• LeandroDaVinci

    Hey, another rap battle from me coming through! 

    Since I really enjoyed writing Gus vs The Governor, I decided to make another rap battle, the process is really fun and I got a lot of a great response to my first one so I may be planning on making more battles, who knows. (Grav knows).

    Talking about the Gravy man, I need to thank him for all the support and the great chiseling he has provided along the process of this battle and the last one. 

    Let's jump right in, shall we? Today we have serial killer and blood spatter analyst, Dexter Morgan, rapping against the fastest man in the world right out the CW show, Barry Allen. You know, forensic geeks with a secret life provided by their mother's murder. 


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  • LawnDefender072003

    Okay. Many of you probably don't know who Sun Wukong is; but he holds a special place in my childhood. I and many Chinese/Vietnamese grew up watching Journey to the West. Sun Wukong was a hero in my heart and so does Superman. I decided to write a rap battle between them.

    Sun Wukong is a character in the Chinese novel and TV show: Journey to the West. He aids Master Xuanzang together with his sidekicks: Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing to travel to the west (ancient India) to collect Buddhist scriptures in order to spread Buddhisim across China.

    He was born by a magical rock in the Monkey land and was crowned "The Monkey king". He has 72 magical powers and so, he decided to go rebel against the heaven. All gods became afraid of him and called the Bu…

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  • Segamad66

    Time to start season 5!

    Great battle!







    The original talking car has arrived to school this newbie.

    I had 4 wonderful seasons, while you have 3 shitty movies.

    Wondering who I am? I'm Knight Industries Two Thousand.

    You can call me K.I.T.T. for short. But I be the one shouting.

    I navigate around Las Vegas to solve crimes and mysteries,

    With my best friend Michael Knight. So we can score victory.

    I've got a flame thrower, grappling hook and a badass winch.

    But you like the back end of Mater, no wonder you're his bitch.

    Lightning McQueen

    It's another one for McQueen, just be prepare to burnout.

    Let me shout, ka-chow! Just as my radical rhymes Flo out.

    When Guido changes my tyres, he doesn't…

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  • WobuffetSonans4

    My new series

    June 20, 2017 by WobuffetSonans4

    For anyone who remembers my Epic Rap Battles of Wobuffet battle on Saturday, , in fact , I'm planning the make it a successful series. I'm new to this, I need advice in the comments below. The next battle features fairy tale-based animated monsters.

    Also, I need opponents for Lightening McQueen, The Powerpuff Girls, Garnet, and Link. They (spoilers) will be in one of the 15 battles the first season will have.

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  • WonderPikachu12

    Back in September, I'd fully written this battle by myself to be featured on the YouTube fanmade series Cartoon Made Rap Battles. I was really excited and super proud of how the battle turned out, especially since I was a huge fan of CMRB at the time and was grateful as fuck to have gotten the chance to be part of the writing team. Then just recently, I realized they're a bunch of dicks and I got booted out of the crew for no reason with literally no reason, so I just decided to jump ship completely and take this battle with me. I wrote it all on my own, so it's mine. And thus I decided to upload it here.

    There's a random line mentioning BoJack Horseman, 'cause the context is that there's another battle planned where it's supposed to seem li…

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  • Dark Cyan

    Hello, everyone. And welcome to CyGIR Rap Battles! It's time for your monthly dose!

    This battle would have been out earlier, but I was busy. Seriously. For the past two weeks, my stuff was the only stuff not done! I'm very sorry.

    Anyway, this battle pits the internet meme Grumpy Cat and comic strip feline Garfield, to see who's the grumpier cat, I guess.

    Shoutout to Quagga for the AWESOME art!


    Beat: Was That Sarcasm?

    (starts at 0:37)

    This felines picking on someone his own size? That seems Plaza-ble

    But I’ll bite. Cause I read your funnies once….. And it was awful

    Plus you pose threat to the domain I reign. Since you surpass me in monotony;

    The web has taken your lack of comedy and is enjoying it…. ironically

    That doesn’t fly with me. CGI’s mo…

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  • HeyItsRed

    Oh wow

    Welcome to Red's Rap Battles of Anything, where I make rap battles about anything.

    This is my new wiki series and I have some cool matchups planned so keep an eye out for them.

    This matchup is between the Ultimate Writing Prodigy, Toko Fukawa, and the principal of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School, Mr. Krupp.

    Huge thanks to R for helping me write this, check him out!

    Also thank you JordanShowish for making the thumbnail.




    Y-You’re rapping against me..? N-Now I’m starting to feel pity...

    I haven’t seen t-this much despair than my time in Towa City

    More useless t-than a newborn Kipper, it’s really an abnormality

    That you’re so d-dim you don’t even know your ot…

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  • Joeaikman

    Wiki Chapter 11

    June 19, 2017 by Joeaikman

    Sliver ran her coarse tongue up Shop’s face. He tried to wince, but she held him in place. He could feel her body pressed against his, and tried to pull away from that too, but he found that he couldn’t move. Her grip was strong. She was stronger than she looked. She looked as if she was a walking corpse, but clearly that was deceptive.

    He hadn’t seen Sliver since he was seven. She had been his imaginary friend, he had thought. That had been what his father had always told him. One day he had been sat down and told that Sliver had been forced to go away, that she couldn’t play with him anymore. He had been sad, but had moved on. How could his dad have not told him that the girl missing from his life was actually his sister? That seemed like…

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  • Arney Balogna

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the wikia. I've been writing rap battles as a guilty pleasure for awhile, to beats and all,

    though I don't think they are very good. I thank you so much for checking it out. Please have the beat on with it,

    I think it makes it better! If anyone likes this, I'll put on some of my others eventually with color coding and stuff.

    Today, it's Che Guevera VS Bob Marley, chillest VS most paranoid/violent man in the Caribbean. Apologies for spelling

    errors. Hope you all have a great day! Please give some advice on things that may not be good and give your thoughts 

    of the battle as a whole. I write these for the passion of it, but if someone else can find entertainment in it, that

    is cool! :D


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  • NightFalcon9004
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  • WobuffetSonans4

    WARNING: This may be cringeworthy.

    This is a ra battle between Sega's speedy blue hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog vs Capcom's super fighting blue robot bomber Mega Man. Yes, I know they crossovered before in Smash 4 and comics, but this is another Universe. Only Classic Mega Man is used. Knuckles, Shadow, and Dr Wily are cameos. New series. Let's go!




    This is Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog

    After this, the blue blur will turn you into a weak little frog

    Come on step it up, you don't need jumping from your stupid robot dog

    I jump faster then the Jumpman at the Olmypics, you in SSB4 just up b-spamming there like a log

    Sonic Sez Mighty No. 9 ain't looking GOOD,

    Crying like an anime fan at prom night, I gotta go fast on meme…

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  • JaphethMario

    This will be the first time I made a Rap Meaning.

    So I was bored, so I made a short battle from my spare time.


    Actually is more like I don’t any ideas for Japheth’s Fictional Rap Battles.

    I mean these are some of the characters I want to use so badly

    -Crash Bandicoot (I have an idea of him going against Banjo and Kazooie, cause N64 vs PS1)

    -Phoenix Wright (I don’t want him vs Finch or Birdman, cause three users made a 1v1 ft. 1 battle with different order, maybe I can use Miles Edgeworth instead)

    -Professor Layton

    -Stewie Griffiin and Brian Griffin (I want a different Family Guy representative, like Bart Simpson)

    -Bill Cipher

    -South Park or maybe just Eric Cartman

    -Another Undertale character (sans won’t have a cameo again :P)


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  • BreZ

    Guess who's back, back again, tell a friend, I am back, I am back.

    Well... it's been so long, it actually took me a bit before I remembered how to set this up... Anyways, I did it, hopefully. Now, it's not the battle that was hinted at in the end of the last battle, but that one has been delayed till further notice on account of not getting anywhere with it. So now, we got this one instead. Thor Odinson, real name Odinson (not certain if Thor still counts as his real name... apparently it's a title now) going toe to toe, line to line, with Shazam, real name: Billy Batson. As always, let me thank my sidekick Legion for helping write this battle, as he does with every battle in this series. Apparently he's Nightwinged it and he's going by Soo…

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  • Icey778

    I am now only going to use characters I am only really passionate about like this one becasue I can use my full potential. If you haven't read Akame Ga Kill I highly suggest it. Yes I know I didn't mention Teigue in this battle, but you can't get em all. As well I didn't talk about every death in FD, but this is a rap battle. 


    Who needs your emotion it's overrated and causes too much commotion

    Don't mind me just making explosions like your lover who I'm exposin'

    You fucked up he's part the of Night Raid, you got played, that's why you got slayed

    How aren't you afraid, I leave the bodies laid in blood with the person flayed

    But your entire scenario of love was an accident like this match we're in

    Your entire subplot distractin' when your series w…

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  • UnstableIsotope42

    No, just be patient, OK?

    Vsauce vs Vinesauce. Coming soon.

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  • Nikki Lee 1999

    Shout out to User:Robotic Operating Mango, User:Triple-Stabber :P, and User:NightFalcon9004 for the blog idea.

    So all I do is plug the name into the search bar on YouTube and then sort by view count. Some of them (Sarah Palin) are less relevant to the characters than others. But I haven't encountered any that are too ridiculous yet.

    John Lennon's "Imagine"

    129 million views

    ERB's "John Lennon vs Bill O'Reilly"

    37 million views

    ERB's "Darth Vader vs Hitler"

    97 million views

    ERB's "Darth Vader vs Hitler"

    97 million views

    ERB's "Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney"

    133 million views

    ERB's "Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris"

    76 million views

    Eminem's "We Made You" (Sarah Palin is a subject of this song and video)

    173 million views

    Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"

    830 million views …

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  • Triple-Stabber :P

    So it's been a while eh? Why it took so long for this one? Well, I was deciding to either post it now or after Ashens: The Quest for the Gamechild 2 to come out. I chose the former cuz you are reading this

    So no Rap Meanings cuz I'm lazy, so just ask in the comments and I'll answer back

    So yeah, hopefully the next one will not be that long to make, oh yeah. Thanks to Mendes for a better word to use than my own. So give him some chocolate or somethin

    Anyways, let's go!

    Stuart Ashen is red

    Gordon Ramsay is light blue

    Nemesis is gray

    Blue Team is blue

    Stuart Ashen!


    Gordon Ramsay!


    Hello! Ashens here sporting the suit and red tie,

    And today, I'll review a Cowell knock-off who his dad made him cry.

    In 10 minutes, I'll leave your body with Fifty Tho…

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  • Joeaikman

    The screen is just static. There are specks of red liquid at some points across it. A hand reaches out and wipes them away. The hand is rough and coarse, but wrinkled, suggesting it’s owner is old, but works hard, possibly in the fields. Suddenly, a voice comes through the TV. It is crackly and difficult to hear.

    ???: Is there-- Is there-- Repeat-- Anybody out there?--

    The hand reaches out again, and turns up the volume. The voice continues.

    ???: --frequency. Is there--- Can somebody--- Matteo-- Connection--- Fix it!

    The voice starts to clear up then, and the connection improves, making it more clear what is being said, and without the interruptions in between words and phrases.

    ???: Is that better? Can you hear me now? Good. I need to begin. S…

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    Three years ago I stumbled upon this blog and thought it was the funniest shit in the world, so I made a spiritual successor to it and really enjoyed the results, so I kept making more. This is of course, OTERB, and whether you like them or not, they have been making me laugh for 3 years. I don't want to ramble though, I know what you're here for, these are your suggestions (Sorry Clockwork, but hot potato wan't different enough to be included here).

    Everything disappears like a breath on the mirror, and everything you have vanished is gone. Whenever he comes, Dr. and I are always there. But the times have changed, and I have to do that We are all human beings in life, that's good. As long as you remember all the people you used before, you…

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  • Segamad66

    Finally another royale since battle 10.

    Hold onto your knickers!


    MR. BEAN




    Charlie Chaplin

    It's Charlie Chaplin and I'm here to face this modern mimic.

    I'll whack you with my cane Bean, just call me Mrs. Wicket.

    You think you can defeat Chaplin, don't be so silly.

    Give up now and drive back home in your green Mini.

    You're a fictional disaster, while I'm real and loved, I'm serious.

    But it's One A.M bitch! Just the start of the gold rush period.

    Grab yourself a Snickers bar, looks like you need one,

    'Cause the only sex you get, is Teddy fingering your bum.

    Mr. Bean

    Take off your bowler hat, because you're about to be bowled over,

    With my rhymes. I'm about to tear into you, like a classic CC poster.

    Look at …

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    Have you ever wanted something to be run through a translator until it's unintelligible? Do you find nonsense to be hilarious? Have you read any of my OTERB's? Well today is your lucky day!

    This Saturday is the third anniversary of OTERB and I find it fitting to celebrate by translating your suggestions. Songs, poems, speeches, fanmades, fanfiction, copypastas, you name it I translate it! the only rules are it has to be between 10 and 200 words (nothing too small, nothing too big), and only one suggestion per user. I'll translate and post every suggestion in the anniversary blog on Saturday, so until then, get to suggesting!

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    My activity on this wiki will further dwindle in coming time, as it has already dwindled now.

    I'm trying to better myself and become a more mature person, and the wiki can be fairly unforgiving in that regard. I was a child, but I'm seeking to become a man, and a man does not do the things I have done. I've done my absolute best to cut down on arguments, to no longer act like a totally obnoxious racist edgelord, and to no longer insult people's interests as a joke or make fun of those interests, but I still have work to do to become a better person. Past perceptions are however, seemingly hard to shake, and if that is the only lesson I get out of this whole ordeal, it'd be worth it. That lesson is part of the reason why I will be active les…

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  • Hippie Rat

    Hey yo hi hello

    Welcome to a new series that isn't at all another ripoff of Chisel This. In this series I will be showcasing the writing process for certain things I write and/or chisel and explain why I include certain ideas and leave out others and how I incorporate delivery into my substance rather than smush a bunch of, just, stuff into a thing.

    Because I'm so fucking awesome and undeniably perfect at this stuff

    So today we will be looking at the chiseling and writing process for my first ever vocal role, holy shit it's about fucking time, Kirk Fogg of Legends of the Hidden Temple in the Game Show Host Royale of Dragon Rap Battles.

    So let's begin at the beginning, shall we?

    March 25th, 2017 - Dragon hit me up about doing a voice role along…

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  • Newraptor






    Son Goku:

    Oh, what’s this? Look what we have here,

    An uninteresting karate hobo with a poor record and career! 

    I hear they call you the wandering warrior but you just walked into your demise,

    ‘Cause when you try to flow to me, you won't wander out alive! 

    You had one movie and it blew more than Nappa,

    I’m a Super Saiyan warrior and a master rappa! 

    I won the 23rd world tournament, you had to cheap shot Sagat!

    You ain’t got half of the martial art skills that I got! 

    Ryu Hoshi:

    Better step back, Goku, or I’m sending you directly back to your flamboyant hell,

    And after I’ve Buu’d you off stage, I’ll fire a blast and vaporize all of your Cells! 

    You wanna talk movies, man? Let’s tal…

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    i just saw guardians of the galaxy 2 and it was awesome  can't wait until part 3

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  • JBuster

    Inspired by you guys and ERB! :)

    Waiting on my grade now

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    what's your brand of bubblegum and how big was your biggest bubblegum bubble? 

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  • SoothSaiyaman!

    ya yo ya yo *cue terrible 4Kids OnePiece theme*

    wait this isn't my onepiece battle

    and yet it still has User:Icey778 guesting in it huh go figure and yay lazy hint

    wait i'm writing my one piece battle all by myself

    that makes no sense

    go home smooth you're drunk

    wait no that's nikki who's high anyways

    this is the battle of the tsundere triclops

    icey played tien, that's right, i didn't even play the dragon ball character in this one (though i did actually originally ask icey to play hiei he chose to play tien and it came out better this way imo)

    i made the cover for this on my phone......... why tf can't you choose to look for renders when google image searching on your phone, smh google get your stuff together

    skeep made hieis title card


    I've go…

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  • Mendes2

    Hopefully this works. As far as I know, this will be automatically updated multiple times a day (I think).

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  • Nikki Lee 1999

    I don't know whether you guys will believe me, or just think I am doing a weird attention stunt. 

    I am making this blog so that I can have something to look at after I'm sober, and remember the first time I got high.

    I don't know whether it will be funny, and I don't really care. I just want to share.

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  • Dragonsblood23

    Tonight, i'm getting my HS degree and probably will have some photos tomorrow but overall i'm excited for the next step of mymensingh life.

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  • WonderPikachu12








    Welcome back to Video Games vs History at last! Only it's not the return of Season 3 yet. That'll be back up properly soon enough.

    After my last Ness battle didn't go so well, I decided I wanted to reboot it. And eventuall I came up with this match-up. It's so perfect. We've got two white mage-esque, magical-shield-bearing heroes of groups of four fighting against invading aliens, both holding a connection to a previous hero that once defeated the leader of the invading aliens as well as maintaining strong connections to their mothers.

    I'd hurried to finish this up for the recent Steven Bomb. I'…

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  • The Flatwoods Monster

    been a while.

    in light of the upcoming wonder woman movie (which is apparently good and im mad excited for) i realized i sorta wanted to write a battle with WW and at the same time ive been wanting to get into Xena and boom a way to kill two birds with one stone. so yea here's my take on a suggestion i wanted erb to do a while back.

    The princess of Themyscira (Or Paradise Island, depending on who you ask), one of the original founders of the Justice League of America, and iconic Amazonian superheroine from the big three of DC, Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman, does battle with the destroyer of nations, reformed warlord, and seeker of the greater good from the classic 1990's television show, Xena of Amphipolis, to see which of these two sword-and-…

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  • Stofferex

    Holy f*cking Son of a B*ch sh*t tits! I forgot this year again?! God dammit Ross...

    Well anyway, HI GUYS!

    Haven't posted anything in a LOOOOOOOONG TIME now have I? 

    Well I don't really know what to do so thats why.

    But now I do have a reason: It's my 5th year being here!

    And just like last year, I TOTALLY FORGOT! :D

    However unlike last year, there is no Flats to give me a present with a battle I've been waiting for. Bummer...

    Well... what more is there to say honestly?...

    Uhm... Ha en trevlig helg? Vänta, det är inte helg en... Vänta VÄNTA! Varför skriver jag på svenska? Vänta lite...

    Ok ok, så där så där oooooooooaaoaoaoaaaaaaaand there we go. Sorry. Technical difficulties I guess? Hehe... awkward.

    Uhm... damn this IS very awkward. Uhm, what do I w…

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  • Wachowman

    (Cyan and Grav are seen throwing books at each other)


    (Night is seen slapping both Nikki and Assy)


    (Leandro and Quagga are seen having an art-off)


    (Voice and Jake are both seen entering a wrestling ring)


    (Legion and Icey are seen arguing)


    (Sega and Autismo are...well no one really knows anymore)


    (Wachow and Gravity are seen writing what you're currently reading)


    (Killer, Mat and Trixter are seen making gay jokes at each other)


    (Thy and Clock are seen bringing Grav more drinks)


    (Avatar is seen playing chess against Neo)


    (Coupe and Loygan are seen fighting over the custody of Bantha)


    (Cam is seen begging Peter to be in an ERB)







    Bring it on, Joe with his flow is …

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  • Rob Tick

    Useless Rap Battle

    May 30, 2017 by Rob Tick

    Since my wifi is acting up, I'm updating this accidentally blank page with updates for URB. First up:

    Now, this may not be shocking, but Warrior and I are brothers. I'm like 17, he's 19, and we're pretty good friends. Next:

    School and gaming. I literally joined the MLG group and I now love Rocket League. And finally:

    Here they are:

    1. Two for one price

    2. Alone but hitched

    3. Got issues

    4. Fly guy vs aeroplane

    5. Not cool

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  • SoothSaiyaman!
    Today we have a battle (duo battle crai this is hard hence the delays) between the legacies of Dragon Ball, Son Goten and Briefs Trunks, against the mainstays of Hunter X Hunter, Freecs Gon and Zoldyck Killua, to see who ripped off being Naruto and Sasuke better. (Kurapika more like KuRIPika)

    This one is like legit actually going to have audio I've already got the people ready and said yes and a beat actually this time (IKR Smooth with a beat is like ???)

    so yeah

    skeep made Gon, Killua and Goten's title cards

    Goten and Trunks: (0:12)

    The biological pinnacle of the DB second generation

    And we'll go Super Saiyan on Togashi's second recreation

    Of our skills and abilities, but we beat Speed of Lightning!

    I am the Prince! You were prostrate before the guards start…

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  • Christianthepupbot



    Yeah, I wasn't that memorable.  BUT I'M BACK. You may know me as that dude who made some meh battles and a really bad one, well not anymore! I'm going back to writing! Not going to have a schedule because school and another wiki, but I'm still gonna write some and make them the best I can. With battles between Queens, Hags, Nerds, and more. Today we have a truly Canadian battle between the first and current prime ministers because we're Canada and we're awesome. LET'S GET TO IT! Justin Trudeau, the hottest leader of Canada vs John A. Macdonald, the chillest prime minister you'll ever see. 

    Dante as Trudeau (Not sure who would do the vocals) 

    Nice Peter as Macdonald (Yes I know the D is capitalized in the title, I'm so…

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  • ERBofSmoshery

    Former Queen of England nicknamed "Bloody Mary", Mary I, and Shakespearean Scottish noble, Macbeth, rap against each other to see which murderous leader commonly associated with blood and superstition involving the speaking of their name is better

    Robyn Lynne Norris as Mary I and Bloody Mary

    EpicLLOYD as Macbeth

    Dante Cimadamore, Nice Peter, and Ryan Moulton as Macbeth's army (cameo)

    Josie Ahlquist as Lady Macbeth (cameo)

    Ashlyn McIntyre, Sulai Lopez, and Mary Doodles as the Three Witches (cameos)

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  • Joeaikman

    Wiki Chapter 10

    May 26, 2017 by Joeaikman

    Timothy held his police hat up to his chest as Max walked down the office, dressed up in his official uniform. In his hands he held another policeman’s hat. They had found Jamahl wearing it when his body was found alone at home, a bullet through his brain. He was forced to choke down a sob as Max placed the hat down on the desk that had been Jamahl’s.

    He hadn’t known Jamahl long, but he had helped him rise through the ranks, and had taught him all that he had needed to know if he wanted to be a top detective. He couldn’t believe that guilt had driven him over the edge like this. He had always seemed so calm, so together. He looked to his right and saw Alexa staring at him. She was holding her hat in the same way, but there was a questioning…

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  • NeoBranwen711


    its a legion thing so we gotta get 2 in a row

    dont expect anymore daily battles

    Today we have the breaker of the Bat, Bane, going against the symbiote from SPIDAH MAN universe


    just realized we just used 2 spiderman characters in a row


    im sure there's gonna be excess space here again

    or some shit

    i dont know


    no one cared about me until i put on the mask

    yessss baneeee

    cool cool lets go

    infobox portraits were dumb today so soz

    still excess space omg


    Detective Comics Rap Battles!



    You don't wanna mess with Bane, if you wanna leave here alive

    I'm the Predator to your Alien, fighting me is Suicide!

    You don't frighten me, you wannabee parasite Spawn

    You're what keeps me alive, you got no brain, while I got brawn!

    I'm the ruler of …

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  • Hippie Rat

    Hey yo hi hello

    Today is the day I get lynched.

    So today I'm reviewing a bunch of battles released by members of the ERB wiki.

    If you aren't on here I'll tell you when you can start officially asking me to be in the next one, which is probably going to be more than every tenth review now. Maybe every 15x+10th review (10, 25, 40, etc). But maybe I will make it every tenth still. I don't know. It depends.

    Thank you so much to absolutely every one of you.

    This is going to be insanely long so let's just jump right into it.

    Here's how a Nazi does a soda-themed Christmas special.

    Okay so turns out the battle I originally reviewed here was a joke one. I didn't read into that that way. So I'm making up by adding a review of the more recent Superwholock b…

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  • Awesomesix

    Schedules suck 

    So, I randomly thought of this idea a while back, being two rich people, one an immigrant, one the president who wants to change how immigration is handled. So, uh, connection? Plus, books on money making or whatever. Here we go.







    Andrew Carnegie:

    It’s Carnegie, the philanthropist, here to hand this tan old man a diss,

    A small loan of a reality check to bounce you back in time to witness,

    The slamming of a man who stands by the canon of Steve Bannon's mess,

    Stamping the environment while manhandling the land business!

    Trump industry's the dump of America, raising hysteria,

    Preparing a citrus with hair for the he…

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  • DennisRocking

    Welcome back guys. I don't know who's still here, but I've worked on this for about three weeks. I use rap battles

    as a way of just calming down and having a project to work on. I haven't had the best few months. Lives been pretty

    damn hectic, actually. Been battling through a lot of stuff, but I finally pushed through it and finished this up.

    If anyone's still here, considering it's the off-season, I hope you all enjoy. :)


    Dennis' Rap battles!

    Dale Earnhardt Jr!


    Evel Knievel!



    You're Chevro-late to the party, Mr. High Pride.

    Two bars in and I can already drift by.

    Running the track's what I do, highest paid in the fast car.

    You're going up against Nascar, I'm the last car.

    I checked the facts, I see you flopped big.

    Couldn't even …

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  • NeoBranwen711

    you're too slow clock

    Hello and welcome to the series premiere of me and Legion's new very original series that is basically DC comics characters vs history.

    but it's not avatar's

    the title is different, see.

    and it's approved by the comics code authority!

    Today we have J.K Simmons best performance in anything except maybe Portal 2, boss of Peter Parker, J. Jonah Jameson, facing off against reporter for the Daily Planet and Superman's biggest pal/fan, Jimmy Olsen, in a battle of a reporter who works with the alter ego of the superhero he loves against a reporter who works with the alter ego of the superhero he hates. Also, J names!

    Thanks to flats for the cover

    legion did the TCs

    lets go.

    there's no beat because idk

    me and legion are lazy or some sh…

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  • TheDoctorTenGrinch

    Hello again! These come out quite rarely but when I feel I have something to write I decide to go ahead and post it. This battle is the battle of the Big Dogs. The World Wrestling Entertainment's Roman Reigns against Clifford the Big Red Dog.  A thumbnail could be added later. We will see. XD






    I'm the mad Samoan,

    Made for Reigning wrestling that I'm Roman.

    This is my yard now.

    I'm the number one cash cow!

    I've seen your show, let me tell you some issues.

    Spoilers, Emily Elizabeth may need tissues!

    Now now Clifford, now's not the time to be bitter.

    I'll make you sweat and vomit like my name was John Ritter!

    Now let's see what I can compose,

    Because your rapping skills are as …

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  • The Jonie

    Hi. It's about time I do this again. I've been gone. It's because...


    ha jk never mind

    Charles Darwin vs Ash Ketchum 2

    because why tf not

    There is a wiki joke and a joke line

    find them

    Charles Darwin is walking through the woods. He constantly hears crackling and feels like somebody is following him. Every time he turns around, he sees nobody in sight.

    Charles Darwin: I...

    Ash Ketchum jumps from a tree.

    Charles Darwin: What the f...


    They transition in

    Charles Darwin: SHIT NO CAN I LEAVE









    I really gotta do this shit again?


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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    welcome back to my second Q-n-A, now feel free to ask questions in the comments below. i will answer them when i get a chance  Q-n-A

    1. clockwork- i would love to see atticus finch vs Phoenix Wright, Elton John vs David bowie, Elsa vs subzero featuring glacius, link vs king Arthur, Milton Hershey vs Wonka 

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  • Dark Cyan

    Hello, everyone. And welcome back to Cyan's Rap Battles of Literature!

    Yes, this is not the finale. I've decided extend this series to twenty battles instead of sixteen. Expect them about once a month, though. That's probably not changing any time soon.

    This battle pits the three Brontë sisters, authoresses of such classics as Jane Eyre, Vilette, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall collectively between them, against the Brothers Grimm, the two German brothers who published Grimm's Fairy Tales, in a battle of the two biggest sibling groups in literature!


    Beat: Get Ready

    Charlotte: "What's your favourite fairy tale, Emily?"

    Emily: "I am unsure. Is there one where the Prince is a foul brute but is still conventionally attractiv…

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  • JeffTheKillerRocks01

    I will list some of my favorite ERB videos and you tell me the connection (aka why the certain names were changed)

    • Ed Sullivan vs. Elvis Presley
    • B.A. Biceps vs. Mr. Rogers
    • MC Dali vs. Jackson Pollock
    • Arthur Miller vs. Billy Mays
    • Blackbeard vs. Al...dente
    • Miley Cyrus vs. Katniss Everdeen
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