• AndyParsons

    George W. Bush is in this color

    Bill Clinton is in this color

    George H. W. Bush is in this color






    Fetch me a pen, Laura, I’ll be Vetoing this Bill.

    Ain’t got time for criticism, I’ve got Presidents to grill.

    Now you'd better call Al Gore 'cause I'm bringing up the heat,

    I got this fight in hand like how they got you in their hands on Wall Street!

    Here’s a tip: never trust anyone with “Clinton” in their names!

    You flip flopped on gays and turned against the Act you passed! (Shame!)

    Your policies make America become a sitting duck! (Lame!)

    And you can't beat me - my whole damn family is in the game!

    Well, I'm a ladies man, bro, Bubba’s pretty fly for a white guy.

    So you wanna score? Go s…

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  • Dragonsblood23

    Hey everybody today's fight should be fun, as it's me VS Joe in the battle of who will FINALLY get out of Round One in GM's tourney. Thanks GM for letting us in, thanks Joe for being patient with me releasing this, and thank YOU for reading and voting. Now enjoy this story idea I placed here to entertain your faces :P.

    As the Tourney begins, we open at a small bar containing two users, Joe and Dragon, both were already getting drunk as hell knowing that they enter Round One once again and how it’ll probably end for the both of them…

    Dragon: Ugh, I tell you Joe another year, another round one...

    Joe: Why do we even try anymore, I mean it’s clear nobody wants us to move on.

    Dragon: Yeah, I know we’ll start our own Tourney…...with blackjacks and …

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    hey,hey,hey,hey,i don't really care about what they say,imma come back like a boomerang. don't let the haters get their way.imma come back like a boomerang.

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  • Bobdave

    Okay so hi

    August 16, 2017 by Bobdave

    Hi, guys. I think I'm back.

    So like, I never actually felt like I left, but obviously there was a point where I noticed I hadn't been here in a while. Since ERB Season 5 the whole Wiki lost a lot of activity, which is understandable, as there was nothing new coming through the ERB pipeline and didn't seem as if there was going to be for a fair time. I was hoping to tie myself over with my battles and maybe a game I designed which hopefully would help tie other people over among other people's fanmades and stuff. Revision for my AS-Level exams (exams you take during the second-to-last year of secondary school) were taking up a lot of time, however and I felt as if I couldn't dedicate time to putting out stuff. And since the comments on the m…

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  • Valremath910

    (Picking up where we left off from Episode 1, the Narrator returns, sitting in his chair by his table. His face, hidden in shadow and the room entirely dark, save for a candle on the table.)

    Narrator: So aye. That's our story. The Devil Empire faces a lot of opposition from the Ministry as well as other small groups operating. There is one Resistance group in particular, however, that is the main source. Led by a man from Devil's past, the Resistance is formed from members of an old community, joined together for one purpose: to take down the Devil Empire and kill their leader as well as destroy the Ministry. A few people in this Resistance were friends of Devil before his rise to power now they seek only to destroy him. They're operating i…

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  • Mystical Trixter


    Due to computer problems this one has taken far too long to have come out. Between my laptop deciding to get all dead on me and then that block that happened, not been a good time for Semi Surfaced, especially when I had this all ready to post when all that went down. Go figure. Anywho it’s finally here, a new battle.

    Fiction writer and user Joeaikman battles against main protagonist of the first part of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” Jonathan Joestar, to see which of these English “Jos” is the truly superior one. Yes, that is a shit connection, but I wanted to do it anyhow. Plus I’ll take any excuse to write a battle using JoJo characters.

    Start at 0:13




    I'm a fiction expert so I'll be calling the s…

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  • NeoBranwen711

    its that time of year again

    dont do another AMAgeddon

    You get 1 mushroom/fight meme question each, make it count

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  • Dark Cyan

    Hello, everyone. And welcome back to Cyan's Rap Battles of Literature!

    This time, a non-fiction battle. There aren't enough of them in this series. I'd say this was fun to write, but it was surprisingly hard.

    Anyway, this battle pits scientific author Issac Newton, who came up with many theorys surrounding gravity, forces and motion, against scientific author Stephen Hawking, who's additions to the field of theoretical physics and how we understand the universe have been too complicated for me to understand. He's very smart, basically.

    ...In a battle of scientific authors.


    Beat: Galaxy

    (starts at 0:14)

    It seems like the unstoppable force is meeting the immobile object

    In a battle of scientific importance, comparing us isn’t even a contest


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  • Segamad66

    A nice cowboy battle coming.

    Here we go!






    Sheriff Woody

    Bullseye come here, I need your help against this freak.

    When the last time you washed dude, as you fucking reek.

    They call me Sheriff Woody around these parts, as I'm in charge.

    So you better listen to me, or I will call Hamm, Rex and Sarge,

    To kick your big Georgian ass and leave you in a fucking coma.

    While I ride around with your boyfriend Shane, but I'm no homo,

    Unlike you, who cheated on your wife Lori with Daryl Dixon.

    But come on Rick, you've killed less zombies then Richard Nixon.

    Rick Grimes

    The name is Rick Grimes and I have survived worst than that verse,

    This will be your toy story of terror as you will be leaving in a hearse.


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  • Joeaikman

    Nathan: One of the bastards got Raven.

    The scene opens. It is an office room. Justin is seated behind a desk that holds an old fashioned computer monitor, a mug filled with stationery and another half filled with coffee. He has his brown hair pulled back, a headband across his face. His eyes are expressionless. Nathan is stood before the desk, still wearing the clothes that he had been when he was at the Crevicees Farm.

    Nathan: They shot Leege too. It took both Zander and Cam to subdue one of them. The other came quietly. We should throw them in the cells for killing Raven. Have a brother on brother fight in the arena. The crowd would love that.

    Justin: Matteo tells me you killed two of their men. If Leege dies then that is an eye for an eye.…

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  • Mystical Trixter

    Fuck you seven is better than six

    Lets do this shit for REAL for real

    I got permission by Greg and Jason they were respected admins

    Idfc how long the verse is

    Idfc when you post

    Sign up or I'll sic my crippled football player on you

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  • GravityMan

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  • YouTubeKorea

    The news about white nationalists and their protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, hit me hard. I’m furious that such an atrocity happened, and that these people with horrifying ideals still exist. But then again, ever since Donald Trump was elected President, it was only a matter of time before his main supporters turned against him and wreaked havoc, like the Nazi vermin they fetishize. I know that this Wiki isn’t the ideal place for me to express my feelings about the US, but I feel that I need to let out my steam somewhere, and of course you’re about the only non-Korean friends who understand my views completely. Therefore, if you’re either a Trump supporter and/or you think the white nationalist protests are just, then I hope I never …

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  • Valremath910

    Valremath's Q&A No. 1

    August 13, 2017 by Valremath910

    Hello guys, its Valremath here. Back with an old series I used to do. Thats right, the old Q&A is back. This is where you can ask me questions about me and maybe ask about what I've been up to for the last 2 years. I'll accept any questions you ask. Yup, ANY questions.

    So, without further do, lets get to the questions. Ask away!

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  • The voice of the voiceless

    Hopefully not the tournament, I had some good lines for that shit.

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  • Icey778

    IT'S HERE THE BATTLE I WAS HYPING UP FOR... Trains' birthday! So here we have two women that tortured and murdered people. It's a history battle and I went back to my old style. I'm doing these battles for me now. No Legion didn't chisel this as he was sick of battles at the time and I didn't want to bother him any further. Oh, and the "c" word is censored as it's not allowed here. Last thing the beat is optional as I wrote the lyrics before the beat.


    It's the bitch of Buchenwald coming at ya 

    Put your mitts up and be appalled. Here guys, look, a bra

    Now back to this falsification of a slave owner 

    You can't battle me. My prisoners are the best skin dono…

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  • TKandMit


    Hey yo so the rap show is back, whoa. Matter of fact, though, Flats knows that no one could go without him in HaV, so, he guested in this battle that's been pretty heavily suggested for the series since like the beginning. Neo being pretty much its only suggester, but nevertheless. It's the Men in Black, Agents K and J, battling with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the X-Files in a fight about aliens, and shit.

    It's been like three months since the last HaV anything was posted, but here's finally something. Next battle will come out next week too, but after that I don't know what. So, yeah, be patient I guess.

    Enjoy the battle. Thanks again, Flats, for guesting as always.

    Nice Peter as Fox Mulder

    Mary Doodles as Dana Scully

    EpicLLOYD as Agent K


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  • JakeTheManiac

    Inside The User's Studio with JakeTheManiac

    Jake: Well, hey, there, "dead Wiki". How are you? It's been a while, hasn't it? Yeah, everything's pretty good. I'm just here to present the newest installment of Inside The User's Studio, a series which everyone has most likely forgotten about because I can't do anything. By the way, I haven't touched the rap battles I said that I was doing because I have no motivation. But anyway, hi, I'm gonna interview someone! My guest today is a guy who I've tried to have an interview with for the longest time now but we haven't had the time or the chance to do it and no, it's not Grav. His interview will come eventually. Instead, we have the biggest fan of the best bounty hunter in the entire universe, Jango…

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  • Valremath910

    (The sound of fighting is heard at the very beginning. As the camera lightens up, it shows two people on an office's rooftop. One man is seen being thrown to the ground in pain. Blood is flowing from his mouth. He looks up to his attacker in confusion and sadness as his attacker gives him a cold stare. Meat gets up to one knee, coughing out blood.)

    Meat: Why this way, Devil? Why me?! After all we've been through...

    (Devil just continues to stare and after a moment, gives a devious smirk and chuckles.)

    Devil: Someone has to be first, my friend. And you are clearly on my list, so here we are.

    Meat: Have you no heart, man? Have you no pity?

    (Devil's expression changes to anger as he recalls his mysterious past.)

    Devil: No. Not anymore!

    (Devil grabs M…

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  • Icey778

    This battle was very hard for me to make, there may be some inconsistencies in flow and what not. It has my old flow, and I'm not changing that. That being said some of the colors don't mesh well together, but I was doing it by what colors were in what world and weren't the same color for whatever team. Trains helped with some of the Lost City zombie team which is the Lost Pilot team in case you don't know. Yes I know some teams have more lines than others, quality over quantity. AS WELL, I was not going to do every zombie from every world, that will be for a way later date when I use the ones I didn't here. THIS IS A PVZ2 RAP BATTLE BTW! 





    Explorer Zombie:

    I'll burn these prick…

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  • Banybon
    It's the rap battle between Family Guy's Peter and The Simpsons' Homer.






    D'OH! I'm the original and you're the knockoff, everyone knows I'm right.

    I was a Family Guy before you even got the green light!

    Your animation is terrible, and you've definitely lost your flow.

    Your new episodes are even worse than The Cleveland Show!

    You've got an annoying voice that sounds so bad.

    I hate your shit so much, I'd rather watch American Dad.

    You know what really grinds my gears?

    How people find humor in a guy who only drinks beers.

    I've got an annoying voice? Shut up, you hypocrite!

    My show is way better than your unfunny piece of shit.

    You best step out of the way if you don't want an ass kickin'.


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  • Joeaikman

    A farmhouse stands tall on the landscape. It is a lonely building, with a barn far off in the background. It is in a clearing, a forest cutting it off from the world. Cows, and chickens, and sheep wander around the green fields. In the far corner some tomato plants grow tall, with a small field of corn next to them.

    Brandon: Come here, Daisy. I know, I know. We have to get you milked though.

    Enter Brandon. He is a young man, with shaggy brown hair and wearing blue dungarees and a red checkered shirt. On his head is his father’s hat, keeping the sun away from his skin and out of his eyes. He is trying to pull a large cow along behind him.

    Tigar: She is too strong for you, boy. You need to build some muscle on you before you can handle Daisy.


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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    hey Wikians , teamedwardfanmade463 here and im starting an anti-ministry and it will be better than the lame-o ministry val set up. 


    teamedwardfanmade463~ the general of the army


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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    I'mma headings this so y'all can skip the intro if you want.

    This is a story, which I could in some ways compare to a range of other stories, but it is all inspired primarily by history and whatever drugs my brain is on. Prepare for a bunch of dead users and hopefully some you actually know :D

    This is the prologue of a few different stories set in the same broader world. I hope you enjoy it! (Also, thanks to Joe for proofreading and to Trip for making the ending art.)

    Every character whose identity has been established will be linked. If they have not been linked, then what user they are has not been revealed yet.

    It was a dreary evening as Lord Gordon of Futures stared over his eery demesne. He had won it after the bloody battle of the jagged…

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  • YouTubeKorea

    Honest Thoughts

    August 6, 2017 by YouTubeKorea

    Hello again. This is YouTubeKorea, back after whoo, let me see... two years? 

    I know I've not been here for that long a duration, but Jella's filled me up on recent happenings in chat. ERB is on indefinite hiatus(I didn't know this at the time, because I had lost considerable interest in ERB and I thought Season 6 was probably going on), and as always, some paranoid "person" is ranting about how this Wiki is officially dead and a new era is about to begin(okay, so she's religious). So here's my honest opinion. 

    For one thing, I don't see this Wiki crumbling down anytime soon. I know I overuse this fact, but you know, the legends of old tell of a huge war, the Wiki War, where practically everyone was threatening to leave, and trolls and sock…

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  • Dragonsblood23

    Since Scraw is inactive for now and the time has come once again, I made a decision to run the show for the Upcoming ERB Suggestions Page, and i'm going to let you guys give me some ideas for which ERB suggestions should be on the poll, here's the rules

    1. Gonna use suggestions from the current page and some from the polls of last year so take a look at those
    2. I'm also including suggestions that Peter and Lloyd like on the polls whether or not people like them
    3. At least 4 users either post the suggestion or support it for me to consider it
    4. Users are limited to 10 suggestions (we don't want a shiton of comments to go through from one person)
    5. No Joke Suggestions and be Realistic (Cory in The House VS Bee Movie won't Happen)
    6. I and some other users (whom…

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  • Nikki Lee 1999

    This blog will be in the top blogs without even a single comment. It's the first time this has happened since probably about 2012. A five year low.

    So I think that now is as good a time as ever to discuss with you the preparations that I've made with Wikia/Fandom staff regarding this abandoned and inactive wiki. The activity has been waning consistently since January of this year, and now even the staff of the wiki has abandoned it.

    It's for that reason that I was able to personally submit a specialized adoption request to Sannse. She said that because of the sudden decrease in activity this year, she's willing to grant the adoption request on August 12th, as a means to try to resuscitate a floundering community. Obviously, the community nee…

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  • Valremath910

    Hey everyone. Valremath here with an important announcement! Yes, it is interesting to me. For you, I dunno, maybe. Lel. xD

    Returning to the wiki has been quite interesting for the past few weeks. I've seen some old faces I remember and some new ones I do not recognise. That being said, I feel a ton of thoughts and ideas going on inside my mind. As I write this blog, I've been speaking to an old friend of mine, Left 4 Speed and we've been catching up and talking about old stuff we did together. That being said, we've been having an interesting conversation about bringing back something we made years ago. I have felt that with this wiki and how much its changed, I've decided to bring back...

    Thats right, The Ministry has returned. But we're n…

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  • Segamad66

    Look out there is another amazing battle coming through.

    Here we go!






    Donald Trump

    It's the 45th president of the United States, here to dictate,

    This bald supervillain, before I become fucking irate.

    For my first executive order, I will ban you from rapping.

    But I find that a little unfair, 'cause I've to get back to napping,

    In the oval office, due the FBI banning me from Trump tower.

    When you pretended to be president, it only lasted an hour.

    I'll call up my homie Pence, I'm sure he will kick your ass.

    But make sure your verse is spicy because it will be your last.

    Lex Luthor

    Let me swivel on my chair as I've been expecting you, Superman.

    Oh! Who are you? I'm Lex Luthor and I'm the bad man.

    I on…

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  • Mcdamon23

    Hey do you remember Epic Rap Battles for your Amusement. Me neither, but today just so happens to be the one year anniversary of the last and only good installment of this series: That drunk obscure Harley Quinn knock-off vs who Grav is masturbating to featuring Male Tracer so I feel the need to talk about it. Some of you may be wondering what happened to this series. To them I say, Just read the blog title. Also Ace Attorney vs History taking a lot priority. So it's time to reboot this series up again and start of fresh. After the next AAVH battle, this series will be returning and worked on at the same time as that other series. I'll be trying to release at least one ERBfYA every month, so look forward to that maybe.

    So what should you ex…

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  • MrAwesome300

    As I type this super shitty blog on my iPhone (lag lag lag), I've occasionally been on chat just when I am bored, I guess. I am NOT back. Well, at least not yet.

    Since I notice that now blog posts get like 7 comments a post (remember when games got 700?), I just wanna know what's happened since I left. I went onto chat two nights in a row and noticed it was completely dead. Remember when there was ALWAYS someone on?

    So, my peeps from the past, and yes, I've missed you too, tell me who's gone, who's still here, why everything is so dead now, and why MrA is even here again. (Last part was a shit joke)

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  • The Jonie

    hooray something gud

    mac vs pc because that's original 

    it's a joke battle still

    ePiC cRaP bAtTlEs Of ShItTeRy

    MAC (donalds) 


    P C

    let the cluster fuck begin.

    before sexy copyrighted beat

    hey mac

    you suck FATASS COCK

    seems good to be FUCKING RELEVANT FOR ONCE

    dumb ass bitch

    sexy copyrighted beat drops

    Oh shit, MAC (donalds) wants to DOLPHIN NOISE

    beat stops

    jake Paul ass bitch fucking terroristic cancer ass bitch ass fucking bitch ass cancer IMMATURE PRICK

    beat begins

    screw with MI ANUSH

    mac is fat asf and eats TONS OF BIG MACS

    Rob Ford and him SMOKE CRACK


    my company is at LEAST DECENT

    I'll own your ass and turn it into skinny pieces

    I can rap forever and not get tired out

    cus yur set up is damn



    my ass I comming casually

    oh well, you'll prob…

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  • Awesomesix

    Well, the time has come. The time to finally say goodbye to this series. And how else, than visiting many of the battles? Is that confusing? Probably, but it'll make sense, here on...

    The RiZachulous Race Awesome Rap Battles 2.0 Series Finale number 21.

    Previously, on Awesome Rap Battles...

    Napoleon Dynamite:

    Oh gosh, I don’t even need to tear you apart!


    So, hey, A6, where we gonna take this twist?


    Well, I was thinking Cleopatra and Capone,

    Kinda, get together. Oh and-

    Mystical Trixter:

    Oh, now I get it.

    I think he brought us in so he could take more credit.






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  • Mystical Trixter

    Hey there the 2 or so people still on this wiki. Today's the big day where we celebrate birthdays for me cuz I turned 19 today! Though I still kiiiinda feel 15, not gonna lie.

    Been a weird week full of worries, most of all being scared I had tetanus (pretty sure I don't), but it gets to end off on a sweet note. I'm 19, got a hundred bucks as a present and later gonna have two traditional bday meals and maybe a trip to the shooting range later (y).

    That's about it, Semi Surfaced coming very soon probs. Let's say Monday.

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  • Nikki Lee 1999

    The Emoji Movie is represented by Gene

    Atomic Blonde is represented by Lorraine Broughton

    Let's make it quick. I gotta get back to MI6. 

    I'm the blonde James Bond if Bond was a chick.  

    Your cast list should get black listed. It's literal shit. 

    I employ McAvoy, but my reviews aren't Split.

    Yours aren't even mixed, they're like zero percent.

    You had Patrick Stewert go where DeNiro has went.

    And I don't have a hint, how your budget was spent.

    But hope selling out was worth a couple of scents.

    Atomic Blonde? More like... atomic bomb.

    Your lesbo scene made me think of my mom.

    You're just so old. You're probably like thirty.

    I don't wanna see your wrinkled butt get dirty.

    You bit Jolie. But please don't get Salty.

    It's not my fault your film looks so faulty. …

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  • BackToTheFuturama86

    Honestly, I didn't even know I was still a user on this wiki, but whatever. I'll keep the intro short, since none of this really matters anyway. Today's battle features two supernatural form-changing evil-incarnate baddies, Killer BOB from Twin Peaks, and the Man in Black from LOST. That's about it.

    Nice Peter as Killer BOB

    Jesse Wellens as The Man in Black

    EpicLLOYD as The Man From Another Place

    EpicLLOYD (again) as The Man in Black as John Locke

    Zach Sherwin as Benjamin Linus (cameo)

    Ceciley Jenkins as Laura Palmer (cameo)

    Hello, Bob. Let me tell you how my victory came to be

    I'm an all-powerful superbeing; you rape and murder teens

    With  a *grumbling noise* I strike fear into the hearts of every viewer

    You look like homeless Axl Rose if he lived insid…

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  • Awesomesix

    Time to kick off the two part finale, for real, no "Prank (GONE WRONG)" in the title. I've beat this horse a bunch, but this time it's finally going to sleep in the stall. Without further ado, part one to the two-part Awesome Rap Battles finale.

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  • Icey778

    So Legion has not been active online much these days so I couldn't really get this chiseled. However he did say the side antagonist line was not good filler, problem is I ran out of material for dissing Derieri as her story is INCOMPLETE. Seven Deadly Sins is still far from finished. But I really liked this match up so I said fuck it. ALSO I'm unsure RBoER can continue until I get my chiseler back. So that will be on hiatus. Here we have Yang Xiao Long from RWBY vs side antagonist 30 hit combo, Derieri from Seven Deadly Sins manga.


    I'll say it from the ass this is one class you can't surpass 

    And while you're grasping to beat this demon I'll show true …

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  • Alanomaly

    This site is so dead it makes both my love life and sex life look like they're in their prime. That's kinda sad.

    So I got enough of my writing mojo back to do this battle. I saw Wonder Woman this past weekend, absolutely loved it, and I think that's part of what got me back into the swing of writing. Please keep in mind I did this throughout the past few hours and I only just got back into writing. That's not an excuse if anything's bad... Okay yes it is who the fuck am I fooling

    I give to you, Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira, battling Xena: Warrior Princess. Or as I like to call it, what ERB should have done instead of fucking up. But we all make mistakes. And Wonder vs Wonder was one of ERB's mistakes.

    I got the idea for how to go…

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  • DannyPlaysGames

    Howdy fellas. It's been a while since I posted something on here. I occasionally joined the chat here and there but still wasn't active after the last abomination I made. So to make all that crap up, I'm going to be making a new rap battle series that only you guys (or anyone that goes on the wiki) will be able to see it. I'm going to be a little experimental with it (but not too much) and the writing, title cards, and thumbnails will be made by me. I've been thinking to do this a while since I'm a big fan of the company and I've been wanting to improve my writing/rapping skills. I'm also completely sorry if anyone has this in the making or is making it. The only way I'll be looking at suggestions is through my Discord (Dani Onion Rings#44…

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  • JaphethMario

    Orginally, the next battle is going to be the preview in Crash Bandicoot vs Bubsy Bobcat. But since it will take long cause one, I need to watch that show first, and two, exams are coming and dance pratice ruin my scheldule. So enjoy this backup battle for a while (and maybe another Japheth's Rap Battles), so you won’t have to wait for months for a next installment. Also what‘s a Japheth’s Fictional Rap Battles without Touhou


    Welcome to another installment of NOT Touhou vs Anything rap battles. Japheth’s Fictional Rap Battles. It features Seven-Colored Puppeter of Touhou, Alice Margatroid and the strongest and the fifth Rozen Maiden doll, Shinku, rap aginist each other in a battle of Alice controlling dolls againist doll becoming Alice.






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  • Element K

    Element Kovers III

    July 26, 2017 by Element K

    HEY YOU! Yes, YOU! You with that ugly shirt!

    Do you want to see a certain Title Card or Battle Cover?

    Do you need one for your own fanmade series?

    Maybe you need a logo or something to get you started? (Completely beta)

    Maybe you have some other request like a phone wallpaper or something? (Also beta)

    Do you want to see a neat battle? (bpf)

    Well lucky you, because from today July 26 until next week or August 2 which is the remainder of my vacation, I will be accepting cover requests from you beloved wiki users and posting them on this here blog.

    NOTE: Perhaps a maximum of 6 requests per person please to not overload (even though I might not overload at all considering how inactive this place is)

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: Characters with not a lot of good Google…

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  • Segamad66

    Look at this battle, that I just found.

    Here we go!







    It is time for another round of hide and seek.

    Waldo has arrived and I'm about to drop a beat.

    Now here we have a little missy, travelling all across the earth,

    As well as the world and time itself, and for what is it worth,

    Why don't you fuck off forever, so you can save yourself the dissing.

    But I don't even know why, the chief would report a rogue agent missing.

    Don't even mess with the original hide and seeker or I will whack,

    You with my cane, leave you in the desert and flat on your back.

    Carmen Sandiego

    It's Carmen Sandiego, the one and only criminal mastermind.

    Who is this V.I.L.E. looking dude, who's hiding from all mankind.

    I've see…

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  • Ecaille13


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  • Joeaikman

    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good! That no good bullshit is another episode of Recapping in Rap! Today I attempt to write a rap summary for all of the Harry Potter books, as requested by Sega! Peace!

    Potter parents killed by one who can’t be named!

    Dumbledore and Hagrid give an orphan away!

    Harry with his relatives! Living through his pain!You’re a wizard Harry! Make friends on a train!

    Dark wizard in the forest! Draco plays the dick!Harry learns Quidditch, then he catches the snitch!

    Troll in the dungeons! Ron’s wand gets snotted!

    Hermione enters the group! Hagrid is too honest!

    Snape is limping! A life extending stone is hidden!

    Harry is certain that he has found the villain!Pass through the challenges! Key to the door!It’s Quirrell not S…

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  • Element K

    Hey! Hey! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s an irregular series. Greetings wiki peers, your local Element K has finally returned to the blogs and battles (and I am in love with this one)

     Anyways, on this battle, I know it doesn’t follow the hints I’ve posted but I think hints are restraining me. It makes me restricted to the battle I’ve teased and I don’t like it. From now on, no more hints and I’ll write whatever I feel like and today I feel like a critic. As always if there is a line that you didn’t quite get, feel free to ask in the comment section below for I am too lazy to make rap meanings. So without further ado we have the Nostalgia Critic against famed critic from NBC’s The Today Show, Gene Shalit.…

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  • Captain Warrior

    Welcome to my fifth official battle for my series, Rivalry Rap Battles. Today we have Michael Jordan battling LeBron James to see who is truly the greatest NBA player.



    Michael Jordan:

    (starts at 0:24)

    Michael Jordan shall Speak some Lessons of how he's the greatest towards this brat.

    Plus you'll get a whole lot of bad luck for ballin' against this Black Cat.

    I'm pure Magic when I'm in the court, that's why it was my high school nickname.

    You'll be under pressure in this game as you're used to it, though you have disclaimed.

    That's LeBron, a Cavalier who is offhand, like what was he even thinking?

    Believing he's the much better player; clearly it must be the wine drinking.

    You're not so brave, man, you're too scared to mention your own riva…

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  • Dark Cyan

    Hello, everyone. And welcome to CyGIR Rap Battles! It's time for your monthly dose!

    This is a very big battle, with several characters we lone from franchises we love, and we just hop you have as much fun reading as we had wtiting!

    This battle pits Porky Minch from the Mother series, against Flowey from Undertale, in a battle of powerful yet sneaky time-manipulating RPG villians

    Shoutout to Quagga for even more AWESOME art!


    Beat: Level Up

    (starts at 0:11)

    Hey, pansy! Don’t be rubberneckin’ just because you’re unwanted! *Snicker*

    None of your enemies remember all those other timelines where you bonded!

    You’ve got no family! You’re all alone! That’s nobody’s fault but your own!

    What is a Prince to a King? Now grow some knees and kneel before my …

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  • Joeaikman

    “Hey! Hey! Hey! Are you alright? I’ll phone an ambulance? Can you see me? Your eyes are open. You’ve been shot.”

    Billy’s eyes kept spiralling out of focus. He could see the face of a man. He was leaning over him. He had long bedraggled hair, but a kind face. He kept going all blurry. Somebody had shot him? Who?

    “Yeah. I need an ambulance! A man has just been shot outside of the police HQ. Come as soon as you can.”

    That was when Billy blacked out.

    He woke up some time later. The man that he had seen before was sitting next to him. He found that he was laid down, but in his own bed and not at the hospital. How had he got here? He had been… He had been with Frank, helping to give him courage. What had happened to him? Who was this guy?

    “Hey. Hey! …

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463


    GODZILLA: ROAAAAAAAR!!!! ROAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!! ROAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!! ROAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!! ROAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!! 





    HULK: YOU CALL THAT A VERSE,I CALL THAT THAT the worst. who won whos next u decide erbotef463 vol.0

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