• The Imperishable Michael Zenith!
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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    Assy Gang, ooh, yeah, TheAssyrianAssassin1337, yeah, Assy Gang, ooh
    Assy gang, Assy gang, Assy gang, Assy gang
    Assy gang, Assy gang, Assy gang (Assy gang!)
    Spend ten votes on the Trumpster
    Go to your mom's house and i fuck her
    I troll a libtard, I forget their name, yeah
    Destroy all the libs with my big wang
    Shoot my AR it goes bang bang
    Assy gang, Assy gang, Assy gang (Assy gang!)
    Assy gang, Assy gang, Assy gang, Assy gang
    Assy gang, Assy gang, Assy gang (Assy gang!)
    Spend ten votes on the Trumpster
    Go to your sister's house and I fuck her, ooh
    I troll a libtard, I forget their name, yeah
    Destroy all the libs with my big wang 
    Shoot my AR it goes bang bang
    Assy gang, Assy gang, Assy gang

    Donald is my president, ooh   
    Richard Spencer's the shit, (1488!)

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  • Ema Senzaki

    [Intro] Tank Gang, Tank Gang, yeah Tank Gang, Tank Gang

    [Hook] Tank Gang, Tank Gang Tank Gang, Tank Gang Tank Gang, Tank Gang, Tank Gang (Tank Gang)

    Don't give a shit about the Logang (Yeah)

    Jake Paul's a bitch in the whole gang (Yeah)

    Bitch you don't like me well you're all lame

    Don't drive my car in the stormy rain

    Eating dick like I'm Asian (Ooh)

    Tank Gang, Tank Gang, Tank Gang Tank Gang, Tank Gang Tank Gang, Tank Gang Tank Gang, Tank Gang, Tank Gang

    Don't give a shit about the Logang

    Jake Paul's a bitch in the whole gang

    Bitch you don't love me, well you're all lame

    Don't drive my car in the stormy rain (What?)

    Eating dick like I'm Asian (Asian) Tank Gang, Tank Gang, Tank Gang

    [Verse] Me and your grandpa havin sex (What?)

    I said yeah, that was a hi…

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  • OrcaRock1624

    Actually 3 (answer them by using 1, 2, and 3,):

    1. Do you guys know how to put cover art in blog posts?
    2. Should I start my own rap battle series?
    3. If I should, do you have any ideas? 

    I have an idea, it's a lost battle I have called Susie VS Taranza. A crazy idea I have is "Ed Gein VS Shovel Knight" (Shovel wielders).

    What do you guys think? If I did my own series, would the premiere be S VS T or EG VS SK?

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  • Flashley

    epic rap battle assy vs tk

    October 17, 2018 by Flashley

    holy shit I got two special guests on this battle duking it out in a battle of rap to see who is right

    i cant believe it this is going to be so epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    epic rap battles of history






    You hate masculinity, always trying to be mushy

    You went to the gynecologist with your girl and they thought you were the pussy

    Greatest nation, ain't no way that you can Trump me

    My rhymes are presidential so I'll grab you by the pussy

    You're so sensitive, I'm surprised you even have fun

    You look an Airsoft toy and yell "Ghost gun!!!"

    Emotional gun control is just smoke and mirrors

    So cry away so I can lube my gun with your tears

    You think a whistle can save your l…

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    Hello i am back with another rap battle. Thank you to Dark Cyan for guest writing for himself in this one

    Me as Me

    Dark Cyan as Him

    Babylon Berserker:

    Ay yo, Cyan is a bitch

    About to get dropped when he meets my fists

    Libtards getting triggered in my wake

    Your gonna get punched in your stupid fucking face (ohhh)

    Im like Rocky, youre like Dra...wait no thats not right

    Shit okay i fucked up but at least im white

    Your dumb and stupid and gonna get raped

    Ill stand over your bloody knocked out body at the end of round 1 when i knock you out on august 12th and start to vape


    Gee um golly gee you are gonna go down (BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! BOOOOOOO!!!! WE WANT ASSY)

    Hmm um you suck and i will knock you out in the first round 

    I shit talked you on discord and im t…

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  • JKGame

    Welcome back to a new installment of My Little Rap Battles!

    I could've published this battle on Halloween, but I wanted to end this season before October, so yeah, here it is. Can't believe this is already the penultimate battle. It feels like yesterday when I decided to start this whole series. Let's get started, shall we?

    "Famous slasher from the Halloween franchise, Michael Myers, and princess of the night and the moon, Princess Luna, battle each other to see which Halloween/Nightmare Night icon who scared children and had a connection with their sister will come out on top. However, there are others who also have a beef with Luna..."


    Boo! Don't try to hide. I'm known to slaughter victims in their homes

    All you do w…

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  • Flashley


    October 14, 2018 by Flashley

    eat at mcdonalds

    double burger filet o fish

    fuck mumble rap

    fuck mumble rap

    yaint shit yaint shit yaint shit yaint shit

    look at me in the sky skydivin i drive an

    87 chevy with the breaks missing, i'm lying

    i try and come up with some clean rhymes

    and not recycle all the ones that i always use

    poo from a boo, do what you gotta do

    one two, step onto the screw with a loose shoe (ooh)

    swoosh, go to hell and back or sell your sole to nike

    holy shit you think i'm heaven sent well yo might be






    wanna see a fast rap

    well here it is you see it when i'm rapping fast i cannot last

    a second in the weapon when i'm wrecking every peasant

    i'm a king like burger gotta murder every syllable 

    kill em all lyrical when i be sharing your urinal

    i was born l…

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  • OrcaRock1624

    Here's mine:

    • Jigsaw VS Jack The Ripper (Terrible Js)
    • Hank Aaron VS Jackie Robinson (Black Baseball)
    • Bram Stoker VS H.P. Lovecraft (Horror Writers) (Maybe King and Poe as cameos?)
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  • OrcaRock1624

    This might be weird, but I want to do a Pokegirl Royale, and it features Misty, May, Dawn, Serena (get screwed Iris), and Lillie. I also wanna do Geno VS Bandana Dee; however, I want your guys' opinions. What do you want?

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  • Mortal5075


    Yall gotta hear the TRUTH.

    Assy is an overhated user, and is actually the savior of our times, more wise then the rest of us peasants.

    We call him insane, but one day we will realise he told the truth and accept his total rightenousness.

    He will cure us all from the big gay. If you dont want to, that's fine, your choice, I, for example, would love to experience being a big gay, it seems very interesting and something I've never done before. Need to vary out my life n all.

    When Nikki went full Hitler she was just trying to warn us, I'm just saying.

    Thank you for listening.

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  • TCalderon

    I sincerely regret making the next battle after my first one a two on two.  Either way, enjoy this battle between Rick and Morty and Popuko and Pipimi from Pop Team Epic, and see which memetastic cartoon duo who goes on weird adventures is superior!

    (As an aside, if you guys want the full Pop Team Epic experience, try reading through this battle again right after reading it the first time, and imagine that Popuko & Pipimi have man voices)







    Rick & Morty:

    Of all the characters to battle, they put us up against these two?!

    I’d rather deal wi…

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  • Flashley

    Sick rap dsong by Flashley

    October 11, 2018 by Flashley

    Look at my blog or be cursed Look at my blog or be cursed Look at my blog or be cursed Look at my blog or be cursed Look at my blog or be cursed Look at my blog or be cursed Look at my blog or be cursed Look at my blog or be cursedLook at my blog or be cursed Look at my blog or be cursed Look at my blog or be cursed

    Sick rap song sick rap song

    by Flashley on fandom site

    Sick rap song sick rap song

    by Flashley on fandom site

    This is a sick rap song, damnly right

    if you disagree you're wrong son, flashley's nice

    on the mic I do good raps like the batter ones

    but that doesn't matter cuz that shit's a dead series

    Raps leave a blast effect near me

    Look through the magnifying glass and see your shred of talent clearly

    Fuck mumble rap unless if I do it

    I'll …

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  • OrcaRock1624



    Magolor: I’m about to take the crown like Landia!

    You think you’ll beat me with that blinding laser?

    You push around Kirby like your name’s Lololo,

    Leave you red and blue like form 2 and the popo!

    With my limitless power, I’m a true villain!

    I’m a sad shell even though I’m smiling!

    Really? You share your name with Karl Marx!

    (HA!) Time for your verse, while I depart!

    Marx: Wow! I can’t believe this creepy ripoff’s onto me!

    Forget your speech, the universe will bow to me!

    Fire my laser, there’s no place for you in here!

    Hyness stole your blue skin AND your ears?!

    From Milky Way Wishes, it’s just my plan!

    Plus mad disses, you’re before only 5 villains!


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  • OrcaRock1624

    I want to know for Marx VS Magolor

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  • JKGame

    Oh, look. I'm back.

    So I conceived this idea after reading a comment on Silver Quill's video on Sunset Shimmer. I could go deeper here, but this is like the third time I tried to post this battle, so I don't feel like it.

    "Main protagonist of the Equestria Girls franchise, Sunset Shimmer, and apostle who helped spread Christianity, St. Paul, battle each other with raps to see which former villains reformed by a form of light and proceeds to spread the message their reformer advocated will prevail."

    Also, this won't be the only Equestria Girls battle this season. I have another one planned.



    Don't step to me, Paul! I'm bringing down a lyrical apocalypse!

    I'll beat this geezer five times harder than he's been beaten by whi…

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  • OrcaRock1624

    Marx VS Magolor 2 is on the rise, and I need your help with lyrics! Any disses will do; just no swears, as this is a kid-friendly battle.

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  • OrcaRock1624

    Why? Eminem VS Macklemore, Beatles VS 1D, Harry Potter VS Percy Jackson, and even other fanmade rap battles! I want to see actual original ideas. 

    They brought back Vader, Lincoln, and Hitler twice, so why not bring back other characters? I want to see Jack The Ripper return to fight, maybe against Jigsaw? Hopefully my idea for that battle becomes reality. If not, then maybe take some new ideas, probably Sims VS Miis. 

    I mean, Sims VS Animal Crossing wasn't bad.,

    but I feel like Miis are a better representation of Nintendo.

    Like Zeus VS Thor, I want to see another animated battle. There hasn't been a trilogy since Season 3, so I'm wondering if they can do my series, Marx VS Magolor. Maybe they can us…

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  • OrcaRock1624

    That's a series I want to do. But I kind of don't. Do you have any ideas for matchups? I was thinking Waddle Dee VS Waddle Doo, but that's too basic.

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  • JKGame

    So the next installment of My Little Rap Battles is most likely to come either tomorrow or Wednesday, but I want to show you an old battle I made a few years ago. It was not the first battle I wrote (That would be King Arthur vs Arthur Read). This was back when my battles had lines that were too similar to ones used in other battles, with this one having lines from Nerd vs Geek because I was using its instrumental and structure. It's been a while since I've seen this, so enjoy, I guess?


    Percy Jackson!


    Harry Potter!


    Harry Potter:

    Expelliarmus! Time to beat this myth-obsessed nerd!

    ‘Cause this MC’s going to flush you away like a turd!

    My movies were a hit! What about yours?

    Oh, wait, I remember! They were garb…

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  • Night Train Riders
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  • Flashley


    That's it, I'm tired of getting cyberbullied

    That's it, I'm tired of getting cyberbullied

    That's it, I'm tired of getting cyberbullied

    Stop bullying me on blogs and go away

    (End Hook)

    Super Mega Girl, you're not even super duper

    with a big tuper

    No one's gonna hit it like me

    George Hamburger has a big C

    Stop cyberbullying me

    You are a bully who multi-accounts to make false accusations on me like I am fat

    I am not fat I work out

    I bet you are fat you have no clout

    get out out OUT


    That's it, I'm tired of getting cyberbullied

    That's it, I'm tired of getting cyberbullied

    That's it, I'm tired of getting cyberbullied

    Stop bullying me on blogs and go away

    (End Hook)

    I'm a sick fokcs I like to bust socks

    I'm a sick fokcs I like to bust socks

    I'm a sick fokcs…

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  • OrcaRock1624

    On June 16, 2018, I created my first ever rap battle.

    "Main antagonist of the Milky Way Wishes sub-game, Marx, battles Halcandran alien Magolor to see who is the better Kirby deceiver villain."

    Hope you enjoy!

    Magolor: I’m about to take you down like Landia!

    You think you’ll beat me with that blinding laser?

    Pushing around Kirby like your name’s Lololo,

    Leave you red and blue like me and the popo!

    With my limitless power, I’m a true villain!

    I’m a sad shell even though I’m smiling!

    Really? You share your name with Karl Marx!

    Time for your verse, while I depart!

    Marx: Wow! I can’t believe this ripoff’s onto me!

    Forget your speech, the universe will bow to me!

    Fire my laser, there’s no place for you over here!

    Hyness stole your blue skin AND your ears!


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  • TCalderon

    Hey everyone. This is the first rap battle I've ever written (at least for the sole purpose of showing it to other people). So, if it's kinda shoddy, that'd be why. I dunno if I'll publish regularly (work, and all that jazz), but I DO have an idea for what the potential next battle would be. But, we'll see how that goes! Until then, enjoy this rap battle between two planet destroying galactic emperors!




    I am Lord Frieza, the greatest in the universe!

    I’m gonna kill this old man, and leave him wrapped up in a hearse!

    You’re so high up in the clouds, I’d think you’re living up in Bespin!

    You can't intimidate with your ballerina death-spin!

    You need a Death Star to blow up a single planet,

    Whereas I can…

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  • OrcaRock1624


    October 8, 2018 by OrcaRock1624

    Last month, I posted a rap battle called Jigsaw VS Jack The Ripper with 7 characters. But now, I've boosted it up to a whopping 20 characters! And it'll maybe even become 25! 

    Any suggestions? You can do mostly video games scares (not horror games, OK maybe Baldi), but we need 5 more. Maybe famous killers would work, like The Zodiac Killer. 

    I want to make a video of it, and it should be done by after Halloween. Then I'll tell you about it. All the beats are from ERB. Guess what beats they are!

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  • FrancisHatesWikia

    Defeat in this arena cannot be tolerated. For what of Justice if we men of law fail here? The heart and soul of the gravel cries out for it.Come now, dear one. Open your eyes to the truth of this false “Justice” that you pray to! The gravel cries, yes, but for your blood. Can the answer be hidden in his words after all? Weill he convince even God of his truth? Oh Justice! Don’t turn your face from me! My “Truth” has consumed your “Justice”! It is known, there was no other way. Does an alternative exist? OBJECT! One hope remains! For you never found the murder weapon! It is ME! I am the murder weapon! I cannot accept it! This is my Justice! Pour all of your guilt into me! INTO ME! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

    What? Was the final tactic not enough? Could it…

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  • RoboticOperatingWhatever

    Why tho

    October 1, 2018 by RoboticOperatingWhatever

    Zendaya is meechee

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    All this immigration has got me going irate,

    Got to get out, protect my ethno-state,

    The foreigners come in, bring about damnation,

    Fascists coming out, to save our nation

    Breeding white women to keep us free,

    Of all that shit in your genealogy,

    Look at us, we got the purest genetics,

    Any haters got to deal with my mad phonetics,

    Antifa are the true Nazis,

    And fascists are the real victims,

    All they want to do is fight,

    All we want to do is put it right

    Hitler, Pinochet, franco too,

    Now you are hanging with the cool guy crew,

    Here you are free to say whatever you like,

    Unless you insult our leader, then you can take a hike,

    Everyone can fit into a nuclear family,

    When our companies are growing annually,

    All other nations will fall in our wake,

    We are going t…

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  • JKGame

    So the new installment of My Little Rap Battles was supposed to drop today but I got busy, so I have to postpone it until later. :(

    Well, the main reason I'm making this is that I was going to include another Opponents in Need of Hire section for the battle, but now I decided to just put it here. So see the characters I listed and help me find opponents for them. That's how this works for those who are new to this series or my battles in general.

    Autumn Blaze (From the new episode Sounds of SIlence. A real-life person would be nice, but if you can't think of any. It's ok to go into fictional character territory. Also, you can also suggest matchups with this character that are ridiculous, but not too ridiculous. A matchup like Wonder Woman vs…

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  • Ema Senzaki

    [Intro] Swifta production Flashley, your bars were weak as shit Let me show you how it's done

    Listen here now


    [Verse 1] I'm tired of this shit

    You fabricate lies to seem sick

    But you're just a little prick

    Your mother should have swallowed you

    You look like a bitch made version of Gru

    Despicable Me? Nah, despicable you

    Rackin' up lines with Bantha117 too

    The charity match was just a gimmick

    How the fuck have you not ended up in a clinic?

    Using that Discord money for drugs?

    How the fuck do you keep all your subs?

    Using that Discord money for fame?

    How the fuck do you stay so lame?

    I looked online for you

    Turns out you're the blandest motherfucker too

    No one records the shit that you do

    Listening to your songs…

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  • TWRAddictYT

    Pitting two country music icons against each other, the first battle of my series is Johnny Cash v. Willie Nelson. 

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  • Flashley


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  • Joshuakrasinski




    it's time to educate you in the science of rap,

    i mean anything is better then putting up with your slave fight crap,

    i'll pika chew you up and charmander broil you up like sloppy joes,

    so when it comes to science leave it to the pro,

    i add sugar spice and everything nice into everything i do,

    with a pinch of chemical x i will serve your hide on a silver platter  to make you sure your work is through,

    blossom bubbles buttercup three kids i raised right,

    clearly this isn't your night,

    i'm a nighmare like a ghost type,

    i won this battle i'm a loving father while your games are overhype,

    hello there welcome to the world of your defeat,

    cause when it comes to friendly pals i truely ca…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    pikachu vs electro

    September 25, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski



    It's pokemon's mascot here pickachu you up and spit your out,

    i've come all the way from palet town to kick your south,

    not even jamie foxx can save you from lyrical beating,

    i will shock you so much your will no longer be breathing,

    don't underestimate this little mouse i got electrcity stored in these red cheeks,

    face it you 90's reject your are about to be beat,

    cutest think in anime since motherfucking hello kitty,

    your just a nerd who can't get any titties,

    get out of here and walk away this gonna get physical,

    cause i am gonna run up to you and give you a volt tackle and make you miserable,

    don't give me any of that i've seen cuter from pichu,

    and let's face it blanka could do it i could as …

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  • Joshuakrasinski






    arriba! going into this battle against me your loco,

    while your disney movie it was a no go,

    you were cool back in the days of black and white,

    but your appearence in the greatest american hero was not so cool alright,

    your getting moy angry no?,

    but since your going against me i gotta warn ya you'll go el furioso,

    i am a mucho grande star member of the three calberero's,

    you lost that's just how it goes,

    get donald and panchito to put you down,

    cause compared to me your just a clown,

    hi ho silver i'm about to cluck this rooster,

    with the sin of pride there is no way i can't let you live since you look at girl's hooters,

    you and your friend's new cartoon series shouldn't have bee made,

    your jus…

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  • JKGame


    It's been a while.

    Welcome back to another installment of My Little Rap Battles.

    So I had this idea for a while, but at some point, I decided to have Isaac Newton rap against Moondancer instead and the battle wasn't going to be in Season 1. However, I just really wanted to use Lucas and I thought that this would be an interesting matchup, so here you go.

    And also, Lucas is the last Nintendo character you'll see this season. I don't want to use too many of them as I want to have more variety in this series. (When it comes to the other side, not the ponies.) Let's get started!

    "Main protagonist of Mother 3, Lucas, and unicorn and friend of Twilight Sparkle, Moondancer, battle each other to see which emotional, anti-social psychic/magic users …

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    pacman vs megaman

    September 20, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski






    it's the yellow dot muncher come through the maze,

    against this wannabe robot i will put him in a daze,

    nobody cares about you anymore even your company hates you,

    got rejected from marvel vs cpacom got replaced by x,

    so what you gonna do next?,

    let me answer that for you nothing at all,

    so rap a verse against guess that's your call,

    i'm winning this battle already man this easy i was winning from the start,

    why do you even claim your games are art?,

    and why does dr.light even create robots if they just go bad did he just have brainfart?,

    i got a new game our you never heard,

    plus i can beat you in smash bros you little yellow turd,

    i'd flip you the bird if i had another hand,

    but compared to my games …

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  • Mcdamon23

    And we're back with another installment of Epic Rap Battles for Your Amusement.

    This time with the second of the four DDLC battles. Today we've got the shy member of the literature, Yuri go up against the Korean Taekwondo expert of Street fighter, Juri. Its another battle of Poets vs fighters. While Juri is rather psychotic and just loves to hurt others, Yuri is/was a bit more sane in the head. She also cuts herself. It's pretty much an obsessed sadistic psycho vs a masochist who went obsessed psycho. Also something about names. Either way Yuri is likely to feel some pain.

    This battle was one I've been waiting to do since I planned it out. Juri is pretty much my favourite street fighter and got a lovely personality to write for and Yuri's s…

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  • OrcaRock1624

    Jigsaw: Well, it appears to me I’m facing you, Jack.

    You only killed 5 women,

    You’re nothing on the track!

    Why be beaten by Lecter?

    Winning’s something you lack!

    Take your silly knife,

    Put it back in the rack!

    Down you with my special shotgun carousel,

    Jill Tuck in your hands, or feel the chill!

    I’m gonna leave you gray, black and blue,

    You’ve got no chance of surviving,

    It’s Jigsaw-vious you’ll lose!

    Jack The Ripper: Dear Jigsaw, Wow! You’re a puppet master,

    But in the end, I’ll be the laster!

    They never caught me!

    They caught you on tape!

    If I can beat you up,

    Give me the option to, mate!

    Jigsaw: Amazing! Not!

    Think you can solve this puzzle?

    You’ll spend so long on it,

    With police,

    You’ll be in trouble!

    Time for your last lines,

    And once I’m done with this,


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  • Buu2099

    Well, looks like we made it, the mid season finale, which no one will proably read lol (anyone know any other good sites for posting this stuff?) Anyway, NEETs who must run through gauntlets for their questionable lover. (BTW, The brown in Scotts verses are the announcer, bolded means everyone is singing) Let's get into it...

    Epic Rap Battles Of Fiction!





    Scott Pilgrim:

    Messing with Scott? Man you gotta pay the price! 

    Cause I’ll put you on ice, jin and tonic ice….iced Jin and tonics!

    You’re really bad at this! Kim, you can go!

    You’re gonna need this bud  Scott Earned the Power of Flow!

    +4 to lyrics

    +5 to guts

    +11 to light novels read.

    Escaped from death but can’t escape toxic romance!

    You could redo this 10 times over and you’d st…

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  • OrcaRock1624

    Jigsaw VS Jack The Ripper

    September 17, 2018 by OrcaRock1624

    (Beat is from Terminator VS Robocop)



    Jack The Ripper!


    Jigsaw: Hmm, so it’s me against a 5-person killer,

    You’re from 1888, you’re not much of a thriller!

    Come on, hop aboard my carousel of shotguns,

    I have many different weapons,

    Your knife’s your only one!

    You’re coming in last,

    You’re from the past,

    I’m rapping fast, you’ll be in a cast!

    A women to love is something you don’t have!

    You’re gonna be stopped, in case you asked!

    This’ll be broadcast, you’re an outcast!

    You killed 5 women,

    My amount of victims is vast!

    Your time has passed, you’re just a bass,

    I bet your verse won’t be a blast!

    It seems you’ll be too long with your rapping,

    While you’re doing that, I’ll just relax and,

    Watch as stupidity comes out of your mouth,

    You think you’re …

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  • OrcaRock1624


    September 16, 2018 by OrcaRock1624

    My name is OrcaRock1624, but you can call me Orca. I come from the Kirby Wiki. I will be releasing rap battles every now and then, so stay tuned!

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  • Joshuakrasinski



    well lookie here it's felix the cat,

    why don't this battle and scat,

    i am back from the wasteland like it was epic mickey,

    my rhymes will slay you cause they are so sickly,

    got nothing against you but i must say,

    i could beat you any day,

    no one remembers you they forgot your sorry ass,

    but now i got fame again at last,

    i already won this battle so rap all you want,

    cause my rapping will tie your in knots,

    i am rapping against you well righty-o,

    atleast i had my own show,

    overshadowed by your brother your own kids like him better then you,

    so tell me just what are you gonna do?,

    got no way out toss you in the can,

    cause when it comes personality yours is just sad,

    you can use your …

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  • TheBabylonianBerserker1337

    This blog will be in the top blogs without even a single comment.

    So I think that now is as good a time as ever to discuss with you the preparations that I've made with the government regarding this boxing match. Talks have been taking place since January of this year, and now we have several undercards arranged.

    It's for that reason that I was able to personally submit a specialized request for boxing licenses to the United States government, and President Trump himself granted me and Cyan the licenses we need. She said that because of the sudden increase in interest, he's willing to personally pay Michael Buffer to announce, but not on March 13th. Instead we will have to reschedule to August 12th, as a means to try to drive interest up eve…

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  • The Last of the Mohicans
    • Mike Dirnt vs. Murdoc Nicalls
    • Tommy Wiseau vs. Michael Bay
    • Loud twins vs. Weasley twins
    • Crona Gorgon vs. Lucy Loud
    • Lisa Loud vs. Jimmy Neutron
    • Curly Howard vs. Jeffrey Tambor
    • Ewan McGregor vs. William Shatner

    --I pledge allegiance to the Underclass, and the hero at large! 22:44, September 14, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Buu2099

    How to do coloured Text?

    September 14, 2018 by Buu2099

    For my mid-season finale, I'm having more than 2 people involved in the battle, in teams, so I really need to know how to write with coloured text. Thank you in advance. 

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  • ShovelNight2

    New series announcement

    September 14, 2018 by ShovelNight2

    Hi there.

    First off, this isn't terribly eventful so sorry for that. Just a quick thing to talk about.

    So, I'm starting a series. No theme. No series structure. And it will not be built off of suggestions. I will be sticking to subjects I know and like. Subjects I decide to cover.

    This series is called Random Rap Contests. The people themselves will have connections themselves but I don't want a theme.

    And I will take some suggestions some of the time if it sounds like an interesting thing to cover.

    I don't want seasons either. Seasons aren't necessary on here in my opinion. We don't need to edit, voice act, etc. on this wiki. We are typing and then looking for online beats that we use for reference.

    So yeah. Random Rap Contests. Fir…

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  • ShaunoftheRed

    Hey guys so yesterday (or was it 2 days ago?) I let you all know I was making this.

    And now it's made.

    Happy days :)

    They're in chronological order and I took a little artistic liberty with some of them because the idea is for them to immediately identifyable. If you wanna use one of these for a profile pic or whatever you can.

    I don't normally take requests for things but if you want me to do something like this for a character you like or whatever I'll sure give a shot. Anyways, enjoy :)

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  • Buu2099

    At last, we reach the penultimate battle to my mid-season finale. This time we have the wrestlers who were told they just weren't good enough, so they said "fuck the man" and took the belt hostage. Let's get into it...Also I really need to know how to use coloured text, someone please tell me.






    Jimmy Havoc: 

    Who the fuck am I facing? Oh, It’s Andrades re-run.

    No need for you to challenge, this Gs already won!

    It’s been 4 years now and you’re still on the rebound!

    Don’t even try to fight, stick to driving BUSHI around!

    I know you’ve been here for years and your feats are certainly giant,

    but while you make them cheer for you, I was causing London riots.

    I see through your façade, behind that confiden…

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  • ShaunoftheRed

    Hey guys. Long time no see. So yeah. Who's excited for Smash Ultimate? Well I certainly am. And there's one thing in particular that stood out to me. And that's their new approach to the stock icons. Then one idea led to another and now I'm in the middle of doing one for every ERB character. I just wish I knew how many that would actually be before I started (190!!!).

    I'm not quite done yet but I'll post them all in an image once I am. I have absolutely no idea what you guys could use them FOR but if you can find a way to use them then be my guest. But I'm basically just posting these as a lil bit of a fan art.

    Obviously they're simple but what do you think? :DDD

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