fucking good? Well if you didnt, time to fix that and read it. Rn. And after that, vote on who you thought won and leave a comment down below about what you thought on this battle. The more feedback, the more appreciative I'll be. Thank you :)

    Dear God, Darling, What’s up round and down with your face?

    With your blabber mouth, you won't Outlast the survival in our place

    I’ll make a wo-man out you, prepare to get dead-Li Shang

    So sad helping your foes was the last song your dear siren sang

    Such soft rap structure, but these pants are ain't no place for a hero

    If it couldn't please Moxxi and upbrought …

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  • Hippie Rat

    Hey yo hi hello

    I had a lot of fun with this one

    Chances are you guys are going to fucking hate it

    But I don't care because, like I said, I had a lot of fun with this one.

    Here's a drinking game: take a shot every time the words "blood," "gore," "play," and "game" show up.

    And that includes the drinking game itself.

    It may be full of some of the most blatant lyrics that could possibly be thought up for this idea, but put it next to some of the legitimately clever jokes and this is some good shit.

    So, what I want you to do, as the reader, is imagine the most cinematically interesting rap battle ever. In the Mortal Kombat verses, a bunch of fatalities are performed on Saw victims while, during the Saw verses, some Mortal Kombat characters are kill…

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  • Segamad66

    Here we go!

    Saint Patrick day tie in!






    Shaquille O'Neal

    Who is this tiny talking leprechaun trying to take on Shaq.

    I've been retired for a while but I'm about to give you a smack.

    Hey little bastard! What have you got against the Orlando Magic.

    Tried watching your scripted storylines, they were so dramatic.

    Trained in martial arts, got the shaq fu to drop the kazaam.

    Just call me the big daddy 'cause I am about to put you in a pram.

    The thing I most want, is you to get off Finlay's dick, you muppet.

    But now you are running Raw because your Vince McMahon's puppet.


    Bring it on man, when I have the luck of the Irish.

    I have seen you on the BB court, acting so childish.

    The only big c…

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  • Pal named R

    Hello readers,while I appreciate your suggestions for my series I would like to see what people thought of some of my ideas for this series.

    Feel free to leave any more of your suggestions in the comments below.

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  • Avatar XIII

    This is the last DC battle that'll be written by me. After this point, the series will be run by Clock. He's easily the biggest fan, so it was only natural to entrust the series to someone so dedicated. I wish you the best of luck pal.

    If you're wondering why the number of this battle is so janked up, it's because this was supposed to be the season 3 premiere. Since I am not getting to that point, I figured that I should not let all that work go to waste.

    Thanks for putting up with my battles guys. I hope this finishes on at least a somewhat decent note.

    Avvy out.



    Battle starts at 0:27

    (Hahaha!) Now I’ll…

    [Sonic runs out of time in his super form, and he reverts back to his standard blue form.]


    It’s no use! I’m out of energy, crap!

    You …

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  • Icey778

    So this is just a fun battle with not as much effort. The characters are repping their games, don't expect too much from this battle. Legion helped with lines so thanks to him. Thanks for reading and there is no meanings since this is just a fun series! 

    By their second verses it's a TIMESKIP, that means a jump in time. 





    I've had enough of this shit

    Your balance system could use a fix 

    When it comes to your fanbase there's a split 

    You managed to make things boring even in eight bit!

    While my sales were soaring in the ranks 

    Your fans were pouring out their banks 

    It's just skill that you don't have that's why you get killed 

    And you're filled with cheap levels so much it doesn't feel real 

    And speaking of reels you got t…

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  • Iamthelegion

    this is an anime battles off-season because this is kinda short despite how much arnold material there is idk i like this a whole lot but i don't think this merits a video and i also don't have a beat for it but I enjoyed it

    This battle is very much inspired by Schwarznegger-based muscly European stereotypes, especially the Angry Austrianvideos by Laughingstock Media, and a couple lines use concepts lifted from the series, such as Super Saiyan Rosie O'Donnell, because they are too perfect, I mean hell ERB used Kaio-Ken as a pun so it's hardly something unique.

    Anyways, so today we have Goku Black (was considering voicing myself or possibly asking Justin), the former Kaio and alternate future self of APPRENTICE Kaioshin Zamasu who stole the body o…

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  • DigiornoPizza

    The Comeback

    March 16, 2017 by DigiornoPizza

    I, Killerface45, FrancisHatesWikia, and now DigiornoPizza am back on the wiki; As you may have noticed if you've been on Skype at all lately.

    Wonder decided to give me a second whipping; and so as well I'm asking you.

    I'll request a reset in sexual encounters with everyone here who was familiar with me before; for I wish to be a different woman than I was when I left. I told Wonder I would be a bad boy and I intend to uphold that promise, because I'm a man of my prostate.

    So yeah, I have came. Back.

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  • WobuffetSonans4

    An introductory blog, nuff said. Hello ERB Wikia, meaning I officially joined this gargantuan Steven Universe-prasing, dead meme-hating, diss rap of a wikia. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? (Bubsy 3D is best anime) (BTW, I am the "I've goodies to deliver!" guy)

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  • JMitch25

    While I revel in the fact that I finally got to get this battle out, read the fine battle here as well as this failed abortion for shits and giggles.

    Hello and welcome back to another "exciting" installment of Occasional Rap Battles that Exist, despite the consistent schedule I upload these battles in. This would be an idea I first suggested to MetalFire (no kiddin'), and he kindly shot it down. I was thinking someone else could do it, but then I was all like fuck it and decided to do this myself. This is likely going to be most of my series in a shellnut. Anywhozit, Waluigi, the side character that has won the hearts of millions across the interwebs, destructively dances with Harleen Frances Quinzel, The Joker’s sweetheart, in a fight betw…

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  • Hippie Rat

    Hey yo hi hello

    So before I begin I'd like to mention that the lineup for the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki review is finalized. If you have not asked me to review my battle/given me permission/been asked for permission/blah blah blah then you will not be in this one. Just about everyone who follows any of those parameters is being reviewed in it. If you're not one of those people, don't worry, I'm going to make the wiki-wide review a special thing I do every tenth review until I inevitably fuck it up and start doing it whenever I feel like. Idk. Anyway, don't start asking me to review you now because I'm not going to be setting up the lineup for the next one until I make a formal announcement about it sometime in the future. So keep an …

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  • Bantha117

    this battle is 7 years old now!!!

    So we rewrote the battle, since the first was pretty clearly crap/karp (karp).

    Credits to Trix are for Aryans for the 7th anniversary (she didn't help but she likes the #Se7en)

    Tigger’s Note: Although its proponents argue Internet censorship is necessary to keep the Web safe, it must be ended in order to prevent infringement of civil liberty. WE WANTED TO THANK ERB FOR THE FIRST BATTLE EVER IT IS IN MY TOP 5

    AND TOP 4

    AND TOP 2

    AND TOP 3

    +10 points for counterargument thesis

    LEt's battle

    Click here!


    no one cares anymore



    Michael Jackson Fox:

    (Starts at 0:19)


    Uh, huh, oh yeah it's me Michael, and from the Future and back

    To kick your ass because I have finished my…

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  • DennisRocking

    Welcome to the rebooted Dennis' Rap Battles.

    These are written with a beat, but presented without. They are meant to take rap battles back to their roots of simple, easy to listen to, fun battles. The range of characters can be anything, and I plan to have six battles this season.

    Welcome back.


    Dennis' Rap Battles!

    Nelson Mandela!


    Abraham Lincoln!



    This honorable man is here to not act good.

    Get the press! This pres is about to get burned like a pass book.

    I wanted to help the people in my land.

    But now I'm going to segregate one man.

    This frontiersman hillbilly's already a mess.

    His politicans gonna have to give a "Gettys-bury-him Address."

    Don't need tattered clothes and spirits to feel burnt.

    This gift horse's getting spurned, …

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  • JaphethMario

    You know, Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin would be a good hint for this battle. I mean, Ash Ketchum is a popular media icon that never groes up, like Bart Simpson and Gumball has a brother named Darwin. I knew I should be a bit more clever with hints.

    So anyways, I made a Simpsons battle that doesn’t feature Homer. I could use him, but not on Homer vs Peter. Probably I’ll if I’m gonna use a Family Guy representative/s, I think I would go with Stewie and Brian, they could have a lot of material to work it. And plus originality. Also fun fact, I barely watched amy episodes of the Simpsons despite its popularity and culture phenomena, so sorry

    Welcome to another installment of Japheth Fictional Rap Battles. It features tritogonist of The Simpsons…

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  • Jella141

    Days passed: 14
    Current day: 15
    Last update: Hurt Charizard, heal Stevie Wonder's Children by GravityMan.

    [Note: Additional rules may be added throughout the game.]

    • Every 24 hours, you may choose one living character to hurt and one to heal; e.g. "Hurt Atul Singh, heal Jon Snow." Double hurting/healing will be added eventually.
    • Every character starts with ten HP.
    • The maximum amount of HP a character can have is 40.
    • AWC votes are not counted.

    Name HP

    Jon Snow

    Daenerys Targaryen

    Human Warrior


    Jimmy Page

    John Paul Jones

    John Bonham

    Gordon Ramsay's Production Team


    Blue Team

    Manny Stixman

    Gillian Shagwell

    Go-Go Dancer

    Catherine the Great's Backup Dancers

    Secret Service Agent

    Bald Eagle



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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    I, TrueMinnesotanGaming, TheAssyrianAssassin1337, and now TheBabylonianBerserker1337 am back on the wiki; As you may have noticed if you've been on chat at all lately. 

    Fandom decided to give me a second chance; and so as well I'm asking you.

    I'll request a reset in relations with everyone here who was familiar with me before; for I wish to be a different user than I was when I left. I told fandom I would be a good boy and I intend to uphold that promise, because I'm a man of my word.

    So yeah, I have returned.

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  • Mystical Trixter

    I probably should so something that makes me relevant here again, so this seems like a viable option. Welcome to a project I've wanted to start for a while, but due to my not having a computer for months was unable to do so. For the uninitiated, Pokémon Showdown is an online website which hosts simulated Pokémon battles based on the competitive metagame, with every single Pokémon and item available, and pretty much everything you could ask for that isn't nonsense (like letting your Mewtwo hold a Bicycle) or illegal/not available in the games (like having a Bulbasaur that uses Explosion). I thought it may be fun to try and host a tournament here based on this, and I wanna see how well it does.

    If you need to know the rules of online battling…

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  • Dragonsblood23

    well, today's my birthday and i'm turning 19 years old. I'd just want to say thank you to the incredible 4 years i've spent here and all the friends that I gained in the overall community. Now let's party and stuff :P

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  • Scrawland Scribblescratch

    US Presidents Hurt/Heal Game
    Days Passed: 16
    Current Day: 17
    Last Update: Double Hurt Cleveland by Scraw

    1. You may take an action every day (24 hours).
    2. Your action must contain one president to hurt and one to heal or you may double heal or hurt one president. You cannot do two double moves at once.
    3. AWC votes are not counted. You must be a registered user.
    4. Every president except Grover Cleveland starts with 10 HP. The maximum HP cap is 50.
    5. The 22nd president, Grover Cleveland, will start at 5 HP. His HP cap is 25. After dying for the first time, he will come back for his second term as the 24th president.
    6. Additional rules may be added later.

    Presidents in bold have reached max health.

    Name HP
    George Washington 27
    Thomas Jefferson 37
    James Madison 20

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  • Joeaikman

    Wiki - Chapter 4

    March 8, 2017 by Joeaikman

    “I came as quick as I could, Mrs Masta. Is he alright?”

    The voice came from downstairs, Meanwhile, Task lay on his bed, on top of the blue and white checkered duvet, shaking, crying, sobbing. He lay on his side, staring at the pastel blue wall, but in the darkness of the room it seemed darker too. It was the one part of the wall that wasn’t covered in posters. Elsewhere the lack of light made it look like there were figures looming over him, grasping at him with long, tentacled hands, whispering his name as they crowded around him.

    They vanished when the door opened, and the light from the corridor was let into the room. Task didn’t look up. It was Hoagy stood in the doorway. He was wearing his pyjamas still, and was only just undoing his bi…

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  • JMitch25

    "Hey, this isn’t main series." Well, duh. I basically used a Homestuck character despite my lack of knowledge regarding the damn series, bar all business with the videos by these more handsome fuckboys. I just saw Nepeta and thought "She is cute, I like her." Anyway, welcome to more of my series. I just thought of this dumb idea and decided "Okay, let’s put it up to the stupid test." Anyway, Bubsy, Accolade’s prince of purrsonality, goes up against Nepeta Leijon, resident troll in the Land of Little Cubes and Tea who is also a shipper and role-player, in a battle between pun-spewing feline characters who have recently been killed off in some manner. Yes, that is the extent of the whole thing. I don't need your money, but if you’d like me t…

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  • Segamad66

    Another amazing battle!

    Good work everyone.






    The Lone Ranger

    TONTO! Round up the fresh cattle and the silver steed.

    This asshole going to learn what it's like battling John Reid.

    You're in Texas turf now bitch, so listen up to the law.

    One step out of line and I will punch you right in the jaw.

    I will lasso your ass then leave you in the dead men's mine.

    Go back to Spain, with your shadow and drink some more wine.

    Your secret weapon is a gay blade, what a massive disappointment.

    Don't take off your mask, please! Here I brought some ointment!


    Zorro rides again, to take on a brand new adventure.

    Give up now bitch, or this be the first time you surrender.

    I'll be done with you in a flash and then …

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  • Iamthelegion

    Gohan vs Naruto

    March 8, 2017 by Iamthelegion

      Dragon Dragon Rock The Dragon Dragon Ball Z

    okay so there's a lot of background to this battle most of whcih I will spare you, Metal proof-read it and liked it but I had kinda scrapped it because it was going to be audio and I could never find any good people to do video for Naruto

    I used a number of the concepts from this battle in my collaboration with Wonder on Dragon Ball vs Naruto, so excuse any double up lines, that battles' 2 lonk for me to check it against this

    hey today we have gohan, son of goku, against naruto, clone of goku, to see who is the more impressive scholarly ki/chakra fighter who owes basically everything to Goku


    Son Gohan:

    It’s time to start this off Complete as Cell!

    Certainly more together than you or my future self. …

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  • JaphethMario

    Why does Garden Warfare Sunflower looks like Donald Trump, and I just notice something, Plants vs Zombies is probably of the meaning the life and death *Japheth laughs at his stupid theory*

    I can’t believe that the first battle is popular by votes. Okay second highest in the previous season, since Frisk vs Madotsuki got 15 votes in total. But this is where the polls are almost equal with “Birds: 5 Plants: 6”. And why I replace the Blue Bird (didn’t bother to check his name) with Bomb, probably the movie told me that Bomb is one of the main trio. WELL SORRY, I THOUGHT IT WAS THE BLUE BIRD BECAUSE IN THE GAMES, BLUE BIRD IS THE THIRD CHARACTER IN LINE *ahem* excuse me. Tho I konda give a shout outto blue of you look hard enough. So anyways, I…

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  • ClockworkFirefly

    Announcer: Holy crap! 365 Days?!

    Clock: Yeah! I’m honestly as surprised as you guys with this stunning news. I can’t believe it has been one year since I've join this wiki. It’s been such a crazy ride with all of y’all and all of the experiences i’ve had here. But first things first, i’d like to thank three very important people on this very special occasion…

    (Drum roll)

    Clock: Me, Myself, and I

    Door bell rings

    Clock: Huh, I got a package…

    Clock: This could be from anybody…

    Card says From GravityMan & The ERB Wiki

    Clock: Ugh, who else?

    (I set down the cake)

    Clock: Nah, I’d like to thank everyone on the wikia for making me the user I am today. If I were to thank you all individually, it would take up at least 100 blog posts! So to summarize, thank you…

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  • Avatar XIII

    I'm done. After this, I'll release the battles that I have done already, and then that's most likely it for me. I'm sorry to the 3 people that'll disappoint, but these aren't fun to do anymore, and the last thing I need is an extra chore.

    Frankly, it's clear to me that I'll never get this series to the level I want it to be. Maybe I just started way too late, I dunno.

    Anyway, most of this season and S1 was definitely fun to do, I guess. I should stop rambling.

    Local nerdy high school kid gifted with electrical powers, Virgil Hawkins, faces a pioneer of electrical technology, Nikola Tesla, in a battle to determine who's more electric



    (Battle starts at 0:25)

    Read more >
  • TKandMit

    Over a year after the premiere of this season, it has finally come to a close. Hello and welcome back to the Epic Rap Battles of Heroes and Villains, a series with lots of writers and even more hiatuses. But today, we have the finale of the season, a huge battle featuring loads of guest writers. The airbender and avatar, Aang, goes on his quest to learn from -- and defeat -- the greatest "benders" of the elements.

    The original idea for this battle was something rather different; originally there was no storyline to the battle, and there were some different characters altogether, including John Egbert from Homestuck and Percy Jackson. The battle has now been changed to where all of the characters that Aang are battling originate from anime, which…

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  • The Flatwoods Monster
    Read more >
  • Pal named R

    Hello Readers welcome to the very first chapter of Fire Emblem:Rap Wars today we've got the historical figure Alexander the Great against the Conqueror Walhart to see who's the superior leader.

    Fire Emblem:Rap Wars!

    Walhart the conqueror


    Alexander the Great



    When I defeat this so called great in victory I'll revel.

    I'm on a path to immortality in which you're merely a pebble.

    I rock the mic like a wolf berg,weapons expert like a great knight.

    This isn't casual mode you'll be gone for good if you stay to fight.

    I'd give you a chance to retreat,but by my throne you were adjacent.

    I'll conquer all there is to conquer.I'll never be complacent.

    I'm driven by the will to battle my heart doesn't even need to beat.

    While you were killed by a m…

    Read more >
  • BroCheck

    (Okay, I guess this is my first post. I made this battle while back and I was hoping we could get the video out soon, but casting wise it was an issue. I don't want this battle left to waste, so I guess send feedback afterwards.)

    Writers: B-Lo Lorbes, Brodecai (BroCheck), Die-Hearts, Music Musket


    Dante Cimadamore and EpicLLOYD as Criss Angel  

    Kevin Krust as Michael Carbonaro

    EpicLLOYD as Jay Leno

    [Note: Criss is in white, and Michael Carbonaro in Yellow]

    Criss Angel:

    (Are you ready?)

    Hello little Mikey. Your death Angel has arrived.

    Brought my lyrical scythe to psyche your brittle mind

    You would never be ready to fight me pissed off

    Because stepping in my way will leave you Criss-Crossed.

    It’d be absolutely magical if you…

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  • Joeaikman

    Hey dudes and dudettes! I am back, as many of you know, from my global block for insulting Johan Liebert, so I can officially confirm that he will never be used in one of these battles, partly because of my grudge against him, and partly because who the fuck even is he. Anyways, back to this masterpiece of shittiness. So, in this battle we have DC’s mercurial assassin and mercenary, Deathstroke, go up against Marvel’s very own Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, I hope-

    Erm, hey there guy. Did you just say my name? Shit, dude, did you not get the motherfucking memo? Ever since I was in that ERB battling Buttmuncher Fett I have been used in almost every fucking series on this fucking weeb site. TK and Alan can blow me for the amount of work I did f…

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  • Iamthelegion

    Piccolo vs Link

    March 5, 2017 by Iamthelegion
    What's this coming in on a Breath of the Wind, not much of a Switch but Legion's doing his thing, and resurrecting another one of his old-ass themes, this time it's Revival of the style of the free, man this battle was written a while ago, but then I added in four more lines yolo

    rhyming is hard

    Okay so today we have a battle I mostly wrote ages ago and it was shortly after Conner had left and before I had been blocked so it had originally been written in the style of an homage to ARB, being 12x6, his patent versification

    then I saw I still had it but hadn't posted it

    was like LMAO lets do this then, Breath of the Wind is out now and Piccolo in the Universe Survival arc, so that'll be hyyype.

    EDIT: lmao i forgot to post the connection. Green wa…

    Read more >

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