• Triple-Stabber :P

    Did not expect to finish this rap that quick, not even a week gone. Maybe its because of not writing anything for a long time, or maybe I just know a lot about these two. Oh well, you're here for the rap, so go read it, btw this is also my favourite rap that I have written

    The Demon King demands his food to be served immediately!

    ...Right..Demon King...why don’t you take that sword of yours and shove it right up your pretentious little arse?

    You dare challenge the Demon King?

    ...Alright, well this is my restaurant so why don’t you shut up and fuck off?

    Maybe you would respect me after a decapitation,

    Tho I think I’d Dash ahead looking at that abomination.

    I’m Nobel-naga with Regalia, feel the Demon King’s Rage,

    When I Drag an Electric Storm to dro…

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  • JKGame

    A joke battle I was planning for April Fool's, but I'm too lazy to wait, so here ya go.

    "English graffiti artist, Banksy, and random filly from that one MLP episode, Kettle Corn, battle against each other to see...uhh...who's the better artist?"

    Banksy: Wait, I'm in another rap battle for this wiki? Seriously? I thought I was done. I'm like Deadpool when it comes to overdone characters in these battles. Don't you know that I actually have a life and career? And you expect me to waste my time battling some random character who's not even that important? No way, I'm out.

    Announcer: Wait, but it's going to be short! If you don't participate, you're gonna make Kettle Corn cry! Plus, I put a shock collar on your ankle that electrifies you until th…

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  • JKGame

    Hi there, ERB wiki users! People call me King Dedede, the best ruler of Dreamland from the Kirby series! (Even though it should've been named after me!) But one thing you might not have known is that I'm a huge fan of rap battles! And this wiki has tons of them! Epic Rap Battles of The Universe, in particular, has been great! But then JK stopped making battles for that series and instead became busy on his other series with those pastel ponies! Just the thought of it makes me want to puke!

    (A random portal opens to reveal Pinkie Pie)

    Pinkie: Hey! Don't diss My Little Rap Battles! IT'S THE BEST-

    (King Dedede quickly shuts the portal somehow)

    DDD: Get out of here! I don't want to see another girly little horse again!

    Escargoon: Majesty, there's som…

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  • Joshuakrasinski





    Doom is back from the grave but this ain't no comic book,

    so who am i facing let's take a look,

    i am facing nerdy lawyer sure why not? i have yet to beat a real person.

    i will defeat with my toon tricks that is for certain,

    you failed to prove a black man innocent and your movie was just lame,

    compared to me your more tame.

    so you shot a rabid big fucking deal,

    ounce you find a way to kill a toon i will give you an approval seal.

    so go off like that rabbit i framed and hop along,

    for i have already beaten you in this rap song,

    well it seems your rapping is bad,

    even worse then harvey birdman,

    you give children nightmares so scre you,

    not even pheonix wright would defend you.

    you better call sal …

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  • JKGame

    Welcome again to a new installment of My Little Rap Battles.

    This was supposed to be out a few days ago, but I was busy, so it was delayed.

    Fun fact: This was originally going to be an off-season for Epic Rap Battles of The Universe, but now that this series is a thing, I can just plop this battle here instead.

    Oh, and you most likely noticed that I made a cover. It's not that great, especially the logo, but I tried my best. Keep in mind that there won't be covers for every battle after this.

    This was pretty fun to write, so let's begin.

    "Father and the main protagonist of the TV show Family Guy, Peter Griffin, and female griffon from the kingdom of Griffonstone, Gilda, battle against each other to see which jerkish griffins will come out on top.…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    JIbanyan Vs Agumon

    August 14, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski






    it's jibanyan the mascot of yo kai watch,

    against a prehistoric idiot i will not lose no i will  not,

    your a cute little dinosaur i've seen better from yoshi,

    i'm the definition of cute i will multipiunch you so hard you'll get a nosebleed,

    paws of fury in a battle so suck my balls,

    cause you don't wanna mess with these paws,

    i got millions of other cat yo kai to help me but i won't nedd them,

    after all i call the copyright police and have the digiworld condemened, 

    get on out of here agumon your best left out ot rot,

    especially since your benn replaced by others the more recent being shoutmon,

    i'm burning up this battlefield better step back,

    gonna fry and roast you i've yet to eat roast cat,

    i could d…

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  • Skrumbop


    My name is Vinny and I'm here to say

    I'm better than Brian and I love cliches!

    I keep away the beta males by T-posing!

    I'll leave you like Brian, DECOMPOSING!

    If you throw a moon at me, I won't be happy!

    That genocide you did was pretty crappy!

    You're just a purple thumb obsessed with geology! 

    You look like an alien straight out of Scientology!


    I got a head start on my golf cart!

    So why don't you run back home and go fart!

    I should just use the time stone so I wouldn't hear you rap!

    I default dance on your grave and- 

    Vinny: *BRRAAAAPPP*

    Thanos: dude why did you farded?

    -The fart knocks out Thanos and Vinny takes the glove. He wishes everyone back, including Brian. Vinny travels back in time to stop Brian from getting hit, but instead, he …

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    so another fool wishes to fight against me,

    might as well i will add it as my second assaination victory,

    oh wait your an assasain too? well you could've had me fooled,

    i mean seariously is making innapropriate jokes all you do?,

    i got class with pistol in hand.

    you are the dumbest creation marvel ever had,

    your movies were good i'll give you that,

    but your appearence in x-men origns that was really bad,

    your chimicangas can be destroyed for all i care,

    go back to humping that unicorn under the stairs,

    Oh sorry were you talking to me?,

    i couldn't hear cause  i was counting my movie money,

    i do damage with my kitanas and my guns will put you to an end,

    you can't beat what you can't predic…

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  • Miley Power

    I Killed Flashley

    August 12, 2018 by Miley Power

    Yeah, I may not know how to rap. But at least I'm not a sellout like someone, This user's name is Flashley. Don't worry, God is watching him. Oh and by the way Flashley, I made this in one day or two it's really not that hard. I know I'm not a rapper, but screw it.

    You ran up on him in the middle of the night
    3 shots off top then you vanish out of sight
    That's what you live for, that's what you die for
    Piece of shit, no life to strive for

    Now the family's out for blood
    You think you're in the clear you better run
    Flexing like you wreck the night
    But second guessing now you restless right

    Throw those blogs in the mud then
    Think about that shit you've done
    Was a wallet worth it?
    Did you give him a chance?
    Or did you shoot him from the back
    Then ra…

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  • Poptropica411

    Is this wiki still active? I understand that it's been a while since the last ERBOH, hopefully they come back eventually.

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  • Joshuakrasinski





    well bout time we had this battle strong bad let's do it like brutus,

    when it comes to characters you are the rudest,

    you think you charm the ladies but you don't you end up flat,

    I'm the face of this website and that's a fact,

    like the robot chicken fest it's gonna be bloody,

    better bring your best rhymes buddy,

    you cant's beat me,

    i'm a terrific athlethe,

    beat all the time so eat my dust,

    you losing strong bad your plum out of luck,

    listen idiot i set this up for a reason,

    your in so need of a beating,

    i was a wrestler before heck i hit you with a chair,

    and no to mention the fact your bad and don't have hair,

    you my friend are a sorry act,

    they only come here for me and that's that,


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  • Thatbitchnamesierra

    Hey Guys

    August 12, 2018 by Thatbitchnamesierra

    Hey, guys.

    It's me, Sierra. I am, what we like to call in the business, a Dumb Bitch™. I forgot the password to my old account, and in all honesty, when I mean forget, I mean I reset my password the last time I forgot my password and FANDOM decided that I wasn't worthy of the chance to have a new, easier password, or something. Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know I'm still here, in the loosest sense of the term, and that I have yet to completely forget about you guys.

    Truthfully though, I apologize if at any point in time you guys felt like I didn't care about you guys anymore. I never tried to ignore anybody, online or even in person. I just graduated high school (Class of 2018 is #1!)*, so I had to become really focused at my job to accumu…

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    UN GAURDE! it's guy fawkes about to rip this pussy willow's head off,

    your a pansy comapred to me nothing to be scared of,

    your a fantasy more tragic them romeo and juliet,

    i easily beat you in a battle that's a safe bet,

    your a failed hero like your spoof played by daffy duck,

    so your a lover of romance so what? i don't give a fuck,

    i started an army online,

    it's v for vendetta your head is mine,

    causing anarachy in the city of lamour,

    and let's face it your chances of winning are poor,

    Listen here i'm a true hero i was played ounce by bruce campbell,

    your a terroist if i ever saw one go to hell,

    although you were hanged so they already did it for me,

    i will win this battle with eas…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    Name change

    August 11, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski

    i am thinking of changing the name of my rap battle series any ideas? comment them 

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    name of my series

    August 11, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski

    the name of my series is josh's epic rap battles of tory just to let you all especially mortal5075 know 

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  • JakeTheManiac

    Here I was in my last battle telling everyone to hurry up one day before the deadline. Now it's like 30 minutes until the deadline for this round so yeet I'm a hypocrite.

    Anyways, AWWW YEAAAH, welcome to the last battle of Round 2. It's that draggot Dragon versus that maniasshole Jake. The connection is something long and overly thought out because it's a Dragon battle. aw shit i went there.

    There's no beat because God didn't put me here to please you, TK, that's why. So without further a doo doo, let's get it on and I absolutely do mean in the sexual way.

    I’d let my guard down, since I've already got this cringey kid beaten

    But if low rent InfiniteSource wants a fight, I'll have to leave this Dragon bleedin'

    Congrats! Six attempts later, your …

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  • JKGame

    Welcome back to a new installment of My Little Rap Battles.

    First, shout out to TCalderon for figuring out my pretty obvious hints. Second, this was originally going to be an off-season battle with Ron Weasley as Sunburst's opponent later on, but after recently watching Atlantis: The Lost Empire, I realized that Milo was the perfect opponent for him. Anyways, let's get into this battle.

    "Main protagonist of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Milo Thatch, and royal crystaller and friend of Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, rap against each other in the battle of awkward nerds who held possession of old journals that helped solve an ancient mystery and restored the heart that kept an empire from crumbling."

    (Note: Stellar Flare cameo is denoted in orange and …

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  • Avatar XIII

    Yo! Welcome to the third battle of round 2. In a matchup that makes a lot more sense than my last one, we have the well dressed gentleman, DudeWithASuit, facing off against the chess playing maven, Avatar XIII, in a battle to determine who deserves to move on to the semis!

    Disclaimer, we did not see each other's verses until the posting of this battle, so any repeats or shared references are entirely coincidental. On with the show!


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  • TKandMit

    We did a thing yo.

    Now I have to somehow space out enough room in the top part of this blog to equal out with the infobox to the right so that this looks kind of neat and organized. Hence the meme image above. And this useless body of text.

    Jella and I go out on a date at it in a match-up that, frankly, I'm kind of surprised hasn't happened yet. We're posting on the last day of the extended deadline because, as Cyan put it, he wants this battle to be as good as possible and made sure we had more than enough time to make something special out of it. Hopefully that works out and fulfills expectations. Especially since I nagged Jella a lot to hurry up lol.

    Anyway enjoy the battle and remember to vote in the comments. Good luck Jella!


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  • Joshuakrasinski




    LUAN LOUD!!!


    Wakka Wakka bitch fozzie scratching at you like robin wiliams,

    When it comes to slapping bitches i kill em.

    You can't  beat me and my rhymes comedy is my thing,

    I got so many lyrics they cause quite a sting.

    nothing against your personally kid but your just waiting to be rapped on,

    after your creator got fired it's a wonder why nick didn't move on.

    whack  you with a rubber chicken more harder then how hard  I smack hoes.

    I met your mother before this battle Luan and on her pussy i did blow.

    Oh wow Fozzie great rap,

    just kidding those lyrics were whack.

    i get it my mother has a big butt no need to remind me,

    but i got in the rear when it comes to booty.

    what's the difference between you and me Foz…

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  • Mortal5075

    Why hello there. As you can clearly see, I just created a rap battle between two men famous for their furious behaviour, a celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and a video game reviewer James Rolfe, more commonly known as Angry Video Game Nerd. This battle surprisingly the most scrapped lines out of everything I've done, since there is a ton of material on both people. Please comment down bellow, as feedback is, as always, appreciated. :)

    Welcome to the Gordon Ramsay's Roasting Challengers Master Culinar,

    Spill blood til he'll be more rare then my eels with Jamie Oliver.

    You get one loser and one lazy fuck, mix it up in a privileged environment,

    Put in mother's basement for 20 years, and ta-da, an embarrassment!

    Whisking til you're amuse bouche, make you f…

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  • The Flatwoods Monster

    back to school kids.

    Titular teacher with an advanced sense of hearing from the surrealist "edutainment" horror game "Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning," Baldi pits poems against the president of the literature club and self-aware, unrequited lover Monika from "Doki Doki Literature Club" to see who's the better reality-bending, glitchy horror parody to take place in a school setting.

    Random Encounters as Baldi

    OR30 as Monika


    Oh noes!!! Someone forgot to toss their weeb and now I gotta sweep!!!

    I better stock some chocolat sweets. Yawndere’s make me wanna sleep!!!

    Let’s warm up with my favorit subject; Answer correct for a cash prize!!!

    Three dead friends plus three dead ends equals??? Six of the best!!! That’s right!!!

    Your reward; a shiny q…

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  • JKGame

    Oh hey, welcome back to a brand new installment of My Little Rap Battles.

    I honestly don't have much to say. Well, except for the fact that the CMC actually had other opponents considered, like the A-Team, the Powerpuff Girls, and even a trio of notable people from the Crusades (Connection's obvious there.). But I liked this matchup since so far I haven't seen a battle using Big Nate characters that used them to their fullest with references, so here it is.

    "Three main characters of the Big Nate comic series, Nate, Francis, and Teddy, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders themselves, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, battle against each other to see which trio of friends will come out on top."

    (Note: Nate is denoted in blue, Francis is denoted …

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    El Santo!.


    Sin Cara!


    i am the infamous el Santo legend of the ring,

    i am pitted up against this sloppy jobber is this gonna be a thing?,

    listen against me your just gonna lose instantly man,

    with all those botched i am surprised you can still stand,

    your a discrace to lucha libre turn in your mask,

    your even a worse gimmick then john cena's cousin juan cena i am surprised you character did indeed last,

    i was buried with mask on i had my own movies too,

    never been unmasked it's true,

    been wrestling since the day of black and white even  longer then hulk hogan,

    i'd bodyslam you but the canvas did it for me,

    listen i am not one to bash people

    but for you it's time to make an exception,

    plus your age is like spoiled mi…

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  • Joshuakrasinski





    Oh please is this some joke i will beat you easily,

    i butcher monster for a living and you shows a disease,

    your my show for kids you ripped me off that is  what i'm saying,

    unlike you i can actually take over the battel don't be naysaying,

    you can't take over the world due to an agreement,

    i can cause i get the belt and it's instant world domination,

    i am more evil the hitler bigger army then rasputin,

    the biggest thing facing you is space style pollution,

    you know  this battle is getting boring just get your verse already,

    so beware take good care for this is gonna get scary,

    i am the greatest overlord in the universe brougth game show madness back to nick,

    plus you kill monster to see them …

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  • Element K


    Looks like we're kicking off Round 2 with the match-up of GreenToxic vs Element K. We can both agree that this was a whole lot of fun to write and we're excited to see what happens with it.

    In order to fill up this space due to the cover, we would like to thank TK, Avvy, Jake and Cyan for doing a great job with the 7 OWRT so far. Hopefully, the others won't keep pushing deadlines.

    Anywho, you guys know the drill by now:

    Use your right to vote in the comment section below!

    Oh, and I almost forgot to give you this beat!



    GreenToxic (0:19):

    Toxic in Round 2, where has this ugly shirt guy been?

    Guess I have to wait for the Master of Lag to (stepin)

    Elite 4 member? That’s about to change, brother

    This dude can get triggered by a cloud, …

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  • Mcdamon23

    Hello there, the name’s Miles Edgeworth, ace prosecutor and chief at the prosecution office. Mister Damon has asked me to make update on the series, particularly on the second half. He was rather busy on the sin battle and his other series to do it himself. A most logical choice on his behalf, I must say.

    Let me first off make a quick summary of what this series is all about if you somehow haven’t heard of this series. To put it simply, this series pits Ace Attorney characters against figures from history and fiction(besides video games). So far it has been doing well, but unfortunately all good things come to an end. Which is why it’s sad to say that Larry Butz will appear this half. Truly a tragic tale.

    Hey! Why you gotta be so mean, Edgy! …

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    alright you copy get ready to fight,

    your movie was awful so i am doing something right,

    your a real big pervert having sex with humans,

    that's beastiality you big doofus,

    you don't care about anything your as worse as detective chimp,

    gonna beat you so bad you'll gonna go limp,

    your even silly as a zombie got sliced in half by ash williams,

    i will pound the wacky right out of you like the genie call me robin killems,

    to finish up my first verse here is what i'm gonna say,

    we own you now howard so don't even try to sue me okay,

    well thank god i can read the subtitles i can't understand a word you say,

    you insulted my sex life so for that your gonna pay,

    i broke the fourth wall be…

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  • Amontgomery1432

    Greetings hi hello I'm not dead! I am Amont and I'm here to review a movie. Today, I watched Deadpool 2And it's about fuckin' time, too! Oh, Christ. Not this guy again. Yeah, you're finally getting to my movie. But, wait, what's that date say over there? "May 18th"? That means you've had two fucking months, Monty! Two! What the fuck took you so long, asshole? I thought what we had was special! Well, you see, there is this thing known as money that I do not always posses. Thankfully, according to IMDb, your movie is still in theaters. So zip it, Weapon X. Be thankful I saw it in the first place! Well, did you enjoy it? Yeah, it was good. But I'm not gonna leave it at just that, that's what this blog is- Nah nah nah, piss off. You know it's the …

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    i am dangerous when i go into battle,

    i got an eyepatch now so it's your fur i will and your bones i will rattle,

    world's greatest secret agent forget james bond,

    face it you currently unknow your praticially gone,

    you look like a flasher when you open your coat,

    you should be in jail for that you hat masked joke,

    your praticially a copy of me just look at your little sidekick,

    he is about as small as your dick,

    i rock bigger pistols then you ever could,

    so get the fuck out of my bloddy hood,

    agent triple zero reporting for rap battle duty,

    cause i am about to roast this big piece of crumpit  eating dukey,

    all you got a reboot sorry to say been there done that man,

    i got a lady squirrel…

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  • JKGame

    Small Update

    July 27, 2018 by JKGame

    Hey guys. This is just something I wanted to throw out.

    There is an off-season/bonus battle I'm planning for this series, and it's sort of unique.

    You know the battles involving the seven deadly sins? It's like that, except I'm using characters that represent the Elements of Harmony instead. No, not the Mane 6. I'm thinking of this battle as an alternate universe where characters from other media represent the Elements. Who are they facing? I was thinking about that. In the end, I decided to go with Nightmare Moon because she was the first villain we saw in the show, so it made sense. (I am planning to include her in an on-season battle, but not as one of the main rappers.)

    Now, this is where you come in. You can help me think of characters w…

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  • Mcdamon23

    (Spoilers to FMA(2003) and Investigations 2)

    Welcome to an off-season installment of Epic Rap Battles of Ace Attorney vs History.

    Today we're having a special edition of the series. It's a special seven sins battle and Dante has nothing to do with this(besides some mentions). This battle features two groups of seven deadly sins. The seven Ace Attorney characters representing the sins going against one of my favorite representations of the sins, The Homunculus from FullMetal Alchemist. The 2003 version to be precise, because it got a better Sloth and Wrath personally.

    Lust will be represented by the woman who gets men to do her bidding, Dee Vasquez. Representing Gluttony, we got the man who got hungry for more power, Damon Gant. For Envy we go…

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  • JKGame

    Oh, dear. A new rap battle already after having two in a row in a single day?

    Ok, I have an explanation. Scott the Woz vs AntDude was something I just wanted to make last minute so that I wouldn't lose interest in it much later on. I've been planning this battle for a while and I'm too lazy to wait until later to post this. Plus, I'm going to be away next week so there won't be any battles until I come back.

    As for this battle, Rarity, at least for me, is one of the most underused characters in any rap battle. I've wanted to use her for a long time, but I had some trouble coming up with her opponent. (Coco Chanel is a good opponent, but I wasn't interested in using her, and Donald Trump was another one I liked and did use once before, but no…

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    ms.dupri coming into this rap battle sneaky as a fox,

    your head is as big as the whole entire wall of fort knox,

    my hair might not be real but i can use it to my advantage,

    with hips so big you better watch where your junk is,

    i am so popular i have fans far and wide,

    watch out i am coming for your hide,

    allow me to retort you stupid furry,

    allow me to show you russain fury,

    mother russai kick's paris france's ass any time of day,

    you clearly ripped me off and for that your gonna pay,

    i know how how to tango i even got spyfox aroused,

    and when it comes to thievery i bring down the house,

    good thing i have a red dress cause the cops won't see you bleed,

    time for this battle to end …

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  • JKGame

    Whoa, a new battle already?!

    Yeah, this is something I wanted to do before I lose interest in this idea after working on my other series. That's why this is an Off-Season. This is honestly pretty weak but still, enjoy.

    "Two gaming YouTubers, Scott the Woz and AntDude, rap against each other to see which comedic YouTubers all about games is better."

    Disclaimer: Of course, this battle does not reflect my opinion on these YouTubers nor does it reflect theirs. This is all just for fun.







    Hey y'all, Scott here! And today, I'm going to diss this Kirby fanboy

    Out of all the Nintendo videos you have, there wasn't a single one I enjoyed!

    AntDude? Well, I'm definitely going to crush …

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  • JKGame

    Hello, welcome to the first battle to officially be part of My Little Rap Battles.

    I still count the previous four MLP battles to be part of this series, but since they were originally part of Epic Rap Battles of The Universe, I'm thinking of labeling only two of them as part of a pilot season. King Sombra vs Sombra and Applejack vs Johnny Appleseed would be loosely part of season 1, I guess.

    So, if you have been reading my battles since June, you would know that the very first rap battle I posted in this wiki was Zeus vs Rainbow Dash. Looking back, it's honestly pretty weak so I decided to give this one a sequel.

    Anyways, let's just get into it.

    "The Greek god of thunder and the ruler of all gods, Zeus, and the competitive pegasus from My Lit…

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  • PixelNova


    Beat: The beat that was used for Tobuscus VS Pewdiepie 2 TheAngryMidget deleted the link ;-;


    Silent: (0:15)

    I present to you “A battle, but it’s against someone who is pure shit.”

    You hate british people and white girls, wow, what a hypocrite

    Also! Claiming you hate girls? Not surprised you end up being single

    Leo VS is actually a series now, next up, Leo VS The Wiggles

    Eddsworld VS South Park had better writing than you, and I was like 10!

    Such a smal boi, you were destroyed by ducking Baba Fens.

    I can’t take any shit from the guy who got his YouTube channel hacked.

    And who’s rapping skills are somehow worse than Pixel Perry’s diss tracks!…

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    welcome to chuck e cheeses where a kid can be a kid,

    but if they head over your place they end up sick,

    don't step  to this pizzeria legend or you'll get whacked,

    your based of a tyrant what's up with that,

    i rather eat a cesear salad but i have a lover in helen henny,

    i rather try ranch then your dressing this battle is gonna cost you a pretty penny,

    i won this battle already so i'll feed you to mr.munch watch you die howl,

    i will have you mauled by japser t jowels,

    you think my pizza's bad just look at yours,

    it gives people indigestion every four hours,

    your getting rid of all the animatronics that's fucking messed up,

    better get back chuck before i attack like a bishop,

    your getti…

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  • JKGame

    Hello,  and welcome to the first Off-Season battle I've ever done.

    A long time ago, someone by the name of Mcdamon23 suggested iDubbbz vs Sayori in a post where I asked for stupid suggestions. I was honestly a bit hesitant since I hardly knew about iDubbbz. Unfortunately, I came up with this and liked it more. However, I decided to at least acknowledge his suggestion by bringing it up and including iDubbbz as a cameo. (If this was a video.) Definitely check out his Ace Attorney and Rap Battles for your Amusement series. It's worth your time, especially if you're into Ace Attorney for the former. This is just something I wanted to do before starting my other series.

    Anyways, let's get into it!

    "One of the main four girls from the game Doki Dok…

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  • PixelNova

    I have not made this

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  • Joshuakrasinski




    SPACE GHOST!!!!!!


    buzz lightyear stardate july 20th 2018,

    i have to face off against this washed up hasbeen it seems,

    very well guess i have no choice,

    time to defeat it with my best power of all my voice,

    i am one of pixar's finest your the lamest,

    you sold out to adult swim that version of you is outrageous,

    i rather watch the brak show then watch your cheap ass talk show,

    i'd rather watch harvey birdman atleast he had good comedy in tow,

    space ghost your animation looks like it was drawn by a kid,

    i rather be in the backyard and strapped to a rocket by sid,

    i am finishing off this first verse with the biggest bomb drop of all,

    i'll will take your little crew and and introduce them to my lu…

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  • BuellerHQ

    1. The Doctor 

    I know, I know, the Doctor was already in an ERB. That doesn't necessarily mean anything nowadays, though, does it? I mean, Washington and Trump both appeared -- with different actors. And since there are many incarnations of the Doctor, I do wish that the Doctor could appear again! Especially with the advent of Series 11 and Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor, I think ERB could do some interesting things with the character(after the really shallow interpretation in Doc Brown vs Doctor Who). 

    2. The Incredibles vs Fantastic Four

    I don't know exactly how they'll pull off the Incredibles, since they're basically computer animation, but I'm sure Peter and Lloyd'll think of something. And yeah, two superpower families! It would be…

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  • Avatar XIII

    Hey ladies and gents. Welcome to the final battle of Round 1. Here we have the matchup you've all been waiting for, Avvy vs Assy. Dunno what our connection is other than our names. Enjoy!


    Please refrain from using racially explicit language, it is not appropriate and may result in action if it con-

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  • Mortal5075

    Hello there. Seeing how the wiki died down recently but got me revived here with the tourney, I thought I would share this lovely battle with everyone. This is a battle between a Fabletown detective from the Fables series, Bigby Wolf and a bootleg origin of Hulk from the book named the Strange Case of Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde, Henry Jekyll. Lets see who will be more savage.

    Dark Night. New York. Fabletown. Another psycho stormed in town.

    One more shitty night for Sheriff Wolf to cage this monkey down.

    A jackanape beating this jack off will be a game of cat and mouse.

    Your ass will be so burned it will resemble your own house.

    The dooming origins of my horror began with blowing winds and whirls,

    First time the audience saw you, you just tramp…

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    bravo it's bravoman battling yakko warner cause i just can,

    why are you not wearing a shirt that's indecent man,

    wakko wears no pants we get it stop running that joke to death,

    i already won this rap battle game set,

    your show got cancelled and again thanks to discovery family,

    your spinoff to tiny toons? well couldn't fooled me with your deuschbaggery,

    i mean seariously most of your cartoons are mean spirited,

    your innuendo's are suttle that i wil admit but you look like that one burrito i shitted,

    well it's better then your buffonery your an idiot max fold,

    now listen to what i was foretold,

    shiftylook's youtube channel is gone deal with it,

    you appeared in they're mappy series and i'm surpris…

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  • JKGame

    Oh, hey, welcome to another installment of Epic Rap Battles of The Universe.

    I honestly don't have much to say. This battle was suggested by both TCalderon and Drakan95. While TCalderon doesn't have any battles posted, definitely check out Drakan's Cartoon vs History series if you haven't seen or heard of it! It has some very good battles!

    Anyways, let's get right into this battle!

    "DC's most iconic superhero, Superman, and Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin, battle it out to see which "Man of Steel" is superior."







    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the true Man of Steel: the real deal!

    You're just known for killing your people while I'm getting worldwide appeal!

    For ruling your union…

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    i am back ounce again for another weirdmageddon,

    but it seems this candy coated girls show is my destination,

    look i know i asked for a challenge but this is just a joke,

    it only took 6 measley ponies to get your ass broke,

    i am the final piece of the illumanti no jack shit,

    and i rather face q for a john de lancie hit,

    your friends with fluttershy yet you mean to the others,

    you think you outta explain that thought not time to take over brothers,

    i am the god of chaos your just known as a dorito,

    i charmed for the love of celestia ain't that neato?,

    you killed a bucking baby the hell is wrong with you?,

    i know he'll come back but neverthless listen to zecora

    your doomed,

    it's best you leave this b…

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  • PixelNova

    DHMIS VS Bill Wurtz

    July 18, 2018 by PixelNova

    What's your favorite idea?
    Mine is making crappy battles!

    Ok so this is a strange battle. Hello welcome to a brand new Silent Rap Battle!

    This battle features the creator of "History of the entire world, I guess, Bill Wurtz" going up against the three puppets that have scared the internet since 2011, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

    This battle was written by Silent, Trakked, and Dilly


    Doi in normal text

    Robin in italics

    Red in bold





    Bill Wurtz:

    Welcome to a rap battle, this horror will scream and shout

    I teach history I guess you just call the media out

    Your show is complete garbage, I'll smash these pesky bees

    You started in 2011 I've been around since 2003

    It's easy and si…

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  • Dragonsblood23

    What's up guys! This tournament contains the battle of two oldschool users, me and Flashley (Nail), with the special of us just having one longass verse unlike the other battles. Special thanks to Cyan for setting things out when Val dropped on holiday and thanks to Flashley for joining in and being patient on me releasing this battle. Now then, without further ado, Let's begin this battle to see who is the superior oldschool wiki user!!!



    Let's get this over quickly, you're getting froze by my wicked flow

    Writtens cold as a trip in snow in the midst of a Minnesotan

    Winter cause the shit I spit's bone chilling, hitting through your coat

    frigid, you go from single digits to six feet below

    Really though, I'm hype; what's a dragon to an ice…

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  • BuellerHQ

    I Thank ERB for . . .

    July 18, 2018 by BuellerHQ

    Hello. I'm BuellerHQ, a new user to this Wiki. Well, actually, I've known this Wiki and have been here a few times, but this is the first actual time I made an account. I know that, compared to other Wikis, this Wiki is very accepting in terms of the content of blog posts, so I hope talking about ERB -- partly, at least -- won't get me into trouble. I mean, I might delve into other stuff like movies in later blog posts, but for now . . . 

    Yeah, I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who. It's probably my favorite thing in the whole wide world, and I would never have known what it was had ERB not made Doc Brown vs Doctor Who! Looking back, I know for a fact that ERB barely even knew about Doctor Who when they made the battle(they either barely scratched the…

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