• Stofferex

    It's been awhile hasn't it?

    Well this wasn't planned but for reasons I wanted to.

    So in my asbence from this place I've done a couple of things. For example, watching movies. And this one in particular I just wanted to talk about and share with others, hence my "review"

    I've seen posters of this movie before but I have never seen it until now that is. The reason why I decided to watch this was because one day I had a weird dream about giant trolls and that somehow led me to this. I checked out some clips and eventually the movie itself. And I gotta say, it's pretty damn awesome.

    I'm usually not a big fan of found footage movies (except for REC) but this one appeals to me in a way that most other movies don't. Namely, it's Nordic or more specif…

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  • LeandroDaVinci

    Deep blue sky with fluffy clouds overhead. It’s the Albuquerque desert, rocks and dead trees alike clutter the ground. An RV is in the middle of the frame, a middle aged bald man is standing his ground with a gun on his right hand. He is in his underpants, sweating. From the back of his underpants he takes out a cellphone. Looks at it, wrong one. Throws it in the ground takes out another one, flips it out and calls someone.

    WALTER WHITE: Come on...pick the damn thing up, Jesse...

    Jesse doesn’t pick up. Instead, he gets his answering machine.

    ANSWERING MACHINE: Yo, yo, yo. 148-3 to the 3 to th-

    Walter slams the cell phone on the RV’s window. He can see his reflection on the broken glass. He starts coughing and coughing, uncontrollably. The coug…

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  • Ismael63

    My ERB Winners

    January 20, 2019 by Ismael63


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  • Ismael63



    So this is a series i started making on Youtube:Epic Rap Battles of Holidays.

    This Series features many characters and people related to Holidays and Festive Days rapping against each other.

    I was originally making articles on Fanmade Rap Battle Database Wiki but that wiki has died today unfortunately,so i decided to make blogs on the ERB Wiki.

    This battle features the mascot of Epiphany in Spain and South America,The Three Wise Men,Gaspar,Melchor and Baltazar faces against the mascot of Epiphany in Italy,La Befana,to see who truly represents Epiphany.

    You 3 should have thought twice before stepping against me!

    1 Witch vs 3 Kings,What kind of matc…

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  • TCalderon

    Despite the episode one, I dunno if this'll actually be a regular thing. Just wanted to gush about this movie. 

    Ah, Dragon Ball. What started out as a simple and cute adventure story about a young boy traversing the world to find the seven Dragon Balls has evolved into a pop cultural phenomenon about that same young boy growing up to battle godlike aliens, monsters, ferocious beasts, and actual gods whilst screaming his lungs out until he explodes. It's a classic that many young boys grew up on, and something I'm only just now getting caught up on. Though, these days, with your Fairy Tails, your Bleaches, your One Pieces, your Narutos, and your My Hero Academias, there are plenty of Shonen anime that surpass Dragon Ball in terms of quality …

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  • Valremathras

    Six Years!

    January 17, 2019 by Valremathras

    So. Today marks my sixth year anniversary on the wiki.

    Nicey nice. Cheers, folks. :D 

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    the clown prince of crime is coming to the sewers but i'm not looking for killer croc,

    i'm going up against this wannabe clown tim curry who couldn't keep up his stock,

    best not go up against me i will show you real fear,

    with my laughing gas your end is near,

    sure you will come back again but i will be waiting,

    cause by then your back will be aching,

    your past your prime and out of date which is why you got a reboot,

    now run off so i can steal your loot,

    i've won this battle already so best be running along,

    you'll wet your pantaloons by the this rap song,

    the dancing clown coming into battle about to feat on your fear,

    hold on to your head if your head you hold dear,

    i'm not to caus…

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  • TCalderon

    Greetings and welcome to another installment of Weeb Shit vs Anything! Today we have Konata Izumi, the young schoolgirl and anime super fan from Lucky Star, and Madonna, the Queen of Pop... who sang a song called Lucky Star... I'm killing it with the connections. 

    And I've got a beat for this one; Yay!







    I’m getting Into the Groove; I’m about to shatter this Lucky Star!

    You’ll be schooled in this battle! Girl, I hope you studied hard,

    I’m The Queen of Pop, idolized by many! That’s for certain,

    You appeal to hardcore otakus who all look Like a Virgin!

    Your series is boring! I can’t stand to be watching

    A cartoon all about schoolgirls standing around …

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  • Valremathras

    New Year Return!

    January 13, 2019 by Valremathras

    Well. I must say, it's been a while. I kinda vanished for a bit, didn't I? Well, I'm glad to say that I'm back! Just in time for my 6 year anniversary too. Wow!

    Can't say I got anything planned for the moment. But, when I do, I will certainly let you know. However, I do think there may be another WikiMania this year. Time to start planning, I believe.

    So yeah, I'm back with a new avatar as well. Master Devil is here, babay!

    Well. See ya soon. :D

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    hello this is a diss track on cavejohnson333 aka jack. he kicked me from the ofificla erb wiki skype gorup so i am dissing him because he is evil and i did nothing wrong. add me back now cavejohnson.

    Assyrian Assassin:

    You know you fucked up, bro
    You know you fucked up
    You know?
    Communism is shit

    How much wood can the woodchuck chuck
    If the woodchuck looked like you? (Bitch)
    I'ma have fun, when the race realist here done
    Yeah, the woodchuck would chuck none
    Think you're a big man with a shrimp dick, man
    I'ma click-click-clack (bang)
    I'ma tell 'em how I see it
    The only bitch that I'll bitch slap
    Turn you into Riff Raff

    African American, I'ma kill 'em with the red blade
    Gotta lift the fat when you get laid
    You a waste of time like a blunt blade
    Night and TK n…

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  • Raster0fMandomness87

    We need recruits for all sorts of productions for what a large amount of the ERB Reddit decided was the most wanted battle

    Phoenix Wright vs Atticus Finch

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  • TKandMit

    5:12 read the time on my alarm clock. In the morning. The red numbers shone upon my face, omitting the only light in the room. I had been watching the numbers tick by for the past six hours, ever since HAL disappeared. The sixteen of us squabbled for a short while longer, panicking in the form of tears and chaos. We all made a break for the nearest exits to the outside world, only to find them barricaded by steel walls bolted into the frames of the doors and windows. Not only was this the case in the Showplace, but as well as the hotel. Even the windows in my room were barricaded. We were locked in here like rats in a maze, but the only way to get out was to kill someone. My tears were dried at this point while my mind kept racing.

     Can I d…

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  • M3gamonst3rz

    Epic Rap Battles of History!

    Vladmir Putin


    KKK Member


    Want me to shoot in the gut, oh wait you're not black.
    But my rhymes will make you die of a heart attack.
    Less pimp than Hitler, Getting trumped by the rest.
    This bitch can't rap for shit, let me see your best.
    Nevermind, you're more chicken than hardcore.
    You got no fans just like you have no whores.
    Can't kill the Klu, can't tear down the klan.
    Not even Klux, you're going down like Japan.

    Get away bitch, before I slap you into debt.
    I got a bigger dick and guns, no doubt.
    I run a amazing country, you're just a troop.
    I take down your whole group without stopping to take a poop.
    Rushing against Russia, what a classic.
    Just try not to die from heatstroke, I'm being sarcastic.
    You would all turn …

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  • TCalderon

    I always feel bad when I go more than a week without posting a battle here. Like, I made a series here, I should be tending to it! But at the same time, I don't wanna force myself into writing something that I'll end up completely hating later on. I want to be proud of my writing, and not just pump it out every day simply so I can keep up an arbitrary schedule. I'm not getting any compensation for writing these battles, I do them completely for fun. Frieza vs Palpatine, Pop Team Epic vs Rick & Morty, Ochako Uraraka vs Kirby, and so on; I wrote those because I love each and every franchise being represented in those battles, and wanted to write something entertaining revolving around them. Same thing with Sucy vs Fluttershy and Tohru vs Zim…

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  • Wachowman

    This took way too long to make.

    Howdy everybody. I might as well do these so I don’t get bored. And honestly ERBs idea of these battles will work great for the parodies too, Parody battles that probably wouldn’t work in the regular season itself, although I’m still considering the, part of the same series. While the flow of these battles are still a tad difficult I still think I did good with this one and kept it in character (which was probably the most challenging part).

    Enough of me, hope y’all enjoy, McD vs BK should be much easier.

    Also thanks to Gabey Boy for the cover, top tier work right there.






    Hey man you’re stupid, it’s proven, this is already sick!

    No longer i…

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  • Flashley

    Fuck your politics you pile of dicks you violent ticks

    Who riot in the streets with firelit sticks and a desire to hit

    with stones you fricks are boneheaded no-good petty deadly crooks

    and setting books on blaze like when I write my latest catchy hook


    I hate libtards, I hate conservacucks

    I hate libtards, I hate conservacucks

    I hate libtards, I hate conservacucks

    Ditch the labels and let yourself go free

    I hate libtards, I hate conservacucks

    I hate libtards, I hate conservacucks

    I hate libtards, I hate conservacucks

    Less politics is good for me

    Enough of your butt ugly opinions on current stances

    Fucking cancerous, can't surpress that you're a fascist

    communist, or whatever term you choose to brandish (congratulations)

    you're the cause for every word…

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    I'm lovin' your way!

    Welcome to BK! How can I serve you today?

    A burning clown? That is your way!

    Fast food cannot be halved.

    Her pink mud turned my disgust into a paragraph!

    Your friend is a combination of interesting views!

    You have birds, robbers and a big purple fool!

    (Men!) Take these Wack McRaps out of the menu!

    Call it Ronald Donald, because MC is not with you!

    Why don't you call me Ronald Jeremy? "I became very bad

    It consists of horse lips and ass, just like the prostitute you sell!

    Please listen to the lyrical boss Rick and Moti!

    I have a circuit for a few days. Call Sichuan soy sauce!

    An obvious GOOA T, there is a hamburger on the belly!

    I am a fast food Eminem. You are a machine gun, Kelly!

    I am having fun with your Pepsi. I am a Mac, you are…

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  • JKGame


    Wow, ain't that the best intro to a battle ever.

    Wanted to use Lilac in a battle, and while I had Shovel Knight planned for my other series, this matchup was just too perfect in my opinion. I'm still going to use Shovel Knight again sometime later, but for now, here's the battle!

    "Main protagonist of his eponymous video game by Yacht Club Games, Shovel Knight, and one of the three main characters of the indie game Freedom Planet, Sash Lilac, battle each other to see who is the better protagonist from indie video games heavily inspired by other games. However, it seems that it's not just going to be between the two of them..."



    Let's Kickstart this battle! I'm ready diss this Avalician!

    You're j…

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  • Wimpykidfan37

    Just to clarify, fictional characters do not count. So no Doc Brown, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, or Batman (sorry Homer Simpson).

    • Albert Einstein
    • Stephen Hawking
    • Ben Franklin
    • Thomas Edison
    • Nikola Tesla
    • Isaac Newton
    • Bill Nye
    • Neil deGrasse Tyson
    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Mythbusters
    • Charles Darwin

    Are there any I forgot? Should I make a category? Leave a comment below!!!

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  • Wimpykidfan37

    You know...since Peter and Lloyd are obviously the experts on the rap meanings, I think they should be the ones editing these articles. But we need people like me to make insane fan theories.

    What do you guys think?

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  • LeandroDaVinci

    It’s almost midnight and Venice Beach looks like a desert. The ocean is calm and welcoming, it sure is to this couple. She is in the water in full dress, a white beautiful dress. She is laughing and enjoying herself as her date watches laying in the sand. We can see the Santa Monica Pier in the background, lit as a christmas tree. She tries to lure him into the calm waters of the beach. He laughs.

    MARLON BRANDO: Not tonight, darling. Let me just enjoy the view.

    He says smoothly as she comes out of the water, looking like an angel.

    MARILYN MONROE: You’re no fun.

    She says romantically, almost seducing him as she lays besides him.  

    MARLON BRANDO: I can be fun, sugar. You know it.

    Marilyn picks a glass and pours some wine in it. Seductively, of cou…

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  • JKGame

    Happy New Year!

    I hope 2019 will be a great year for both this wiki and the world in general!

    To start off the new year, I'm going to finally release another installment of My Little Rap Battles!

    "Main protagonist of his eponymous movie series, Indiana Jones, and author and hero of her own book series, Daring Do, battle each other to see who is the better treasure hunter."

    Disclaimer: No title cards yet. I may add them later.






    Never in my life have I discovered such an archaeological disgrace

    Call me Quibble Pants 'cause I'm planning on talking smack to you face-to-face

    Won't be a problem. I'll end this faster than my fight back in Cairo

    I'm fighting Nazis and the Soviets. You just deal with …

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  • Flashley

    in:Blog posts

    TheBabylonianBerserker1337 | January 3, 2019 | User blog:TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    COMMENTS (3)

    START A WIKI [1]

    Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki



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    in:Blog posts

    [hide]#Parody of Wach Parodies. George Hamburger vs Drakan95 (Pewdiepie vs T-Series)

      1. Contents
        1. HITLER
        2. Stalinn95
        3. Aodlf Hamburger
        4. Drakan95
    1. 5 comments
      1. Recent Wiki Activity
      2. "The Rest of Your Lives" - Danganwiki: Convention Carnage
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    ==Colin Cowherd vs Princess Luna. Assy's Pony Rap Battles ]

    • 7

    December 31, 2018 by FlashleyHappy Flashley new year

    Happy Flashley new year

    Happy Flashley new year

    2019 will be the year my hopes… Read more > See more >==Trending FANDOM Articles=…

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    START A WIKI [1]

    Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki



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    in:Blog posts

    Dark Cyan | December 17, 2018 | User blog:Dark Cyan

    COMMENTS (5)

    Sorry if you already had plans for this, Wach, but I was faster.

    This is a parody of wach's parodies. Parodyception.

    It's Hitler vs Stalin.

    Connection? There's no connection. Brutal communist dictator who killed millions of people vs an awesome guy? idk.

    I wrote this because I was bored.

    Any opinions expressed in the battle are not my own opinions.

    Just shut up and enjoy.


    1. Dstalan
    2. George Hamburger Hitler
    3. Drakan95 X STALIN

    Yo,you dismantle faceless, nameless corporate enterprises,

    And I'm still better for workers than this guy!

    Joseph Stalin, let me dish up some t…

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  • Dark Cyan

    If you won't do it, Wach, I will.

    This is a parody of wach's parodies.

    It's BranFu vs CyGIR.

    Connection? Duos that aren't Munkitteh, or as good as Munkitteh.

    I wrote this because I was bored.

    "Cyan wrote as himself! Oh no! Bias!"

    Just shut up and enjoy.

    This is getting good, Cyan! Like it should cuz GIRs in the hood,

    And if these scrubs don’t git gud, they’re gonna NEED a bigger blub!

    GIR, send me your verse first. After that, I'm gonna rock out

    On this Discord-dwelling small fish and a fellow college droput!

    I'm sick of them! Let's beat 'em then! We’re already more popular!

    That’s what happens when you don’t write about anything in particular!

    And kick the ass of pair of lyrically inadequate tricks

    Ask this forgetful goldfish about a REAL pair of dicks!


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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    Sup FAMS, im your host, assy, sand here is assys hottest singles of 2018. this man needs a music dea lright now, please colalb with him KSI. 



















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  • TKandMit

    The purple and red seat in front of me had a tear in it and I found myself poking and prodding at it for the last few minutes. I fumbled with the exposed yellow cushion, plucking at it and tearing a tiny piece off. I rolled it between my thumb and index finger as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Dropping the bit of cushion in favor of my phone, I took it out and opened the notification. My boyfriend had messaged me on Discord, asking how I was.

     “Hey honey how’s it going? You arrive in la yet?” PointlessMunky92 wrote.

     “Good! Still on the bus but I think we’re stopping in the next couple minutes. Still gotta check into the hotel, ill let you know when im all set!” I wrote back.

     “awesome - remember to record some of the show for me! + go…

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  • MetaMachine

    Hello everyone! MetaMachine here and it’s been awhile since i posted any blogs on the wiki...Again. And i’ll get into that later but this blog is going to be a sort of, “Retrospective” of what 2018 was like for me. Because most years kinda blend together with a few notable good and bad things. But this year i’d say has been the most important year in my life as some of the best AND worst moments of my life came from this year and i want to talk about what happen this year that affected and changed me as a person. Good and bad, And I’ll give a general update on what i’m doing and what I will be doing on the wiki now that more people are back on it with the reveal of Season 6 of ERB coming out in Spring and the surprise upload of Musk vs Zuc…

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  • Wimpykidfan37

    All my previous attempts to compile lists of episodes without Nice Peter and/or EpicLLOYD as rappers have failed. So I have decided to post them in this blog.

    • Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood
    • Adam vs Eve
    • Goku vs Superman
    • Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter
    • Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child
    • Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill

    • Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga
    • Justin Bieber vs Beethoven
    • Einstein vs Stephen Hawking
    • Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers
    • Doc Brown vs Doctor Who
    • Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye
    • Shaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar
    • Frederick Douglass vs Thomas Jefferson
    • Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin
    • Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky

    • Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe
    • Gandhi vs Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc
    • Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali
    • Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe
    • Oprah vs Ellen
    • Wonder W…

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  • Flashley

    Happy flashley new year rap.

    December 31, 2018 by Flashley

    Happy Flashley new year

    Happy Flashley new year

    Happy Flashley new year

    2019 will be the year my hopes and dreams finally die

    once again it's new years eve

    too soon for you, too soon for me

    why is time going by so fast

    it makes me want to blast from my ass

    fuck time fuck time fuck time fuck time

    all it does is make us old

    I don't want to grow old mold

    my life is shallow and cold

    fuck 2019 fuck 2019 fuck 2019

    it can fight me fight me fight me

    celebrating the passage of time is silly

    because it is celebrating the next step towards senility

    people are always optimistic for the new year

    but why, life doesn't change, only the calendar

    why set goals for next year when you could have done them this year

    you'll just put them off til next year and the next until you …

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  • DannyPlaysGames

    Disclaimer: The wiki is gonna die the next time I post a battle

    The series continues with the overwhelming 2nd matchup of Nintendo Rap Battles. This matchup we have the dark clone from Super Mario Sunshine, Shadow Mario, against an important antagonist of Earthbound, Porky Minch.

    (YouTube thumbnail by King Mewtwo, thanks to him)

    (Also kudos to the additional writer, Henry Jones)




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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    Colin Cowherd: 

    A̷̯͍y̱͎̙͔ ̠̟̪̯̼̭̰y̡͈o͜ ͓͙̖̟͈̕à̜̦̩̼̘y̢̺ ̙̘̥̘̬y͚̳̖̻͖̲̪o̷̰̲̖̤̞̰ m͏̙̥̜̠̬y͔̯ ̲̝n̢̬a̦̱̼͖̥m̧e̹̘͓̭͈͓ ̯̫͢i̱̝͙̮̕s͏ ̨͍̙c̤̯͖o̡͎̖̬l̵̘̩̬̪ͅį̠͕͙̪ͅn̢͚̟̭̦ c̤̱͇̱o̜̜̙̝̩̬w̠̹h͏̣e̖͈͉̘͕͠ŕd̮̥͎̹̘̳,̻͔̟͈̟ ̷͔̳̼̗̣͓y̬̰̺̤̩͞o͓̣̠͇u'̹̬̪̖͔v͇͖̟̬̮̫e͚̬ ̶̯͎̩͕͔n̮̫̱̦e͈͉̖v҉̜̭̺̞͎͈e͙̪̭r͎̣̤̗͚͉̘ ̦̺̰̮̙w̢̬̩̝͓̖͙̙a҉̘̩̪̥̟̜͔t̻̖̣̱̠̭͕c̻̯̘̗̟̣̮̕h҉̗̤e̝͔̳̣̦̝d̙̲͉͡ ͇m̵̺̜̗̼͉̫y͍̲̳̺̼̰ ̸̞͈̲͖͔ͅs̛̭͎̠h̴̞̹o̸̪̙w̞? ͖͉̝̦̩y̴o̦ͅͅų̝̝̱̭̫'̢͕̞͎̤r͙̬é̝͕ ̲̦̲͚̞̫a̷͍͓̲̬̣ ̬̙̥̮͔͈̜b͉͞i̱g̖̯͖̳͜ ̲̭͚ͅj̢̗̦̥̥̞er̹̺̮k̛͎̠͖̞.͓ ͙͕̲͔I̸͈̙̘̟ ͜h̪̺a̮̰̞̳t̸̲͚̖͖̝͖̮e̯͡ ͈ͅC͎̮̥̬͠ơ̬̟̺̩̯̯u͔̗ṣ͙̞͟ị̷̣n̼͘ş̺̣̹,̕ ̙͈̖̞͟K͢į̝͓̘̫r͓̙̲̬̮k̤̮̤̗̳ͅ.̴̙͚̯̝ ̰̣͝H͖̟̝e̳͉̞͈ ͏̤̮̹a͏lw͇͔̬͔͎̕a͏͉̥͕̣̖y҉̭̻̭̠̫s̩̝̝̠̪̀ ̮̗̹̗̳s̢̥̪h̶̭̙̪i͏̫̩̯̜ͅͅt͖̗͙̬͝ͅͅs̖͎̟ ̣͙̯͕̯͠t̴̜̻̤h̡e̗̲̱̺͇͘ ̷̖͎̠b͓̖̰e̯̰̥̭̬͡d̫̟̟̦ͅ ̴a̸̲̰t̲̯̤͕̮̰ w̻̪or̳̯̖͍͉̼͘k̵͍̖͖,̱͇̼̳̳̙̤͘ ̴ṱh̫͉̜̩r̴o̭̗͚̮̗̯̼w̧͎̖̝i̜n͏͓͕g̖̼…

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  • Wimpykidfan37

    ERB actors alignment

    December 30, 2018 by Wimpykidfan37

    Zach Sherwin  (Lawful Good)

    Rhett and Link  (Neutral Good)

    DeStorm Power  (Chaotic Good)

    KRNFX  (Lawful Neutral)

    Nice Peter  (True Neutral)

    George Watsky (Chaotic Neutral)

    Dan Bull (Lawful Evil)

    Key and Peele  (Neutral Evil)

    EpicLLOYD (Chaotic Evil)

    Which one do you most agree with?

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  • Wimpykidfan37

    1000 monks decided to build a monastery. It took them 1 day to build the monastery. Right when they finished the monastery, a little boy rode by on his bike and destroyed the monastery, killing exactly one half of the monks. The remaining 500 monks decided to rebuild the monastery. It took them 2 days to build the monastery. Right when they finished the monastery, the little boy rode by on his bike and destroyed the monastery, killing exactly one half of the monks. The remaining 250 monks decided to rebuild the monastery. It took them 4 days to build the monastery. Right when they finished the monastery, the little boy rode by on his bike and destroyed the monastery, killing exactly one half of the monks. The remaining 125 monks decided to…

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    it's squirrel girl ready to pounce,

    and in this battle i like to announce,

    i'm dominating this battle your failed at your job,

    cause when it comes to fighting your just like corn on the cob,

    got a team of new warriors your army is terrible,

    and your smell is unbearable,

    scratching up your face i'm a true deadly force,

    will i win this battle of course,

    teamed up with howard the duck rocket racoon, 

    i won this battle already what are you gonna do?,

    yehaw round you up is no brainer,

    your secret powers couldn't be more plainer,

    you claim to be unbeatable but you lost big betty,

    your considered to be a dumb hero whoa nelly,

    i hope miley cyrus makes her role half assed,

    if i were you i'd be running…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    stitch vs charmy bee

    December 29, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski



    well look what we have here a sonic character more annoying the omochao,

    i am a true disney cutie with punch i will leave you black and blue right here right now,

    your hedgehog friend's days are numbered he hasn't had a good game in years,

    i am gonna bring you on the verge of tears,

    people want me as a pet call me the salem of disney,

    i also got brains and humor face you can't beat me,

    i would make you into a sandwich with reuben you best be beggin on your knees,

    your games on life support by now time to put you out to pasture,

    your leader is an idiot espio is bland and your voice sounds like a pregnant raptor,

    sonic forces got criticism cause it was to dark,

    time to put you down and take …

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  • ISmack







    Whoa! I have a cool mustache yo

    And my motherfucking name is Tycho

    You're getting whooped so hard I'll put you in a Brahe

    People will think that you're a woman ha ha ha

    I observed the planets now observe me rap

    You're going to fall for my little trap

    I'm super rich and I have a pet moose

    I get drunk a lot but I can still put you in a noose

    I'm the better Manning brother than Eli

    But he isn't as lame as Tycho tell me why

    Ain't nothing but two Super Bowls

    I am super duper successful

    I won rings for two different teams

    Colts and the Broncos I played for those teams

    Into the end zone I'll take a dive

    I scored a touchdown, now it's your drive

    I revolutionized as…

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337


    I don't like you Josef
    Nothing personal, kid
    But I must go all out
    Just this once

    Outrage or feelings, whichever will it be?
    Sit the fuck down Aikman
    I'm here to troll you epicly
    You tryna roast me till im fucking done
    But you libtard so you lose, you best think you haven't won
    When I'm through with you we're gonna be completely fucking done
    'Cause we only just begun
    I destroy you
    Epic style
    Bye, bitch, gone
    So come on Joeaikman Looking hungry for some drama
    Here let me give you soy, you libcuck

    Soy boy libcuck
    Soy boy libcuck
    Joeaikman ain't nothing but a soy boy libcuck
    Soy boy libcuck
    Soy boy libcuck
    Look at Joeaikman he's just sitting there awestruck

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  • JKGame

    Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope all of you are-

    Wait, Christmas is over? Oh...

    You know what? Screw it! I'm going to make like your average shopping mall and act like Christmas isn't over until freakin' January!

    And how shall we celebrate? With a rap battle involving two characters from awful Christmas specials.

    Oh no...

    Guess this is my punishment for being so late.

    "Main protagonist of Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa, Ricky, and major character of MLP G3 and star of her own Christmas special, Minty, battle each other to see which stars of terrible Christmas specials is not as bad."






    Trying to beat a Rapsittie Street Kid? You gotta be kidding

    Look at Me! I'm perfect while you're always messin…

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  • TCalderon

    Merry Christmas, one and all! 'Tis the season to be giving, to be kind to your fellow man, and to spend copious amounts of money on friends and family members alike. And then you do it again on Valentine's Day! Yippee! 

    And what better way to celebrate than with a short little rap battle between two toilet-humored based Misters! Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo and Mr. Poopybutthole of Rick & Morty battle it out to see which rarely seen side-character named after poop is truly superior! A poop-themed rap battle. Merry Christmas.

    Also, unless you're one of those folks who says that anime and cartoons are no different, this marks my first battle where the two rappers come from the same medium (both being western cartoons) Yay!




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  • Joshuakrasinski

    sonic vs sash lilac

    December 24, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski



    it's the fastest thing alive against the dragon who ripped him off,

    against me i am surprised you accept the challenge cause your cleary not up to stuff,

    i'm faster then the speed of sound your a dumbie and a ditz,

    compared to me your nothing but shit,

    me lose against this wannabe heh not likely,

    i am not afraid not even slightly,

    your skills are nothing compared to mine kid,

    when i am finished with you you will be on the skids,

    your green friend has not brains and is cleary a female knuckles,

    the worst memeber of your team is that little rabbit carol it makes me chuckle,

    so your dissing me even when your mentioned me in a status post,

    please your games are so meidocre you shouldn…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    shrek vs po

    December 24, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski



    get outta swamp furbag your more annoying then donkey,

    one flase move and you will whooop your badonkey,

    your weak to step to me and that is saying something,

    i lifted up a whole boulder while you keep eating your nothing,

    your furious five can all go down under,

    facing me was your biggest blunder,

    i will leave you on your ass like my name was muhamed ali.

    you made a big mistake facing me,

    that's the end of my first verse time for you to take the mic,

    but you already know i won you know i'm right,

    it's the panda of kung fu ready to chop you in half,

    your films were good but the last too sucked ass,

    all your known for is fart jokes puss made a better movie then you did,

    got rhymes so hot it will flip your lid, …

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  • Ultimate Hair Dryer

    God damn, it's been a hot minute since I've completed a battle. I actually have a lot of battles that I started writing a long time ago on my phone and that I just add a bit to every now and then. But for this one, I really wanted to see what I could do before it became an actual battle, and I have to say, it was some of the most fun I've had writing a battle. I hope it's noticeable :) Also I forced myself not to read anyone else's version of this 'cause I didn't want it to influence my writing. So if there's any similarities to an existing battle, that's a complete coincidence ! (which would be pretty cool actually)

    The instrumental is Maze Runner by Allrounda Beats.






    I've haunte…

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    Well yippidy doo da day everyone. It’s been over a year since the last Parody and it doesn’t feel anywhere near that long. Was a good break not having to really work on much Wiki-wise though. But now with the release of Hitler vs Stalin and Trump vs Putin you got two battles comin at ya within this next week, one of which is this very blog!

    Alright enough of that shit. I no longer have Trixter and Grav died in a freak idk apple accident or something so I’m completely independent exceptforthecoversthankyoutoLeandroandQuaggaabunchitlooksfantastic and maybe I would like a new Co, maybe I don’t, maybe I need to know shit cause there’s a lotta new users.

    Oh yeah, suggestions, I have like 4 and need like more, no real restrictions but let the user…

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  • Flashley

    I wrote and recorded this song last year and 0 people heard it so you will be aware of its existence this year you fuckers. Merry Christmas

    [Verse 1]
    Bitch, I'm on the beat
    This beat is a ham I'mma feast
    Going ham on this beat, I'm a beast
    Nail and hammer this beat, I repeat
    Beef with santa he keeps
    ignoring my letters and sending me coal that is blacker than me
    snacking on cookies and craps on my tree, actually
    he better step back before he gets smoked like a chimney do
    I'm hungry, gimme food
    Mashed potatoes and a simmering stew
    hot cocoa it's a sizzly brew
    getting tipsy on the nog with the whiskey too, ayy
    Shit's lit it's a fire place, the entire place getting loud yo
    snows out, but eat the fruitcake and you'll be the one plowed though

    Have a v…

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  • LeandroDaVinci


    ?????: Everything you have done...

    Terminator is seen climbing the Pacific Wheel at Santa Monice Pier while everybody runs from it, scared of the T-800. Bill and Ted are hiding behind a kiosk with shotguns. It goes to black.

    ?????: Everyone that you have lost...

    Walter White is crying kneeling in front of his house with white skies. The RV is seen behind him as well as Ted and the Terminator taking out walkers. 

    ?????: Everything you have built...

    The Wright Brothers are upgrading their biplane, sweating. They mess with each other as they laugh. In the distance, a lone walker is slowly approaching as they look at it. It goes to black.

    ?????: And everything the Force holds for you in the future...

    The doors at Disneyland open as a maniacal laug…

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    How many layers of shitpost are you on?

    I am an anonymous, unnamed company.

    I am still more individual than this person!

    PewDiePie, let me tell you the truth on your plate:

    You talk like a child. I call it Hitler Youth!

    I saw your shaman lasagna. You have no river at all!

    It sounds like your poem was written by Jack Paul!

    Jumping on the submarine is my next obstacle!

    I will smash you with words like the Wall Street Journal!

    You can't do Scew PewDiePie, try Markiplier!

    When I am done, you will be an interesting character from Fiverr!

    You sucked your soul away from YouTube, and you paid the price of growing up!

    Without McDonald's, you seem to be a video of McDonald's!

    (Oh!) Your Bollywood budget can't be processed!

    Let the room on my standing desk be bett…

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  • Flashley

    [Verse 1: Shofu]
    Life's a bitch, I will leave you dying quick, nice as shit
    Keep a hammer with eight shots to ice your shit (Ayy!)
    I'm high as shit, I hit your screen, I might have to snipe your shit
    Dying wish; hit your top from a longer range like it's Simon whip
    Mean something, piranhas, you see me mean mugging
    Peach busting, dog on a hunt, you better keep ducking
    Snake, I'll put your ass in a box, bitch, you ain't seen nothing
    Keep running, dot on your head, that ain't no B button
    Own a fire clip so I pick Roy
    Heavyweight; I'm known to duke it out with the big boys
    You don't get a choice, no RPS, we don't flip coins, destroy
    They talkin' 'bout Amiibos, I grip toys, big noise
    Ganon side B, I got my hand 'round your neck
    Demand my respect
    I smash, tur…

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    the ninja of ninja gaiden is looking for a spar,

    if your nor careful i'll run you over with my car,

    your not too threatening you trainier gave you away,

    now it's time for me to play,

    water doesn't effect me i'm quick as a gazelle,

    and when this is over you won't be feeling well,

    slice your legs off then serve them to the french,

    the only thing the will see of you is your corpses stench,

    it's time to end my first verse but before i give you the mic,

    i think i won this battle already time to call this a night,

    i'm spitting out disses so better watch your tounge,

    cause when this is over i will tear out your lungs,

    a french joke really that is so cliche,

    but for saying you will do that your gonna pay,

    i w…

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  • Wachowman

    Well yippidy doo da day everyone. It’s been over a year since the last Parody and it doesn’t feel anywhere near that long. Was a good break not having to really work on much Wiki-wise though. But now with the release of Musk vs Mark and Pewdiepie vs TSeries you got two parodies comin at ya within this next week, one of which is this very blog!

    Alright enough of that shit. I no longer have Trixter and Grav died in a freak idk apple accident or something so I’m completely independent exceptforthecoversthankyoutoLeandroandQuaggaabunchitlooksfantastic and maybe I would like a new Co, maybe I don’t, maybe I need to know shit cause there’s a lotta new users.

    Oh yeah, suggestions, I have like 4 and need like more, no real restrictions but let the u…

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